What: Menhir

Where: Storgata, 2480 Koppang, Norway

Here it is: The major road rv.3 takes you up through Norway parallel to the swedish border. Turn off the road rv.3 towards Koppang centre. In Koppang you are driving on Storgata. Follow Storgata towards the church. Outside the NSB railway station is a small grove and the menhir.

Today, when more and more Hamsun memorials are erected (bravo!) it is worth remembering, that the beautiful town Koppang allready in 1963 got her Hamsun menhir! Initiator was the enthusiastic headmaster and author of local history Hans S. Hansen, who laid out subscription lists in the local shops, where people could make donations. The Norwegian State Railways, NSB, offered the grove in front of the railway station for the erection and the menhir was disclosed on September 22nd 1963 in the presence of a.o. Marie, Tore and Marianne Hamsun. The inscription on the stone "En vandrer spiller med Sordin" (With muted Strings) call to mind, that Knut Hamsun wrote this novel here in 1909-1910 while staying at Hansens Hotel and in a cottage (both demolished unfortunately) and in close-by Sollia, which is still existing. If one is driving up Norway, the main road rv 3 is a splendid alternative to the usual E6 and in Koppang one finds easily the railway station and the grove in front of it.

"I do not have a story about murder to tell, but about joy and suffering and love. And love is as violent and dangerous as murder." With muted Strings.

Kirsten Hedvig Rasmussen www.hamsun.at