What: Hamsun portraits and bust

Where: Nasjonalmuseet for kunst, arkitektur og design, Universitetsgt. 13, 0164 Oslo

Here it is: Just behind the university and close to the royal castle.

The first painting of Knut Hamsun, by Alfred Emil Andersen in 1891. Alfred (Alfredo) Andersen was born in Kristiansand 03.11.1860 and died in Curitilia, Brasil (!) 1935. The painting is oil on canvas, measuring 127 x 85 cm. The painting is a donation to the National Gallery from H.S.Sigmond, Rio de Janeiro in 1935. The painting is probably in the stores of the Nasjonalgalleriet, but perhaps you are lucky and the painting is on display, when you visit Oslo. (We have not seen the painting. Shown is the Nasjonalgalleriet's poster).

The bust, on the contrary, is permanently on display. It is made by Fin Haakon Frølich (born 13.08.1868 in Christiania, died 05.09.1949 in Los Angeles). The bust is original plaster, patinated with bronze colour and measures 65.5 cm. The bust is a donation from Georg Frølich in 1919.

To the right Marianne Feiring Hamsun's portrait of her father-in-law. (Shown is our own copy with Marianne's greetings).

© Kirsten Hedvig Rasmussen www.hamsun.at