What: Knut Hamsuns villa

Where: Maurbakken, Vestbyveien 54, 1440 Drøbak, Norway

Here it is: From the E6 you drive towards the centre of Drøbak on road 152. You will first pass the market, then you continue down the Storgata and Jørnsebakken to Vestbyveien.

"I will now have my own small home", Knut Hamsun writes to his publisher Albert Langen in Munich 15. August 1905, "and I will live here all year round." In a letter dated 27. August, also to Albert Langen, Knut Hamsun writes: "Yes, I shall send you a photo of the house. It is nice and strong and even beautiful, without any obscure nonsense, but practical to live in. I have designed it myself, every part of it, inside and outside. The house will probably not be finished before in a couple of months." A couple of weeks before Christmas they finally move in, Knut Hamsun, his wife Bergljot and his daughter Victoria. 4. March 1906 Knut Hamsun again writes a letter to Albert Langen: "I have now build my own beautiful house. But just as it was finalized my home and my family broke up. How sad this world is."

The villa is private property and cannot be visited!

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