Photos: Niels-Henrik Jensen

What: Hamsun-bust

Where: The Hamsun-centre, Hamarøy, Norway

Here it is: If you are heading north on route E6 between Fauske and Narvik, then there is only 17 km from Ulvsvåg over road rv.81 to Oppeid, the centre of Hamarøy. If you are on your way to the Lofoten, Hamarøy is anyway the easiest access: you just continue after your visit along the rv.81 and take the ferry Skutvik-Svolvær. Also busses and fast ferries connect Hamarøy with Bodø. Just above the bridge over the tidal stream Glimma you will find the ruins of the old vicarage AND the Hamsun-centre. The bust stands to the right as you enter.

"The vicarage was beautifully situated close to the tidal stream Glimma, a broad and stony stream, from where the murmur sounded night and day, night and day. Glimma went at times South, at times North, depending on the tides; but always murmed it's eternal song and it's waters ran with the same impatiance summer and winter, no matter which way it ran." Knut Hamsun (An Apparition)

The bust is made by the Norwegian artist Nico Widerberg and it was unveiled during the celebrations of Knut Hamsun's birthday on 04.August 2011. The bust was unveiled by mayor Rolf Steffensen and is a donation to the Hamsun-centre from Kirsten Hedvig Rasmussen and the artist.

© Kirsten Hedvig Rasmussen