Photos will come as soon as we have visited the place again.

What: Statue "Edvarda" and permanent exhibition of Hamsun portraits

Where: Jennestad Handelssted, 8400 Sortland, Norway

Here it is: 8 kilometres north-west of Sortland, Vesterålen islands

Kåre-Bjørn Kongsnes, owner and director of the gallery in the beautiful old trading post Jennestad hovedgård, started in 2006 to restore the garden back to how it looked around 1910. At the same time he started the collection of sculptures in the garden, one each year. On 26.06.2010 Nina Sundbye's beautiful statue "Edvarda" was disclosed by Erik Bugge. Nina Sundbye has a sharp eye for the characters in Knut Hamsun's novels and a fine eye for the time in which they took place. Her statue Victoria is placed both in front of the former Frydenlund hotel in Aurdal and on the town square in Grimstad.

Gallery Jennestad has - apart from the exiting changing exhibitions - also a permanent collection of Hamsun-portraits by Håkon Gullvåg, Marianne Hamsun, Tore Hamsun, Horst Jansen, Henrik Lund, Tor-Arne Moen and Ørnulf Opdahl.

Today the Jennestad Hovedgård is a living cultural centre with concerts, lectures and much more.

Please visit the gallery's own website for more information on opening hours, new exhibitions, other events under .

As we have not seen the statue yet, there are no photos. They will come! Until then, please visit the newspaper Bladet Vesterålen under to see the article on Edvarda and Jennestad.

© Kirsten Hedvig Rasmussen