What: Nørholm, Knut and Marie Hamsun's residence

Where: Nørholm, 4887 Grimstad, Norway

Here it is: The farm is situated at the road E18 between Grimstad and Lillesand. Please take care, the farm lies in a curve and the road is heavily trafficated!

Knut and Marie Hamsun bought this beautiful farm in 1918 and they lived there, with short intermissions, for the rest of their lives. Today the grandchild Victoria Hamsun lives on the farm. It is well-kept today with a beautiful garden, where you will find Wilhelm Rasmussen's bust of Knut Hamsun.

The farm is private and can only be admired from the road!

27. December 1920 Knut Hamsun wrote a long letter to Erik Axel Karlfeldt in Sweden, shortly after he had received the Nobel Price. Here a short extract: "Dear Karlfeldt, we are home again after the big trip, we found the children and everybody well and the farm situated in the same place as before and ourselves banned to these backwoods between two one-horse-towns. I do think, that it is good for the children to grow up here, otherwise I would have preferred Stockholm, at least for some time. I do not refer to the whirl of pleasures and parties - where I prostitute my friends and myself (does not matter for myself, by the way!), but I mean to live in Stockholm to work, in another ambience than here, with lights and music and beautiful houses and art and superb antiquities. It does not bring anything to retire from life and contemplate one's own navel. No, one withers. We have short days and now long nights, oh so long nights. Just wait until you become 62, then the nights become long. Well, now we have thank godness passed solstice for this time being. By the way, I like all seasons, also winter, as long as we have no snow. I find snow horrible."

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