What: The letterbox from "On overgrown Paths"

Where: The former Grefstad Jernvare, Storgaten, 4876 Grimstad, Norway

Here it is: Storgaten, right in the centre of beautiful idyllic Grimstad

"At the bottom I saw Grefstads ironmongery shop and on the wall hung a letterbox. Should I dare? It is just a few steps. I look around me, but not a soul to be seen. Then I dart over the street, put my postcard into the box, dart back again. Then I start to walk. I had not gone far before I got a punch in the back. Police...." On overgrown Paths.

Also the Royal Mail has humour and sensibility: On Februar 19th 2002 a "1940" style letterbox was inaugurated on the wall of Grefstads Jernvarehandel as the chairman of the Hamsun-Society in Grimstad, Ola Veigaard, sent a postcard to Knut Hamsun's grandchild Victoria Hamsun at Nørholm. Also a footpath from the old hospital to the letterbox was opened. Today the former ironmongery is a applied arts shop, but the letterbox and the plaque are still there.

© Kirsten Hedvig Rasmussen www.hamsun.at