What: The grave of Hamsun's parents

Where: The church yard, Presteid, 8294 Hamarøy

Here it is: The church and the grave yard lie in Presteid directly at the main road rv. 81 through Hamarøy.

The church yard lies very idyllic with a view towards the tidal stream Glimma. Knut Hamsun is buried on his farm Nørholm in Grimstad and his wife Marie and several family members are buried on Eide grave yard outside Grimstad.

In February 1908 Hamsun writes to his old friend Georg Olsen in Hamarøy: "Do you think it would be possible to reserve a place for mother next to father's grave? I do not know, if it exists such a thing as renting a grave in Hamarø, - if yes I will pay. I had thought of sending home a small stone or such for father's grave this spring, but I do not know, if it would not be better to wait. It can certainly not take long before mother occupies her grave, and then I would like both stones or plaques to be alike."
Knut Hamsun's father Peder Pedersen died 1907 and his mother Tora Pedersen, born Olsen in 1919.

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