What: Hiking path to Paradise

Where: 4887 Grimstad, Norway

Here it is: Start the trip as Hamsun did, at the former Grimstad hospital, the path is today marked with poles along the street Frivollveien to Smith Petersen's garden, called Paradise.

Hamsun often walked here during the time, when he was interned at the isolation hospital after the war, the small green building over and behind the actual hospital, and describes the walk in "On overgrown Paths":

"First I reach a bridge without rails, almost a footbridge, but then I stop at some mighty ashes, hundred years old and venerable, just five or six but the other have probably withered and died. I struggle up a stony and overgrown path and reach the ruins."

Also today the ashes are there like in Hamsun's days. A small untouched wild-romantic sanctuary, with peace for contemplation and wild flowers everywhere.

The city of Grimstad has published a splendid little guide on the hiking paths with maps and descriptions.

Kirsten Hedvig Rasmussen www.hamsun.at