What: Street named after Knut Hamsun

Where: Knut Hamsuns Vei, 8019 BodÝ, Norway

Here is it: Even if you are one the way on the E6 towards HamarÝy and maybe Nordkapp, you should turn off in Fauske and take the rv. 80 to BodÝ. The city of eagles is worth while visiting. In Hunstad just before BodÝ, you will find Knut Hamsuns vei on your left, when you drive towards BodÝ.

Knut Hamsun writes home to Marie 24. February 1914 from BodÝ:
"Dearest friend. I have not forgotten the oranges, but they are still so bitter, we are behind here in BodÝ... On the other hand I have bought the black silk for the blouse I told you about, I'll send it together with this. Use it well!"
Hamsun stayed in the tower at the Grand Hotel.

This combination of a respectable residential area with lawns and flowers on one side and fjord and mountains on the other is unique.

Hamsun or Hamsund? Choose yourself!

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