Middle of the day...and at midnight

What: Hamsun-cottage

Where: Hamar°y Fishcamping, Hamar°y

Here it is: In Presteid a street (gravel) takes off from the main road rv 81 down to Hamar°y Fishecamping and the tidal stream Glimma

Rita and Hans Petter Christensen at Hamar°y Fishcamping have erected a cottage, where they were able to reuse some of the timber from the old church servant's hall, so well known from Hamsun's short story "An Apparition" from the collected short stories. The cottage lies very idyllic on "historical" grounds at the tidal stream Glimma and close to the old vicary garden, which is equally interesting in the middle of the day as it is at midnight. A splendid initiative and personally I can also recommend the Fishcamping: The hosts are incredibly warm and sympathic people and the restaurant is delicious!

ę Kirsten Hedvig Rasmussen www.hamsun.at