Previous Hamsun-events 2013:

March 1. 2013:
First performance of the new Hamsun-film Victoria. Several places in Norway.
In connection with the premiere of the new Hamsun-film, the Hamsun-Society invite members of the society to special events in Oslo, Lom, Hamarøy and Tromsø. If you are interested, please take contact with the local co-ordinators: Hege Faust (Oslo), Torunn Kjøk (Lom), Andreas Lødemel (Hamarøy) Nils M. Knutsen (Tromsø). Please find their phone and email-adresses here: Contact.

March 13.-15. 2013:
Hamsun-monologue: På gjengrodde Stier. Kilden, Kristiansand
A play performed by Ola B. Johannessen based on Hamsun's last novel "On overgrown Paths".
Read more and order tickets at the theatre Kilden:

4. May 2013:
the House of Film, Filmens Hus in Dronningensgt.16 in Oslo invite you to a Hamsun day.

After the presentation of the 8th adaption for the screen of Knut Hamsun's novel Victoria this spring, the Filmens hus have the honour together with the Oslo section of the Hamsun-Society to invite you to a Saturday of films. 3 former film-versions of the novel will be shown. Before the films Hamsun-biographer Robert Ferguson will give an introduction and the day will conclude with a dinner in the spirit of Hamsun at the Filmkafeen in Filmens Hus.
Registration for participation including dinner with . The price for the day including dinner (excl drinks) will be NOK. 500,- to be paid at the entrance. Deadline for registration is 26. April. See the programme here: 3xVictoria.

5.-8. June:
Wild Words: Det Vilde Ord (Wild Words) is the name of the new literary festival in Bodø, northern Norway, taking place from 5. - 8. June. It's vision is to create a literary footprint of Bodø and the county Nordland, to tear down borders and build bridges witth words - between people and cultures. The ambition is to connect "the mighty Vestfjord" with a sea of books and to display the wild, beautiful, windy, wet, uncontrollable and provocative expressive which characterise the Nordland mood. Here you will find debates, lectures, concerts, exhibitions... no, do have a look yourself at and be inspired to participate. And off-course Knut Hamsun will not be forgotten.

August 1.-4. 2013:
Poets' days in
Lom, Skjåk and Vågå. A festival organized every second year to celebrate the poets of the valleys in central Norway, including off-course Knut Hamsun. Official website:

August 6.-11. 2013:
Ibsen Hamsun days in Grimstad. This exiting festival takes place every year in August in the beautiful white idyll on the seashore and focusses on both of the city's famous sons. Read more at:

October-November 2013:
The Danish theatre Møllen in Haderslev had first performance on it's new play "Hunger" based on Knut Hamsun's novel this spring. In the actual theatre season the play will be performed again from 15.-19 October in Haderslev, Denmark. From 21.October to 16. November it will be on tour in several cities in Denmark. Hunger can also be seen in Norway in
Kråkerøy and in Kristianssand from 6.-10. November.
More at

December 7. 2013:
4 x Pan:
The Hamsun-Society invite - in a collaboration with House of Films in Oslo - all Hamsun-enthusiasts to 4 x Pan at the Cinemateket in Dronningensgt.16 Saturday, December 7th at noon and onwards (03:30pm, 5pm and 7pm) and a facultative dinner in Pascal afterwards.
The films will be shown in reversed chronological order i.e first Pan from 1995 (Two green Feathers), then the nordic co-production from 1962, the german from the thirties and finally the newly-restored swedish silent movie from 1922. Jan Erik Holst from the Norwegian Filminstitute and professor/Hamsun-researcher Nils Magne Knutsen will give introductions before each film. Food can be bought in the cafe.
Price: (4 x Pan + dinner) will be approximately 500 NOK.
Registration can be made to: before December 1st. Why not register already today?
It will be possible to buy tickets for each film separately (approx. 50-100 NOK per film).
Before and between the films there will be the possibility to purchase new books in the lobby and the authors will be present throughout the day.
See the poster here.

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