What: Bust / Hamsun-foyer

Where: Sortland hotel, Vesterålsgata 59, 8400 Sortland, Norway

Here it is: Just follow the E10 through Sortland, then you will be driving on Vesterålsgata.

"But if you go so far as to ask me, what is Eternity, then I am as wise as you and answer: Eternity is just uncreated time, absolutely uncreated time." Knut Hamsun: Look back on Happiness.

The owner of Sortland Hotel, Harald Mical Jacobsen, has created this beautiful foyer with a bust, letters, photos, art and info on Hamsun's stay in Sortland hotel. He has even managed to acquire the original door of the room, where Hamsun allways stayed.
Leif Hamsun unveiled this bust of his grandfather in Sortland hotel during the Hamsun-jubilee in Vesterålen from 18.-20. September 2009. Here in "the blue city" Knut Hamsun stayed several times during 1911–12 whilst working on the novel "Den sidste Glæde" (Look back on Happiness). The bust is made by the norwegian sculpturer Nicolaus Widerberg.

The book about Sortland Hotel during 100 years.

The actual building, where Hamsun stayed, was unfortunately demolished during the 1970'ies, but in the book about Sortland Hotel you will see, in the first floor of the old wooden building, Hamsun's room, nr. 10, the largest double room of the hotel and the room with the best view over the sea.
A room in the first floor of the new hotel is now being restored in the old style and with Hamsun's view. It should be finished in June 2010.

Also modern literature is highly appreciated in Sortland hotel. Lars Saabye Christensen, one of Scandinavia's best writers today, has his own library in a beatifully designed room, with all his works in many languages and a bust, also made by Nico Widerberg.

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