Photo: Niels-Henrik Jensen

What: Hamsun plaque

Where: Sankt Hans Gade 18, 2200 København N, Denmark

Here it is: Sankt Hans Gade lies in the quarter Nørrebro, between Ryesgade and the crossing Fælledvej/Blegdamsvej/Nørre Alle.

The plaque was disclosed by the author Lars Saabye Christensen and Norway's ambassador to Danmark Dagfinn Stenseth on February 19th 2002, the 50. anniversary of Knut Hamsun's death.
One of the initiators of the memorial was the literary scientist Øystein Rottem. He saw this place as the cradle of 20. century modernism, when Knut Hamsun sat in this house during summer and autumn 1888 and started on "Hunger".

December 18th 1888 Hamsun writes to Johan Sørensen: "Well, everything is fine, so fine. I still live in this attic, since I would like to endure as long as possible. It is such a bargain this attic 5 Kroner. I have such a splendid bed, so there is no question of freezing during the nights".

© Kirsten Hedvig Rasmussen