Mountaineering - with Hedvig and Gert Rasmussen
by: Kirsten Hedvig Rasmussen
Cho Oyu
Pik Lenin
The Alps

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The Alps.

Here is a list of our climbs in the Alps. As you can see, our favourite area is the canton Wallis in Switzerland. The mountain should (not mandatory) be above 4000 meters. The peaks have often been climbed several times by different routes. In the Alps we are mostly together just the two of us: We have the same speed, we lead in turns and we enjoy the same views.

A joke: A man stands looking sadly into a crevasse. Another mountaineerer asks, why he is so depressed. "Last year my guide fell into this crevasse" was the answer. "How awfull" are the sympathetic words. "Yes indeed, and it was sold out from the publishers!" - This joke only to tell that our best guide(book) is english: Goedeke, Richard: 4000er. Verlag J.Berg 1990.

Mountain: Height meters:
Rote Nase 3262
Sidelhorn 2764
Triftji 3423
Friendler 2495
Vorderer Tierberg 3091
Gwäctenhorn 3420
Sustenhorn 3503
Sustenspitz 2930
Allalinhorn 4027
Breithorn 4164
Castor 4228
Lyskamm Westgipfel 4480
Il Naso 4100
Pyramide Vincent 4215
Balmenhorn 4167
Ludwigshöhe 4311
Corno Nero 4322
Parrotspitze 4436
Weißmies 4023
Grande Bosse 4513
Mont Blanc 4808