What: Garmo stavechurch

Where: The open-air museum Maihaugen, Lillehammer, Norway

Here it is: From the E6, drive towards the centre of Lillehammer on the Mesnadalsvegen. Just follow the signs towards Maihaugen, you will be led directly to the museum..

If you have visited the church in Garmo close to Knut Hamsun's birthplace outside Lom, you might think that it was here, that Knut Hamsun was baptised and confirmed. Young Knud Pedersen was indeed baptised on 28. August 1859 and confirmed 4. October 1874 in Garmo stavechurch, but already then the church was no longer "up-to-date":

"The old Garmo church is perhaps one of the oldest churches in Norway, most probably built in the times of Saint Olaf...but as it according to a consultant's report is of no substantial historical interest, it will probably be demolished..." (from the newspaper Lillehammers Tilskuer quotet in E.Kjk: Garmo Kyrkje og sokn)

The old Garmo stavechurch was really pulled down in 1880 and the present church build instead. Luckily the timber of the old church was secured by some enthusiasts and the stavechurch could be rebuilt 1920 in the open-air museum Maihaugen in Lillehammer.

You can read more about the church and see the opening hours of the museum Maihaugen here: www.maihaugen.no

Kirsten Hedvig Rasmussen www.hamsun.at