What: The Hamsun Gallery

Where: Tranøy, 8297 Hamarøy

Here it is: In Oppeid, centre of Hamarøy, the road takes off towards Tranøy. The gallery lies next to the hotel Edvardas Hus, as you reach Tranøy.

In this shop young Knut Hamsun worked as a shop assistant under merchant Walsøe in 1874 - 75. Karl Erik Harr was the initiator of restoring the old shop and convert it into a gallery. Here Harr exhibited his numerous Hamsun-illustrations before he moved his collection to Kjerringø. The shop is still a gallery and houses also a small café, really a lovely ambience to enjoy a nice coffee. The owner has received the award The Rose of Olav for his carefull restoration of the beautiful building. Behind the shop lies the boatshed with several historic boats from Nordland - also a must!

That Hamsun never forgot his days in the shop here nor the shop of his godfather Hesthagen in Lom, is easily proven by the many examples from Hamsun's novels like here from Benoni: "Benoni -kept an eye on the more experienced shop assistants and saw how they acted and he learned. Even his speech was infected with commercial terms, it was prima and secunda, gross and net all day long."

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