What: The former Frydenlund's hotel

Where: 2910 Aurdal, Norway

Here it is: Take the E16 towards Fagernes. Turn left at the church in Aurdal onto the fv220 Vestringslinna and then take first left towards Valdresklinikken. The street is called Raskebakken, but there will probably not be a street sign. Enter the first drive left and you are in front of the hotel.

Frydenlund is a beautiful classical roadhouse and hotel. The present building was erected around 1860 und convertet around 1900 into the so-called sveitser-style. Knut Hamsun stayed here first from 1884-1886 and later returned to the place many times. He was attached to the son of the house Erik Frydenlund through a life-long friendship. Knut Hamsun also sent his two sons Tore and Arild to Aurdal to strengthen their health in the clear mountain air and to attend the local school. Today the foundation Frydenlund takes care of the place and has a.o. converted one of the small guestrooms into a Hamsun room, a permanent mini-museum. The museum was inaugurated by Knut Hamsun's grandson Leif Hamsun on August 22nd 2009.

It was also possible to acquire Nina Sundbye's beautiful sculpture Victoria for the former hotel. Knut Hamsun wrote parts of his novel Victoria while he stayed in Aurdal in a boardinghouse, which today is a private home. The statue was unveiled by Leif Hamsun on August 21st 2010 during a succesful and well visited event.

Frydenlund skysstasjon does not have fixed opening hours, but have a look at the website of the foundation under www.frydenlund-aurdal.no, here you'll find a calendar of events. If you can't visit the place dunring an event, then do see the building from the outside (don't forget the beautifull back side) or contact the Foundation Frydenlund

Hamsun writes to Erik Frydenlund from Lillesand in June 1890: Dear Erik! How did you like "Hunger", gruesome I suppose? I'm stranded here at least for 1 month. To where you will thus send me a postcard. Greetings to Johanne 16 times. Ask her, if she finds me gruesome? Yours Knut H. It could be, that I pass by sometime in summer for a week or so.

Behind this window Knut Hamsun wrote the novel Victoria.

Kirsten Hedvig Rasmussen www.hamsun.at