Photos: Team Olsen

What: Street named after Marie Hamsun

Where: Marie Hamsuns veg, 2407 Elverum, Norway

Here it is: Marie Hamsuns veg is a cul-de-sac and is situated about 1 km. from the centre of Elverum. The street is 250 m. long.

In her memoiers "Regnbuen" (The Rainbow) from 1953 Elverum plays an important role. Marie's father went bankrupt with the business as she was 7 years old. In the book one can follow her childhood experiences in and around Elverum: "I sat on the floor, my father on all four playing the "bow-wow", barking at me. It was probably in the morning, as he wore his pearl-embroided braces. They were most likely braces, that my young loving mother had embroided for him during their engagement - I was the first child. I remember those braces through the years, the last years they hung in the attic and there were just a few pearls left, hanging loosely on one or two threads. It made such a melancholy impression on me. But such is the fate of much, which was dearest earlier. Father had a shop in Leiret in Elverum. Carl Andersen Grocery, Flour and Victuals. Establ. 1878. I could spell from the signboard, when I became old enough."

Kirsten Hedvig Rasmussen