What: Plaster original

Where: Hamsun's childhood home, Hamsund, Hamarøy.

Here it is: From the town-centre of Oppeid you continue towards Skutvik. In Hamsund, where the road to Buvåg takes of, lies Hamsun's childhood home.

The bust was made by the greek sculpturer and writer Georg Themistokles Malteso, who was a strong admirer of Knut Hamsun. He sculptured the bust after photo of Hamsun. His idea was to donate the bust to Nørholm, but there stood already Wilhelm Rasmusen's bust over Hamsun's grave. Marie Hamsun then immideately thought of Hamarøy, which she had visited shortly before and asked Malteso to give this extraordinary present to Hamarøy instead.

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