What: Hamsun bust

Where: Vigelandsmuseet, Halvdan Svartes gate, Oslo, Norway

Here it is: In the centre of Oslo it is most convenient to use public transportation. Tram 12 and bus 20 stop at the museum. The stop is called Frogner plass.

Official website: www.vigeland.museum.no -

There were probably many similarities between Knut Hamsun and the sculpturer Gustav Vigeland: both opened new roads within their arts and both were only really happy, when they worked. In a leaflet from the museum on the occasion of the Hamsun-jubilee 2009 you may read:
"I had the impression, that he only had time for work and creation. His studio was filled with busts and heads. [...] At that time I remember just two occasions, where he came with me into the city. Once he sent his model home and took time off. Another time he said, that he was hungry and came with me." (Knut Hamsun: ”Hamsun om Vigeland”, Aftenposten , 13.3.1943) My translation.

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