Photos top right and middle right: Hurtigruten

What: Hamsun Lounge

Where: M/S Midnatsol, Hurtigruten

Here it is: The coastal express Hurtigruten serves, as you may know, the Norwegian coast from Bergen to Kirkenes and back. You have several possibilities: You can book the entire cruise roundtrip, you sail oneway and fly back, you travel from one harbour to another or - if you are already in Norway - you simply visit the ship in one of the 35 harbours along the coast. In some of the harbours you will have several hours to visit the ship, in other harbours the Midnatsol only stops for a short time.

If you have the possibility, a roundtrip Bergen - Kirkenes and back is an unforgettable experience. You will get wild nature and landings in exotic port-of-calls AND several towns have Hamsun-sights, that you can visit while the ship is moored at the quay.
The lounge on M/S Midnatsol is decorated with motives from Knut Hamsun's novels by the danish artist Kenneth Blom. Furthermore you will find a lithograph by Tore Hamsun from 1959 - here Tore is certainly influences by Edvard Munch - and you will find a speciman proof also by Tore Hamsun of the old Knut Hamsun. New in 2009 is a bust made by the norwegian artist Stina Marie Velten Edfeld.
If Knut Hamsun is new to you, you will find an extensive biography in several languages: Norwegian, English, French and German. And you will find a display of books and original letters by Knut Hamsun.
In the ship's library you can borrow Hamsun novels during your journey.

Kirsten Hedvig Rasmussen