Previous Hamsun-events 2012:

March 10th. 2012: Hamsun-seminar in Oslo.
The Hamsun-Society, section Oslo, invites you to a seminar on "Hamsun and the capital". The seminar will take place in the Hamsun-hall in the publishing house Gyldendal on March 10th from 10am to 2pm. Please find more about programme, registration etc here: Invitation.

March 31. 2012:
General asssembly in the Knut Hamsun-laget in Lom Saturday at 1.30pm at Fossheim, Lom.
Please find the agenda here: Årsmøte

April 3. 2012:
Poems and music in the easter week. A broad cultural programme is offered Tuesday, April 3. 2012 at 7.30pm at Fossheim, Lom.
See the programme here: Indbydelse.

April 13. and 14. 2012:
Ljodahått at the Litteraturhuset in Oslo.
Enjoy an exiting group of musicians from several european countries performing the best of Norwegian poetry to new music - in Norwegian - including off-course Knut Hamsun. After a much praised concert at the famous Volksbühne in Berlin, Norway has succeded in getting the group to give concerts at the Litteraturhuset in Oslo. Contact for ticket reservations and enjoy one of the rare visits of this unique group in Norway!

July 28th. to August 5th. 2012:
17. Hamsun-days in Hamarøy.
Hamsun-days started in 1982, and since then the festival has grown steadily and is now a cornucopia of literature, theatre, concerts, exhibitions and off-course social gathering. 30 years, a small jubilee, so surely the Organizing Committee will do it's best to put up an exiting programme and we'll all have terrific days! Please find here the official website of the festival:

August 9. to 11. 2012:
The Hamsun-Society literary seminar.
The well-known literary seminar organized by the Hamsun-Society takes place this year in Sortland on Vesterålen. In addition to the exiting lectures, this opens the possibility of visiting Hamsun-related places like Sortland hotell, Jennestad Handelssted, Lihallen kulturgård and not least Bø i Vesterålen, where Knut Hamsun was a policeman. Read more in the Hamsun-Society member's magazine: Hamsun-nytt 1/2012. There you will also find the registration form.

August 14. to 19. 2012:
Ibsen Hamsun days in Grimstad.
This exiting festival takes place every year in August and focusses on both of the town's famous sons. The programme for the Ibsen- and Hamsun-days has now been released and it is one of the best programmes in Grimstad ever! The theme this year is The village and the world outside and the programme is filled with exiting lectures, interviews, debates, theatre performances, literary city walks, Hamsun's Nobelprize-dinner (7 courses!), many concerts - both openair and indoors. Do see the programme (and order tickets if you are in the neighbourhood) under:

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