What: Brænd Gård, the poet's cottage "Borgen" and memorial plaque

Where: Sollia, Stor-Elvdal, Norway

Here it is: When you are driving the main road rv 3, you will find the tiny place Atne between Koppang and Alvdal. Here the road rv 219 turns off towards Atnbrua.
If you are driving on E6, you turn off outside Ringebu on rv 27 and continues towards Atnbrua.

Newlywed Marie and Knut Hamsun lived here from summer 1909 to summer 1910.

During the festival Fossedagene in Sollia 5 September 2009, the county mayor Arnfinn Nergård unveiled a memorial plaque to Marie and Knut Hamsun. The plaque will be placed at Hamsun's poet's cottage "Borgen" (The Castle). Here he worked on the novel "En vandrer spiller med sordin" (Wanderers) and the play "Livet i vold" (In the Grip of Life). These titles and a portrait of Knut and Marie adorn the plaque. (Photos will come, as soon as we have visited Brænd gård again!)

In a letter to Alf Mjøen written in Sollien January 22nd 1910, you can read about a sporty Hamsun! That he liked long walks we know, but a great skier?? " ....I have just returned from a ski-ing excursion lasting several days up to Foldals Værk and find your letter. Damn nice of you to remember me with these lines exactly now. To be honest I went on this ski-ing excursion to get right in my head again and to get to do something again; I have for two month sat here, just gazing. And that is more tiring than working and getting something done. God knows if the ski-ing has done any good..."

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