What: Knut Hamsun's childhood home

Hvor: Hamsund, Hamarøy

Here it is: From the town-centre of Oppeid you continue towards Skutvik. In Hamsund, where the road to Buvåg takes of, lies Hamsun's childhood home.

The childhood home is a museum today and stands well restored like in Hamsun's days. It comprises furniture from the times, when Hamsun lived here as well as some of his personal belongings from his childhood.

Many places in Hamsun's works we find small glimpses and memories from his childhood: "When the weather was fine I lay on my back in the heather and wrote with my forefinger all over the sky and had blessed days. It was a magnificent life. And nobody must think, that it was any worse when it rained. Then I sat under a bush or under a cliff well protected. There I sat trolling or wrote something on white bark or carved something with my knife.."

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