What: Relief and plaque

Where: Kulturløypa, Parken, 5610 Øystese, Norway

Here it is: You can easily access Øystese from Bergen via road rv. 7 through Norheimsund. If you are driving the immensely beautiful road rv.13 Odda-Voss you will have to cross the Hardangerfjord for example with the ferry Kinsarvik-Utne - Kvanndal. The park is in the middle of the town, just behind the church down towards the fjord.
If you want to visit Vikøy church with it's "famous" hymn singing you drive backfrom Øystese and turn off in Norheimsund on road rv. 49.

The plaque tells about Knut Hamsun's stay: "In the year 1879 came 20 years old Knut Hamsun, who at that time called himself Knut Perdersen, to Øystese. He stayed four month. He stayed in Lundanes at Isak and Pernhild Flatabø, who had a small boarding house. Later he was remembered for his critics in the local newspaper of the hymn singing in the churches and the way the women dressed. During his stay, he wrote the novel Frida."

The artist, Øystein J. Laupsa, has designed the relief lightly - like a touch - to demonstrate the short period in time of Hamsun's stay in Øystese, the artist's daughter tells. We find, that the stay in Øystese was quite important both for Hamsun's formal education and for his development as a human being, a ford maybe? Ø. J. Laupsa has also made the sculpture "Jente på Stamme", which also stands in the park.

In the attic of this beautiful house in Lundanes Knut Hamsun rented a room with the Flatabø family. What a view over the Hardangerfjord! The house is today private and can not be visited.

Øystese church is closed, we can't judge the hymn singing!

Vikøy church is also closed, we have to believe Knut Hamsun's judgement on the hymn singing!

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