What: Hamsun's cave from On overgrown Paths

Where: Skiftenesveien, 4886 Grimstad, Norway

Here it is: From the E18 around Grimstad, take the road 404 towards Herefoss. In Skiftenes take left towards Luetjenn and you will see the signs with Hamsun's path.

"There was a kind of hole or cave under a cliff with some grass and heather at the bottom. Here nobody can sneak up on me from behind and see what I'm doing. That is well for somebody, who does not hear", Knut Hamsun writes in On overgrown Paths. In 2006 Knut Møretrø found a cave that suited Hamsun's description perfectly including the waste, that Hamsun mentioned. Landvik historical society took the initiative to place signs and a memorial plaque with a quotation from the novel. On August 16th Leif Hamsun formally opened the cave and unveiled the plaque.

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