Previous Hamsun-events 2011:

4. August 2011:
Hamsun and Hamarøy.
Though there will be regular Hamsun-days only next year, Hamarøy plans to celebrate the 100 year of Hamsun's "homecoming": Knut Hamsun moved in March 1911 together with his wife Marie back to Hamarøy, where he had bought the farm Skogheim. In March Hamarøy celebrated the day and they plan to have another event around Knut Hamsun's birthday 4. August.
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4.-7. August 2011:
Poets' days 2011 in Lom/Skjåk/Vågå.
Every year Lom - and this year also Skjåk and Vågå - celebrate the famous poets of the area, among them off course Knut Hamsun. The theme this year is "Seen through women's eyes". The poets' days is a collaboration between the
Tor Jonssonselskapet, Stiftinga Solrenning, Knut Hamsun-laget, UL Fram and Mållaget Ivar Kleiven. Torunn Kjøk from the Hamsun-Society writes:
"We are working on the Poets' days 2011 - 4.-7. August 2011. There will be events in Vågå, Lom and Skjåk, but centred in Lom. 4. August there will be a Hamsun-day in Garmo, and the official opening of the Poets' days 2011 at the menhir at Garmostrædet, there will be hiking, concerts, exhibition and much more. The theme is "Seen through women's eyes" and we will focus on female writers from the Otta valley (Vågå, Lom, Skjåk), regardless if they were born there or moved there later. But we will off course not forget Hamsun, Aukrust and Jonsson, who all will get their proper place in the programme."
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11.-14. August 2011:
Ibsen-Hamsun festival in Grimstad.
Every year Grimstad celebrates it's 2 famous sons: Henrik Ibsen and Knut Hamsun with an attractive festival. Organiser is Stiftelsen Ibsen Hamsun and the festival takes place in the second week of August. The programme is not yet finalized, but just as an appetizer on Thursday 11th 2 exiting lectures on Knut Hamsun will be offered: chairman of the Hamsun-Society, Even Arntzen from the University of Tromsø, will talk on "Happiness and existentialism in Knut Hamsun's works". One of the main themes of the lectures will be to prove that not only emptiness and disillusion but also vitality and joy-of-life co-exist in Hamsun's works.
The second lectures in a joint-venture between 1. amanuensene Wenche Torrissen, Høgskulen i Volda, and Nils M. Knutsen, Universitetet i Tromsø. They will talk on jealousy as a painful and dramatic element in Hamsun's works. In his works we find a series of murders and suicides due to jealousy and we find myriads of minor and major conflicts due to jealousy, Even Arntzen said in "Hamsun-nytt".
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15.-16. September 2011:
5. International Hamsun-conference in Tromsø.
The fifth in a series of international conferences on Knut Hamsun will be held at Tromsø University. Organisers are Henning Howlid Wærp, Even Arntsen and Nils Magne Knutsen from the Hamsun-group at the Faculty of Humanities of Tromsø University. The conference is held every 4. year. The programme will follow.

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