On the tracks of Hamsun...

we here suggest to you a travel of discovery: Use your holiday or a long weekend to track down relics of Knut Hamsun. It could be a bust, a monument, a place where he lived for some time, a street named after him, places where he found inspiration for his novels.... Do continue the list yourself. To get you started (on the tracks of...), you will find on this page some of the places, we have had joy and pleasure out of visiting or places we just find inevitable.

If YOU know of places with a relation to Hamsun, we would be happy to hear from you: hedvig.rasmussen@hamsun.at .

If the word discovery is too old-fasioned, the word pilgrimage too religious, paper chase too childish - we could call this a cultural hike. Here you get a description, where to find the places, a photo and some short information. So: Lace your boots (alternatively: get into the car) and...START!

The list below is sorted according to city names - Norway and the rest of the world mixed. Enjoy!

Click on the symbols to the right to read about the places.

City Place Category Public Read more
Aurdal Frydenlunds hotell Hamsun room, Victoria statue yes
Bodø Knut Hamsuns vei street named after Hamsun yes
Bøverdalen Elveseter original relief
original bust
Drøbak Maurbakken Hamsun's residence private
Drøbak Reenskaug hotel temporary stay ask
Eidfjord Fossli Hotel guestbook with Hamsun's signature ask
Elverum Marie Hamsuns veg street named after Marie Hamsun yes
Elverum Bakkelund Hamsun's residence private
Grimstad Nørholm Hamsun's residence private
Grimstad Nørholm poet's cottage private
Grimstad Nørholm Knut Hamsun's grave and bust private
Grimstad Kirkeheia hiking trail yes
Grimstad Paradis hiking trail yes
Grimstad The library the court room yes
Grimstad Knut Hamsuns plass square named after Hamsun yes
Grimstad Knut Hamsuns plass bust yes
Grimstad Storgata letter box and plaque yes
Grimstad Bietorvet Victoria statue yes
Grimstad Town hall, the mayor's office portrait ask
Grimstad Norsk Hagebruks Museum Hamsun's tractor yes
Grimstad Tjore monument yes
Grimstad Skiftenes Hamsun's cave and plaque yes
Hamarøy Town hall, Oppeid orientation board yes
Hamarøy Town hall, Oppeid portrait yes
Hamarøy Hamsund bust yes
Hamarøy Parents' house original bust yes
Hamarøy Hamsund childhood home, plaque yes
Hamarøy Skogheim Hamsun's residence, plaque yes
Hamarøy Knut Hamsuns vei street named after Hamsun yes
Hamarøy Fiskecamping Hamsun-cottage ask
Hamarøy Hamsun Galleriet temporary stay / art gallery yes
Hamarøy Tranøy Galleri art gallery yes
Hamarøy Kirkestien hiking trail yes
Hamarøy The churchyard Presteid parents' grave yes
Hamarøy Presteid The Hamsun centre yes
Hamarøy The Hamsun centre bust yes
Harstad Rikard Kaarbøsplass 2 plaque yes
Hurtigruten M/S Midnatsol Hamsun lounge yes
Hurtigruten M/S Nordlys Hamsun lounge yes
Kjerringøy Kjerringøy trading post bust yes
Kjerringøy Harr's Hamsun galleri gallery and museum yes
Klagenfurt Zammelsberg monument yes
Kongsberg Knut Hamsuns vei street named after Hamsun yes
København St.Hansgade 18 plaque yes
Koppang Banegårdsparken monument yes
Larvik   Hamsun's residence private
Lillehammer Storgata/Langes gata plaque ja
Lillehammer Friluftsmuseet Maihaugen Garmo stave-church ja
Lillesand Hotel Norge, room 302 Hamsun's hotel room / plaque ask
Lillesand Jomfru Guldbrandsen's hotel plaque yes
Lom Garmo monument / relief yes
Lom Garmo Hamsun's birthplace yes
Lom Fossheim hotell bust ask
Lom Knut Hamsunsveg street named after Hamsun yes
Mo i Rana Knut Hamsuns vei street named after Hamsun yes
Narvik Hamsuns vei street named after Hamsun yes
Oslo Thereses gate 49 plaque yes
Oslo Gyldendal bust ask
Oslo Nasjonalgalleriet several portraits and bust yes
Oslo Vigelandsmuseet bust yes
Øystese Kulturstien relief yes
Paris Rue de Vaugirard plaque yes
Raufoss Knut Hamsuns veg street named after Hamsun yes
Sollia Brænd Gård temporary stay, plaque yes
Sortland Sortland hotell bust / Hamsun foyer ask
Sortland Jennestad Hovedgård Edvarda statue
several Hamsun portraits
Stokmarknes Knut Hamsuns gate street named after Hamsun yes
Sulsted Knut Hamsuns Vej street named after Hamsun yes
Tbilisi Hotel London plaque yes
Tbilisi Irakli Ochiauri's atelier frieze private
Tromsø Storgata 106 plaque yes
Tromsø Skippergata 19 printing house private
Trondheim Knut Hamsuns veg street named after Hamsun yes
Vågå Skultbakken parents' farm from outside
Vågå Skultbakken statue from outside

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