Previous Hamsun-events 2014:

Seminar in Lom 28.02.201:

This year it is 75 years since Ernest Orlando Lawrence received the Nobelprice in Physics. The price was awarded for the year 1939, but due to the war the ceremony took place in San Francisco. Ernest Orlando Lawrence's mother, Gunda, and Knut Hamsun were relatives and their common roots can be traced to søre Lia in Lom..
The local branch of the Hamsun-society in Lom wants to commemorate this by a seminar with lectures, art exhibition and music.

The programmes for this year's Hamsun festivals are ready.
Why not make a trip to the south of Norway to the beatiful white idyll of Grimstad and take part of the Ibsen- and Hamsun-festival, the literary festival of the South. Here you can expect impro-theatre and humorous views on Ibsen's literature, you will meet a.o. the authors Carsten Jensen and Åsne Seierstad. Therese Bjørneboe, who is in the jury of the international Ibsen-price, will tell why the controversial Peter Handke (who's idol is Knut Hamsun) was awarded the Ibsen-price. The Hamsun-actor Helge Jordal will read Ibsen's Terje Vigen. And off course there will be space for the works of Knut Hamsun as well. But do have a look yourself for news on the programme on www.sø or at Facebook and plan your vacation in Grimstad 9-16. August.

Hamsun-seminar in Hamarøy 2014
The Hamsun-Society is back this year with it's literary seminar under the Hamsun-festival in Hamarøy. The seminar does not have a specific theme this year, but tries as usual to reflect the trends within Hamsun-research. Friday, 1. August at 9pm we have the traditional reception, this year in the canteen of Knut Hamsun Videregående Skole , with free drinks for the members of the society. The literary seminar takes place Saturday, 2. August at. 10am in the Hamsun centre.
See the updated programme and time here:

General meeting in the Hamsun-Society in Oppeid 1. August: The Hamsun-Society general assembly will be held in the canteen of Knut Hamsun Videregående Skole Friday, 1. August at 6pm. Matters and proposals for the meeting must be sent to the board three weeks in advance.

The Hamsun-society will organize social get-together Friday and Saturday evenings at the Hamsun-club in the canteen of the Knut Hamsun secondary school. Snacks and drinks will be available.
See you soon!

Fairyland calls you!
We are ready for a new literary seminar in Hamarøy as part of the Hamsun festival 2014! You are heartly welcome!
Hotel, cottage, camping or B&B? The organizers have many beds in Hamarøy and surroundings, see for example,
There are several accomodations in Tranøy (Tranøy lighthouse, Edvarda's house/sister, Dorotheas Ly and Tranøy galery), Hamarøy hotel at Innhavet, Ulvsvåg gjestgiveri (and camping), on top several camping sites. The most attractive - Hamarøy fishcamp - is situated next to the Hamsun-centre.
If you are interested in private accomodation, the members of the Hamsun-society will convey accomodation in the vicinity. Send an email to Elin E and we'll do our best to arrange accomodation.
Fair student-accomodation:
Are you a student and have a limited budget? We have booked Hamarøy sporting club's facilities (situated in the middle of events, 5 minutes walk to the Hamsun-centre) for a simple type of accomodation but with good facilities: shower and cloakroom, kitchen, tv room and a sunny terrace. Send an email to Terje or Elin if you are interested. Remember your sleeping bag!
The Hamsun-society will organize social get-together Friday and Saturday evenings at the Hamsun-club in the canteen of the Knut Hamsun secondary school. Snacks and drinks will be available.
You can also buy breakfast in the canteen and warm food at midday.
See you soon!

The Hamsun-festival in Hamarøy takes place from 26. July to 4. August and offers as usual a cornucopia of exiting/amusing/filosofic events around Knut Hamsun like author meetings, concerts, art exhibitions, literary lunches, rowing in Hamsun's Polden, meeting Edvarda in Pan's forrests, listening to first performance of music composed for the festival... Topical norwegian profiles like Mikkel Bugge, Kjersti Skomsvold and Agnes Ravatn will attend... No, better read the programme yourself and plan a trip to beautiful Hamarøy and meet old and new friends and ethusiatic and dedicated people in an inspiring ambiance:

Hunger mini North-Norway tour 2014:
The band SULT (Hunger) is an interesting kultural project initiated in November 2009. The projecy/band consist of four established rock micisians who have written music to a selection of Knut Hamsun's texts. SULT has played at several rock venues in Norway and has been support to bands like CC Cowboys and Vamp. See and hear the band and Knut Hamsun's Wild Choir:

Wednesday 23.07. at Koks in Mo i Rana
Thursday 24.07. at Kroa Di in Kjøpsvik
Friday 25.07. at Ulvsvåg Gjestgiveri in Hamarøy
Saturday 26.07. at Præstengbrygga in Kabelvåg

14.-23. March 2014:
Winter festival in Narvik.
The winter festival is one of the biggest and most diverse of the many festivals in Northern Norway. Every year more then 200 events take place during the week's celebrations.
The winter festival includes every year a literary seminar. In 2014 the Hamsun-society has been asked to co-operate on a Hamsun-day. The seminar takes place Sunday, 16. March in the beautiful plenum of the city counsil in Narvik. Read more about the seminar and registration in the Hamsun-society magazine Hamsun-Nytt no 4 2013 and in the February edition 2014.

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