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March-April 2018: Hamarøy: Visit the Hamsun-centre onboard the Hurtigruten!
Yes, that's correct. You sail onboard the beautiful old coastal steamer Nordstjernen from Tromsø, visit Narvik, Senja, Lofoten AND the highlight Tranøy with excursion to the Hamsun-centre.
Read more at hurtigruten.co.uk .

1.-4. August 2018: Hamarøy, Hamsun-festival
The most important Hamsun-event is off course the Hamsun-festival in Hamarøy every second year - not just literature but also music, theatre, exhibitions and most of all sharing your passion for Knut Hamsun's works with interesting and dedicated people. Do reserve the days already now. Programme will follow at knuthamsun.no

2.-4. August 2018: Hamarøy, the Hamsun-society literary seminar
One of the cornerstones of the Hamsun-festival is the literary seminar organised by the Hamsun-society. This year's seminar is titled "Hamsun counter-current". In addition to the lectures also excursions and social events will be arranged. Please follow news at Hamsun-selskapet.

Also in - seen from Scandinavia - distant India is Knut Hamsun an icon and inspiration for young people. In the newspaper The Hindu you may read a captivating and personal experience of a young indian woman having read Knut Hamsun: www.thehindu.com

Villa from 1930 belonging to former Hollywood star for sale for 10 million Dollars.
What on earth has this to do with Knut Hamsun? Well, as Mansion Global writes, the house in spanish hacienda-style had belonged to the actress Lupita Tovar and her agent/husband Paul Kohner. To raise money to buy the mansion Kohner had to sell the rights to Hamsun's Victoria. Luckily it was later possible to re-acquire these rights and Kohner's son could co-produce the Victoria film from 2013. An interesting point is also that the house was a regular haven for european migrants in Los Angeles at that time.
Read the whole article at Mansion Global.

Still missing Hamsun souvenirs from the jubilee in 2009?
Both in 1959 for the 100 jubilee and in 2009 for the 150 jubilee coins and medals were issued. They pop up from time to time for sale. Have a look for example ar Kölner Münzkabinett.


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