What: Harr's Hamsun gallery

Where: Zahl fjøsen, Kjerringøy Gamle Handelssted, 8093 Kjerringøy.

Here it is: From Bodø you drive north on road 834. From Festvåg a short but beautiful ferryride takes you to Misten and Kjerringøy, where you after a few kilometers will see an idyllic old trading post. Park here at the church and follow the signs 300 meters further to the Zahl fjøsen - the merchant Zahl's stables.

Karl Erik Harr is one of the most important Norwegian neo-romanticists AND also a Hamsun-illustrator. He was one of the founders of the Hamsun-Society and he has fought for many years for the re-acceptance of Hamsun. Harr has here exhibited more than 100 illustrations to some of Knut Hamsun's novels a.o. Pan, Growth of the Soil, Victoria as well as Benoni and Rosa.

In the building you will also find an interesting exhibition on films based on Hamsun's works with photos and film shows with clips from more than 20 Hamsun screen versions.

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