(Photo top left: Hotel Norge)

What: Hamsun's hotel room and plaque

Where: Hotel Norge, Strandgaten 3, 4790 Lillesand, Norway

Here it is: You drive through Lillesand on the main road rv 402. At the point where this street changes name from Jernbanegate to Oddekleiva, the Strandgaten turns off. Alternatively from the city centre one follows the Samuel Nikolai Hansensgate and Strandgaten along the coast to the other end of Strandgaten.

29.05.1928 Knut Hamsun writes to his son Tore:

I will have to get away from home soon and try to work again, here at home I am always distracted by all the workers. I will probably try Lillesand again, it is in any case a nice attic room. And when you come home, you must visit me in Lillesand - if I am still there."

How to get peace to work with active farming and children in the house? You take a hotel room. Here at Hotel Norge Knut Hamsun stayed several times per year during the 1930'ies and allways in room 302.
This room is today extended into a suite and very tastefully decorated. Why not spend a night here in Hamsun's room?

The plaque was unveiled 21.06.2009 and accessible from outside.

Kirsten Hedvig Rasmussen www.hamsun.at