The Danish theatre Møllen in Haderslev had first performance on it's new play "Hunger" based on Knut Hamsun's novel this spring. In the actual theatre season the play will be performed again from 15.-19 October in Haderslev, Denmark. From 21.October to 16. November it will be on tour in several cities in Denmark. Hunger can also be seen in Norway in
Kråkerøy and in Kristianssand from 6.-10. November.
More at

Nirvanas Bulder Knut Hamsun og Orienten:
a book by Ronald Nystad Rusaanes. Art from the 1890'ies and up to the First World War are marked by the many -isms. In this book new approaches are used, that were not yet been applied in full. In the centre of the wave of oriental inspiration of that epoque we find Knut Hamsun's life and works. Other important names in Nirvanas Bulder are Friedrich Nietzsche, August Strindberg, Edvard Munch and Johannes V. Jensen. The book is published by Samum Spinof Arena. An exiting book, that I had been looking forward to read. And what could be more appropriate than to sit by the stream of Glimma in the light of the midnight sun and dive into this interesting book. Herby heartly recommended.

Wild Words:
Det Vilde Ord (Wild Words) is the name of the new literary festival in Bodø, northern Norway, taking place from 5. - 8. June. It's vision is to create a literary footprint of Bodø and the county Nordland, to tear down borders and build bridges witth words - between people and cultures. The ambition is to connect "the mighty Vestfjord" with a sea of books and to display the wild, beautiful, windy, wet, uncontrollable and provocative expressive which characterise the Nordland mood. Here you will find debates, lectures, concerts, exhibitions... no, do have a look yourself at and be inspired to participate. And off-course Knut Hamsun will not be forgotten.

Festival of poetry in Lom:
There has traditionally allways been an active cultural life in the valley of Gudbrandsdalen. Many musicians and poets have found their inspiration here. Diktardagene, which is organized every other year, is a cultural festival around the poets of the area - among them off-course Knut Hamsun! This year's festival takes place from 1.-4. August in the towns of Lom, Skjåk and Vågå and the programme is now ready. Have a look at the many interesting events here: .

Ibsen- and Hamsundays in Grimstad:
Sørlandets litteraturfestival, The literary Festival of Southern Norway, is an exiting festival in the honour of the city of Grimstad's 2 famous sons. It takes place every year in August in the beautifull idyll of Grimstad. The programme for this year is here: Read it and become inspired to participate in the many varied events. This year focus is on Ibsen, but there will be plenty of Hamsun-events too. We're looking forward to a festival of sun, sea, summer and Hamsunian ideas:

Saturday, 4. May the House of Film, Filmens Hus in Dronningensgt.16 in Oslo invite you to a Hamsun day. After the presentation of the 8th adaption for the screen of Knut Hamsun's novel Victoria this spring, the Filmens hus have the honour together with the Oslo section of the Hamsun-Society to invite you to a Saturday of films. 3 former film-versions of the novel will be shown. Before the films Hamsun-biographer Robert Ferguson will give an introduction and the day will conclude with a dinner in the spirit of Hamsun at the Filmkafeen in Filmens Hus.
Registration for participation including dinner with . The price for the day including dinner (excl drinks) will be NOK. 500,- to be paid at the entrance. Deadline for registration is 26. April. See the programme here: 3xVictoria.

New Hamsun book:
Peter Hovmand has written a new introduction to Hamsun's criticism and his quest for solutions to the chalenges of modern society. Hovmand reviews Hamsun's main works Mysteries and Pan, and he highlights hereby Nietzsche and Gadamer, criticism and hermeneutics and describes Hamsun as a exploring human being.
Peter Hovmand is an author and cand.mag. of literary sciences at the Univbersity of Copenhagen and he has published several short stories, novels and memoirs.
The book can be bought from

Peter Hovmand: Knut Hamsuns oprør. Hamsun, Nietzsche og oprøret mod det moderne samfund. Forlaget Patagonien. København 2013. 125 pages. NOK 162,-

The Danish theatre Møllen in Haderslev had first performance on it's new play "Hunger" on February 28th. "Hunger" is a co-production with the Norwegian theatre Nie and has already been sold for a tour in autumn. The director speaks english, the main character Swedish/Brasilian, while the rest of the actors communicate in Norwegian, Danish and English. Really an international production. After Haderslev, where there are performances on 1 - 2 - 20 - 21 and 22 March, the play will be on tour to
Zealand, Northern Germany and in autumn to Norway. The theatres Svalegangen and Odense theatre have both also bought the production. "Hunger" is based on Knut Hamsun's famous novel and is a psychological drama about a man and his struggle to survive, physically as well as mentally, in the 1890'ies Oslo - Kristiania.
Source: Inge Rogat Møller, Jyske vestkysten.

Finally a new Norwegian adaptation of Knut Hamsun's Victoria, the saddest and most beautiful lovestory ever. Do see the film, it is just so cute. Remember a box of kleenex! Surely shown in a cinema close to you too.

First english translation of "Under the Laburnum":
Marie Hamsun's 2 memoirs "The Rainbow" and "Under the Laburnum" are the most obvious sources for understanding the everyday life and the relation between Knut and Marie (at least seen from Marie's viewpoint). Strangely they have so far not been translated into english. Elmer T. Magnuson, former librarian at the Portland State University in Oregon, has closed the gap and translated "Under the Laburnum" and written an introduction. The book is dedicated to professor Harald Næss with these words: "Her skal je vente, til du kommer igen; og venter du histoppe, vi træffes der, min ven!" (Here shall I wait, till you return; and should you wait up there, we will meet again, my friend!)

Elmer T. Magnuson: The Nobel Novelist Knut Hamsun During the Nazi Occupation of Norweay. The Final Chapter That Was Omitted from Marie Hamsun's Autobiography of Their Life Together. 162p. Edwin Mellen Press, Lewiston, New York 2011.

Big succes for the Hamsun-Society literary seminar 2012:
"Hamsun in Vesterålen"! More than 120 people participated in the seminar and had a terrific time with exiting lectures, visits to the art centres of Jennestad handelssted and Lihallen and a splendid excursion on the island of Vesterålen to the places, where the young Knut Hamsun worked as a teacher and a law officer.
See the entire programme here (in Norwegian only):

The general assembly of the Hamsun-Society
took place on August 10th during the society's literary seminar in Sortland. Even Arntzen wished to withdraw as
chairperson after 10 years of hard work. He was thanked with long-lasting applause and pronounced honorary member of the society. As new chairperson was elected Wenche Rokkan Iversen. The committee elected Hege Faust as second chairperson.
Please find the committee here:

Feature article:
"Demoniseringa av Knut Hamsun" (
Demonization of Knut Hamsun). Nils Magne Knutsen, professor at the University of Tromsø and former chairman of the Hamsun-Society, has written a very essential article in the newspaper Dagbladet on 30.07.2012 about openness and volition to dialogue as opposed to black-and-white simplifications. Hereby warmly recommended. Read the article here (in Norwegian only): .
Please pay attention to possible replies, which will not necessarily be available on the Internet.

Ibsen- and Hamsun-days in Grimstad 14.-19. August:
The programme for the Ibsen- and Hamsun-days has now been released and it is one of the best programmes in Grimstad ever! The theme this year is The village and the world outside and the programme is filled with exiting lectures, interviews, debates, theatre performances, first show of the film Daymark, literary city walks, a seminar at the university... A gastronomical event will be Hamsun's Nobelprize-dinner (7 courses!), where Anita Estensen will tell about the Nobelprize and the chef Hans Petter Klemmetsen will talk about the dishes being served to you. There will be concerts - both openair and indoors. A number of gifted and dedicated people have agreed to participate:
minister of cultural affairs Anniken Huitfeldt, Morten Strøksnes, Dag Solstad, Bjørn Sundquist, Mari Maurstad, Johan Galtung, Ronald Altinius, Lene Wikander, Sigmund Karterud, Ingar Sletten Kolloen, Folkefiender... NO, it is impossible to mention all the exiting events. Do see the programme yourself under and order tickets if you are in Grimstad in August. Congratulations to the organizers for a terrific programme. It's also so positive, that the neighbouring towns Kristiansand, Arendal and Lillesand also participate in the festival. This is Norway's most important festival south of the arctic circle!
Source: Torlf E. Kroglund 09.06.2012

Again an award to the Hamsun-centre:
The Hamsun-centre has AGAIN won an award for it's architecture: This year the oldest Norwegian prize for architecture, Houens Fonds Diplom, was presented to the Hamsun-centre. The prize has been awarded since 1904, first to the government building Akersgata 42 in Oslo, and it is presented by the ministry for cultural affairs after nomination by the National Assosiation of Norwegian Architects. The prize was last awarded in 2008. In the justification it says a.o.:
"There is something strange in the fact, that one constructs a building to describe the works of an author. Literature is abstract and cannot be shown materialised." and "To describe the Hamsun-centre is as meaningless as to try to describe the mystic in Hamsun's literature. Let it be enough to state, that Holl has succeded in creating a mysticism similar to Hamsun's. The building describes Hamsun's characters. The characters give the meaning of the building" (my translation). Read the justification of the jury here. We will AGAIN send our heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS! to the Hamsun-centre and it's dedicated staff!
Source: Norske arkitekters landsforbund 07.06.2012

Ibsen- and Hamsun-days in Grimstad 14.-19. August:
In the beautifull and pittoresque harbour city of Grimstad all is prepared for this years Hamsun- and Ibsen festival. For the most dramatic part of the programme, the setting of Terje Vigen at the open-air on the island in the archipelago of Grimstad, we will welcome from northern Norway one of the most loved Norwegian actors of today, Bjørn Sundquist. The controversial author Dag Solstad will be interviewed by the editor of the cultural newspaper, Morgenbladet's Alf van der Hagen. Also another of the small harbour cities on the south coast of Norway, Lillesand, just a few miles from Grimstad, will participate in the festival. Here Nina Sundbye's beautifull sculpture Edvarda will be unveiled by the minister of culture, Anniken Huitfeldt. Other guests are a.o. the Hamsun-biographer Ingar Sletten Kolloen, Bjørn Hemmer and the sculptress Nina Sundbye. The programme will soon be released, so keep an eye on and order tickets if you are in Grimstad, it is the most important festival in Southern Norway!

Here it is!
Today it came, the long longed-for programme for THE Hamsun-festival in Norway, the Hamsun-days in Hamarøy! And have they presented an exiting programme! Here you'll find all about and around Hamsun, well-known and loved events as well as brandnew initiatives: the popular literary hikes, where nature meets literature; concerts with new Norwegian Bands, baroque church concerts, a new and unique Dutch project on sound and bamboo; here you will meet brilliant comtemporary authors - my favourite: Per Knutsen is excellent, Frank A. Jenssen is not completely unknown either :-), here are art exhibitions, here are classes for writers; the Hamsun-festival literary seminar presents a.o. a meeting with the brave medical doctor Mads Gilbert, who was in Gaza in 2008/2009 operating civilian victims of the israelian attacs... NO, it is impossible to describe the whole programme, do have a look yourself under and see what exiting days are awaiting us. I just have also to mention an unorthodox setting of Alexander and Leonarda in a Norwegian-Russian co-operation.
Many congratulations to the organizers, who have worked very hard just to please us, on this excellent programme. The editor of this web-site is looking so much forward to the days between 28. July and 5. August, the highlight of the year! NB: Tickets are on sale from 9. May!
Source: Bodil Børset 03.05.2012

July 28th. to August 5th. 2012:
17. Hamsun-days in Hamarøy.
Hamsun-days started in 1982, and since then the festival has grown steadily and is now a cornucopia of literature, theatre, concerts, exhibitions and off-course social gathering. 30 years, a small jubilee, so surely the Organizing Committee will do it's best to put up an exiting programme and we'll all have terrific days! Please find here the official website of the festival:

August 9. to 11. 2012:
The Hamsun-Society literary seminar.
The well-known literary seminar organized by the Hamsun-Society takes place this year in Sortland on Vesterålen. In addition to the exiting lectures, this opens the possibility of visiting Hamsun-related places like Sortland hotell, Jennestad Handelssted, Lihallen kulturgård and not least Bø i Vesterålen, where Knut Hamsun was a policeman. Read more in the Hamsun-Society member's magazine: Hamsun-nytt 1/2012. There you will also find the registration form.

August 15. to 19. 2012:
Ibsen Hamsun days in Grimstad.
This exiting festival takes place every year in August and focusses on both of town's famous sons. Surely we can expect an interesting programme of high quality this year like in every year. The programme will follow.

Poems and music in the easter week.
A broad cultural programme is offered Tuesday, April 3. 2012 at 7.30pm at Fossheim, Lom.
See the programme here: Indbydelse.
Source: Torunn Kjøk 30.03.2012

What is Ljodahått?
Apart from being a metre in old norse poetry, it is also an exiting project, where skilled musicians from several European contries fronted by Norwegian Magne Håvard Brekke have gathered to perform the best of Norwegian poetry - in norwegian! Including off-course Knut Hamsun and all the way from Hans Børli over Olav H.Hauge to Tarjei Vesaas. Their new CD album "Eg stend eg, seddu" was released at a concert in the famous Volksbühne in Berlin and the German newspaper TAZ wrote: "..Man hätte ihnen tausende [Zuhörer]gewünscht, denn sie geben ein erstklassiges Konzert" og "das Bandprojekt Ljodahått ein herrliches Himmelfahrtskommando.." (one wish them thousends of fans, as they offer a first-class concert) and (the project Ljodahått is a terrific suicidal attac). Oslo has succeded in getting the group to Norway to give concerts at the Litteraturhuset in Oslo on April 13. and 14. Do visit to order tickets. Visit also to get a sample of their programme or visit them at Facebook . Please enjoy this unique and exiting project!

March 10th. 2012: Hamsun-seminar in Oslo. New update on programme, registration etc here: Invitation.
Source: Bjørn Rudborg 26.02.2012

The making of... Hamsunsenteret
For all of us, who didn't live in northern Norway, it was difficult to follow the construction of the Hamsun centre in Hamarøy. Here is a small video to make up for it. We have put up the speed at little, so it doesn't take so long and we have added a litttle music too. Enjoy the construction: Hamsunsenteret

March 10th. 2012: Hamsun-seminar in Oslo. The Hamsun-Society, section Oslo, invites you to a seminar on "Hamsun and the capital". The seminar will take place in the Hamsun-hall in the publishing house Gyldendal on March 10th from 10am to 2pm. The programme:
- Lars Frode Larsen: Litterær vandring i sporene etter Hamsun i Oslo. Kåseri rundt en serie av bilder på storskjerm - bilder fra steder i dagens Oslo som på ulike måter kan knyttes til Hamsuns liv og diktning.
- Tove Nilsen: Om å være hovedstadsforfatter og Hamsun-leser.
- Hege Faust: Hamsuns Kristiania  i liv og litteratur ca 1885-1905.
- fourth lecture to come
Fee: NOK 100 for members of the Hamsun-Society, NOK 150 for others. A lunch and a t-shirt with a motive of the day is included in the fee. Read more about registration: Programme.
Source: Hege Faust, Hamsun-Selskapet, Oslo 03.02.2012

A virtuel visit to the Hamsuncentre:
Do you feel like visiting the Hamsun-centre in Hamarøy and it's amazing architecture and it's exiting exhibition right now, but you live just a bit too far away for a week-end trip? Why not try the beautiful virtual tour with 360° panoramic-view here: . It is not QUITE the same thing as being there, but...

New venue for the Hamsun-Society literary seminar 2012:
The board of the Hamsun-Society has decided that the society will place it's literary seminar in Sortland/Vesterålen, most likely starting Thursday August 9th and ending Saturday 11th, the chairman of the Hamsun-Society Even Arntzen writes on Facebook. In addition to the exiting lectures, this opens the possibility of visiting Hamsun-related places like Sortland hotell, Jennestad Handelssted, Lihallen kulturgård and not least Bø i Vesterålen, where Knut Hamsun was a policeman. A detailed programme will follow in the next issue of the magazine Hamsun-nytt.
Source: Hamsun-selskapet on Facebook

New chairman of the Ibsen-Hamsun festival in Grimstad:
Torolf Kroglund is new chairman of the Foundation Ibsen Hamsun in Grimstad and also organizer of the Ibsen-Hamsun days in Grimstad. This exiting festival is organized every year in August and Kroglund wants to present a wide festival with a high artistic level and also maintain the broad popular participation. Neither will unpleasant questions around the two controversial poets be omitted, Torolf says. We are looking very much forward to the next festival 2012 and wish Torolf good luck in his new capacity!
Source: Lillesands-posten 24.11.2011

New date for the seminar in Oslo:
As the previously proposed date for the seminar is in the middle of the winter holidays, a new date will be fixed soon.
Source: Hege Faust, Hamsun-Selskapet i Oslo

Hamsun-seminar in Oslo, February 18th. 2012:
The Hamsun-Society, section Oslo, invites to a seminar Saturday, February 18th. 2012, "Hamsun-nytt" writes in it's latest issue 2/2011. The seminar will take place in the Hamsun-hall in the publishing house Gyldendal. The title of the seminar is: Hamsun and the capital. More information on the programme and enrolment will be available in December and published in e-mails to the members of the Hamsun-Society, in Hamsun-nytt, on the Hamsun-Society page on facebook and on
Source: 11.10.2011

Knut Hamsun's day in Bodø, September 29th.:
The Hamsun-centre and the University of Nordland invite to the inauguration of the Knut Hamsun lecture hall and the start-up of collaboration between the two institutions with film, lectures, food and mingling. The day is open to all, but with notification of intent for the evening session. Please find the invitation here: indbydelse (in Norwegian only). Leif Hamsun will be present during the event.
Source: Bodil Børset 15.09.2011

Hamsun-festival in Hamarøy 2012:
The planning af the Hamsun-festival 2012 in Hamarøy has started. Apart from special celebrations like in 1959 and 1961, the Hamsun-festival as we know it was started in 1982 by a group of committed enthusiasts. That is 30 years ago now, a small jubilee, so I think the organizing committee will plan something special, and that we will have some exiting days! The festival will take place from July 28th to August 5th in beautiful Hamarøy!
Source: Marianne Apold 11.09.2011

Ibsen-Hamsun days in Grimstad:
Again we had unforgettable experiences during the Ibsen-Hamsun festival in Grimstad fra 11-14 August. Many warm and heartfelt thanks to the Ibsen-Hamsun foundation in Grimstad for such an exiting programme, which enriched our lives and made us a little bit wiser. Read more...

Festive celebration in the spirit of reconciliation.
Knut Hamsun's birthday on August 4th. was celebrated in festive manner in Hamarøy, with laying of the wrath, photo exhibition, birthday cakes and unveiling of a new Hamsun bust by Nico Widerberg. This year it is exactly 50 years since the first Hamsun bust was unveiled in Hamarøy and thus it was a scoop to be able to unveil the new bust, given as a present to the Hamsun centre. Read more and see the photos...

Knut Hamsun's birthday:
Knut Hamsun's birthday on August 4th will off-course also be celebrated in Hamarøy. This year it is exactly 50 years since the first bust in Hamsun's honour was unveiled in - off-course - Hamarøy. The bust, which was a present from the Greek artist Georg Themistokles Malteso, was in 1961 unveiled by the author Lars Berg. This year Lars Berg's son, Einride Berg, will hold the birthday address at the bust in Hamsund. Afterwards an exhibition with photos from the 1961 event will be opened in Knut Hamsun's childhood home.
Later in the day at the Hamsun centre Nico Widerberg's bust of Knut Hamsun will be unveiled. The bust is a donation to the Hamsun centre. Lars Berg will tell about the relationship between his father and Knut Hamsun, there will be a cake buffet and there will be a guided tour to Hamsun places along the Glimma.
Source: 29.07.2011

Festive opening of the season at Hamsun's childhood home:
Knut Hamsun's childhood home in Hamsund, Hamarøy opened it's doors to the public with a small party and the disclosure of a memorial plaque on June 18th. After the official speeches we all enjoyed waffles baked on the spot and coffee cooked over the open fire and there was the possibility of a dance to the music from a barrel organ. And as always the sun was shining over beautiful. Read more and see the photos...

The Hamsun-Society on Facebook:
The Hamsun-Society is now also on Facebook. If you know about Hamsun-events, if you want to share info on Hamsun or if you just would like to get in contact with other Hamsun-enthusiasts, then this group is just for you. The administrator of the group is Hege Faust, president of the Oslo-section of the Hamsun-Society. You can find the group here: Facebook

The Norwegian heavy metal band Vreid has just released it's newest, blackest most complex and most heavy album so far: "V". The theme in their productions were always history, this time the lyrics are inspired by Knut Hamsun, Munch and Sartre. As a follow-up on the release Vreid gives concerts in Haugesund, Bergen, Sogndal and Oslo. The band has also been invited to play at the prestigious Øya festival 9.-13. August 2011. Click here to read more and to see trailer: Here you will also find links to the Øya-festival. Yes, Knut Hamsun is young, alive and progressive!

2011 starts with an exiting book release:

Britt Andersen is not "just" professor of literary sciences at Norges teknisknaturvitenskapelige universitet (NTNU) in Trondheim, she is also well known as a thorough Hamsun-researcher and she gives exiting lecturer a.o. at the Hamsun festivals. Now she has written a book on the lesser known sides of Hamsun. The book is on the part of Hamsun's works, that were less investigated like Hamsun's wild radical satires and it addresses issues, that were so far not much investigated, like the feminized man, the new woman and population policy. Here Knut Hamsun was in dialogue with the political debates of his time on sex and modernism, reproduction and building of the nation.

Britt Andersen: Ubehaget ved det moderne. Kjønn og biopolitikk i Hamsuns kulturkritiske romaner. Tapir Akademisk Forlag. 2011. 252 pages. Price: 280,- NOK.

Many book releases in 2010:
In the course of the year several interesting books on Hamsun have been published, sometimes with quite new approaches:

Bjørn Rudborg is well known for his travels in Knut Hamsun's footsteps to the Caucasia together with Ole Petter Førland. An outcome of that travel led to the beautiful book "Knut Hamsun I Æventyrland" in 2000. Now Bjørn Rudborg digs into Knut Hamsun's stay in Finland and he brings many totally new facts to the surface. Despite of the short stay of only 10 months in Finland, the relationship between Hamsun and his first wife Bergljot is put in a new perspective. Also the relation between the many Scandinavian artists and the young Finland is highlighted. The book is very well illustrated with beautiful and unusual photos.

Bjørn Rudborg: Knut Hamsun og Finland. Norgesforlaget 2010. 141 pages. Bound.


In this amazing and beautiful small book you will find poems from Knut Hamsun's collections Det vilde kor and En fløjte lød i mit blod, in dialogue with the paintings of Peder Balke. It just works so well! Nobody could as Knut Hamsun describe in words the grandiose and mystic North-Norwegian nature and nobody could like Peder Balke express the same in painting. Both touch a note within the reader/seer.

Helle Sommerfelt (red.): Knut Hamsun, PederBalke. Fra serien Kunstgleder. Dreyers forlag. 2010. 65 pages. Bound.


Every year the Hamsun-Society publishes a book in it's series of monographs, which is sent free of charge to all members. Non-members may buy the books by contacting the Hamsun-Society. This year the book contained the lectures given at the literary seminar during the Hamsun-festival in Hamarøy.

Even Arntzen og Nils M. Knutsen (red.): Hamsun, kjønn og media. 13 foredrag fra Hamsun-dagene på Hamarøy 2010. Hamsun-Selskapet 2010. 197 pages. Bound.


Ivar Roger Hansen is curator of the Petter Dass museum at Alstadhaug, but he also has a thorough knowledge of Knut Hamsun and in particularly he is an expert on the theme of Hamsun and music, where he has a.o. published the music-bibliography: "Der synger i mig en tone". Ivar Roger has now traced a long-lasting correspondence between Knut Hamsun and the Danish author Hulda Lütken, a correspondence which has not been known so far. The book "Rolig vildskap" gives an exiting introduction to Hulda Lütken's life and works and to Knut Hamsun's interest in her.

Ivar Roger Hansen: Rolig vildskap. Om den danske forfatteren Hulda Lütken og Knut Hamsun. Helgeland museum 2010. 115 pages.


Aaslaug Vaa, Nina Frang Høyum, Erik Fenstad Langdalen and Lars Müller have edited this homage to Knut Hamsun, to the architect Steven Holl and his Hamsun-centre and to this Hamarøy, which is the centre of it all. The book contains a series of essays from Norwegian and foreign personalities, who all are dedicated to Hamsun, from the US-American writer Paul Auster over the Danish film director Henning Carlsen to Norwegian Catherine Krøger. Though -off course - the content is the most important, the book is also a bibliophilic pleasure beautifully printed on quality paper. And without the enormous work done by the editors for the creation of the centre, we would not have had the centre at all. This book is the last full stop in the happy end of establishing the Hamsun centre.

Aaslaug Vaa et al (red.): Hamsun Holl Hamarøy. Lars Müller publishers 2010. 252 pages. Bound.


I think, it is the first time somebody has occupied himself with the theme of food and meals in the works of Knut Hamsun. When one considers, what an important role food plays - not just as a mean to survive - but also as a prologue to action or to changes in relations between people, then it is commendable that Inge Fagerbakk has published a "Hamsun cook book". As a bonus on top of very fine philosophy on Hamsun's texts, you will find 150 exiting recipes, often old traditional food, but so delicate, that water runs in your mouth whilst reading: Do take care to have a filled refrigerator before starting reading.

Inge Fagerbakk: Hamsunkokeboka. Orkana forlag 2010. 268 pages. Bound.


Marianne Hamsun is a well known painter, both under her Hamsun name and under her maiden name Marianne Feiring. Now Marianne has written the memoirs on her life in the Hamsun family and on the people, who influenced her life. Especially fine are the memories of her married life with Knut Hamsun's son Tore.

Marianne Hamsun: Den fraværendes nærhet. Licentia forlag 2010. 168 pages. Bound.


At the opening of the exhibition in the Hamsun-centre on 13.06.2010, Per Kristian Olsen, journalist at the Norwegian Television NRK, presented his new Hamsun book: "I Hamsuns fotspor. Mellom øst og vest - reiser som formet forfatteren og personen." In Hamsun's footsteps between East and West is a beautifully illustrated book with many photos shot during the research and the taking of the television documentary "Devine Madness". Focus in the book are Hamsun's travels in USA and the Orient, which Per Kristian Olsen argues has had a far larger impact on Hamsun's formation than previously assumed. The book may be bought in the book shop or directly at Norwegian Television: .

Per Kristian Olsen: I Hamsuns fotspor. NRK Aktivium 2010. 160 pages. Bound. Price: 349,- NOK.

Hamsun wine:
Do you need a souvenir from Knut Hamsun's 150 years jubilee? What about a bottle of Hamsun-wine? Read more at the vinmonopolet:
Source: Torunn Kjøk

Hamsun-days in Hamarøy. 31.July-08.August 2010:
Every other year this cornucopia of cultural events around Knut Hamsun takes place, in the middle of the most beautiful North-Norwegian landscape. The programme is ready now: Read more...
Source: 13.05.2010

The foundation Ibsen and Hamsun, Grimstad. The foundation Ibseniana and the Grimstad branch of the Hamsun-Society have now merged into one new foundation. The reason behind is, that the Ibseniana and the Hamsun-Society in Grimstad for several years have co-operated so closely as to have joint steering committee meetings and working together on all events, especially the yearly Ibsen- and Hamsun-days. The last years they have de facto acted as one society.
Source: Ola Veigaard 29.04.2010

The Hamsun-Society literary seminar 2010:
One of the main activities of the Hamsun-Society is the popular literary seminar during the Hamsun-festival in Hamarøy, which this year takes place from 31. July to 8. August. The literary seminar itself takes place from 4. to 6. August and the preliminary programme is now ready with many exiting items. See the preliminary programme here...
Source: Even Arntzen 27.04.2010

The Petter Dass-medal 2010 goes to director Bodil Børset and the Hamsuncentre:
This year's Petter Dass-medal is awarded to the Hamsuncentre and it's managing director Bodil Børset as "... an encouragement and support for the important work Bodil Børset has in front of her: to give the Hamsuncentre the significance, which the awarding committee mean Knut Hamsun and the Centre deserve – not just to the county of Nordland and to Norway – but to the world". The medal is awarded by the Nordlændingernes Forening, an honourable society founded 1862, and the medal has since 1912 been given to individuals, merited by Northern Norway. Among former prize-winners are H.M. Queen Sonja, Richard With (the coastal steamer Hurtigruten), the Sami singer Mari Boine and the artist Kaare Espolin Johnson. Heartfelt congratulations Bodil!
Source: Nordlændingernes Forening 15.02.2010

Hamsun evening in Kolding Thursday 25. February 2010 at 6.30pm in Nikolai biograf og Cafe:
The evening is a collaboration between the Folkeuniversitetet, Fritze Lundstrøm from Nikolaj biograf and Foreningen NORDEN. The theme: "A controversial Norwegian and a literary giant." will be addressed by the literary scientist Jonas Kjærgaard Laursen. The theme will distinguish between an author's literary work and political preferences. With the novel "Hunger" (1890) Knut Hamsun entered the European literary premier league and he received the Nobel Prize in 1920 for the novel "Growth of the Soil" (1917). Is it possible to praise literary works by an author, who supported Germany during the war? Can the political errors of the author be found in his books? Do we have to abandon the idea of art as educative and source of good manners? Based on such questions Hamsun's works will be discussed. Afterwards Henning Carlsen's film "Hunger" (1966) will be shown.

Victoria statue to Valdres:
A donation of NOK 300.000 from Sparebankstiftelsen makes it possible for Hamsun-enthusiasts in Aurdal to erect a statue of Hamsun's Victoria at the old coaching station. The sculptress Nina Sundbye has cast a series of bronzes of young Victoria. Knut Hamsun wrote the novel whilst living in Aurdal. - We had hoped to unveil the statue at the Hamsun-jubilee this summer, but it did not work out. But next summer it will for sure be in place, say Ida Karin Dale and Bjørn Husevold, who on behalf of the foundation Frydenlund received the donation from Sparebankstiftelsen last Friday.
Source: Oppland Arbeiderblad 4. December 2009

"Hunger" in the Diamond. Hamsun's "Hunger" as a theatre play 25. November 2009:
As a tribute to Hamsun on his 150. jubilee 3 actors will perform his masterpiece Hunger as a theatre play.
End of November you can experience the Norwegian author Knut Hamsun's novel "Hunger" told by 3 actors and visualized through pictures, sound and letters from the collections of the Royal Library.
Politiken Plus in collaboration with the Royal Library invite to "Hunger" in The Black Diamond in Copenhagen.
The piece is played by Peter Gilsfort, Cecilia Zwick Nash and Gerz Feigenberg, who also wrote the manuscript and dramatized the novel.
"Hunger was a plight, that Hamsun was born into. He lacked the supreme, the border-breaking, the super-human, the true. And then he dreamt of recognition from those, he despised.
But when he got it, he could not free himself from the contempt or the pleasure of the suffering of being outcast. The play will be a passionate re-telling of Hunger combined with references to other books, thoughts, letters, incidents and photos, captured on the stage", says Lise Bach Hansen from the Royal Library.
Source: Politiken Plus

Hamsun in Vesterålen:
During the Hamsun-jubilee celebrations in Vesterålen from 18.-20. September Leif Hamsun unveiled a bust of his grandfather in Sortland Hotell. Knut Hamsun stayed here from time to time in 1911–12 while working on the novel "Look back on Happiness" (Den sidste Glæde). He stayed in Sortland hotel in room no. 10. This room has been restored into a "Hamsun-room" with, among others, the original door from Hamsun's days at the hotel. Read more at the National Library here: Nasjonalbiblioteket. The bust was made by the artist Nicolaus Widerberg.
Source: Leif Hamsun and Nasjonalbiblioteket 23.09.2009.

Please note:
Slowly but surely you will find reports and photos from some of the Hamsun-events, where we participated. These accounts you will find under Festival reports.

Memorial plaque for Marie and Knut Hamsun
During the festival Fossedagene in Sollia 5 September, county mayor Arnfinn Nergård unveiled a plaque in honour of Marie and Knut Hamsun. The plaque will be placed at Hamsun's cottage, The Castle, which lies close to Atnebrufossen. Just married Marie and Knut Hamsun lived here for a year from summer 1909 to summer 1910 in the nearby guesthouse. Here he wrote the novel "Wanderers" (En vandrer spiller med sordin) and the play "In the Grip of Life" (Livet i vold). These titles together with a portrait of the couple adorn the plaque.
Source: Østlendingen and Steinar Olsen.

Knut Hamsun's wars:
The support to the nazis and the German forces has made Hamsun Norway's most controversial poet ever, and it is especially this aspect of Hamsun's life and works that the foundation Stiftelsen Akershus festning for kunst og kultur (SAKK) wish to throw light on by lectures, debates and artistic performances. All events are free and all events take place at Akershus castle, apart from the opening ceremony, which takes place at Norges Hjemmefrontmuseum, from 2.-6. September. Among the participants are Lars Frode Larsen, the theatre Beint Fram, Kjartan Fløgstad and many others. See the programme here: Programme and read more at the national Library here: Nasjonalbiblioteket.
Source: Olaf Haagensen 26.08.2009

Hamsun-room in the former Frydenlund skysstasjon in Aurdal:
During the Hamsun-jubilee celebrations in Valdres 22. August Leif Hamsun inaugurated a Hamsun-room, which will contain a permanent mini-museum in one of the former guesthouse's smaller rooms. Knut Hamsun had a life-long friendship with the son of the house, Erik Frydenlund and Hamsun sent his own two sons Tore and Arild here to strengthen their health in the fresh mountain air and for them to attend school here for some time.

Hamsun-bust unveiled in Hamsun-lounge:
The flagship of the coastal line Hurtigruten, M/S Midnatsol, has - as you may know - an impressive lounge named after Knut Hamsun. To complete this lounge a bust of Knut Hamsun made by the Norwegian artist Stina Marie Velten Edfeldt was unveiled on 20. August 2009. Really a remarkable fine bust, precisely showing the personality of Knut Hamsun - both the strong, unique, masterful author and the sensitive, vulnerable human being behind. Really an excellent initiative by hotel manager Steinar Olsen, who has now furnished a lounge, which invites to reflection and inspiration for M/S Midnatsol's passengers and visitors. The unveiling was done by the owner of this website, Kirsten Hedvig Rasmussen, with some reflections over the ambiguity in Knut Hamsun's life and works.

Stina Velten, Steinar Olsen and Hedvig Rasmusen at the unveiling of the Hamsun-bust onboard M/S Midnatsol

Hamsun-bust on Knut Hamsun's Square in Grimstad:
On June 19. 2009 a bust of Knut Hamsun was disclosed on the square in front of Grimstad library. The library will, be the way, soon be transformed into a Knut Hamsun museum. The square was at the same time renamed into "Knut Hamsuns plass". The bust was made by the sculpturer Roald Olsson in 1994. Knut Hamsun's grandchild Anne Marie Thurmann-Moe got the bust as a birthday present from her husband Jan in 2000 but they both planned to donate the bust to Grimstad city, when time was ripe. The 19. June Anne Marie Thurmann-Moe herself unveiled the bust in the presence of among others the artist's son Bengt Olsson, Knut Hamsun's grandchildren Leif and Ingeborg and a large number of citizens of Grimstad and mayor Hans Antonsen.

Bengt Olsson and A.M.Thurmann-Moe Leif Hamsun, A.M.Thurmann-Moe and Ingeborg Hamsun

Plaque on Hotel Norge in Lillesand:
During the festival LillesandsDa'ene 2009 the 21.June a plaque was unveiled at Hotel Norge in Lillesand commemorating Knut Hamsun's many stays here. The mayor of Lillesand, Arne Thomassen, unveiled the plaque after a cultural-historic walk "in the footsteps of Hamsun in Lillesand". Hamsun's home, Nørholm, belonged in Hamsun's days to the township of Eide between Grimstad and Lillesand, but Knut Hamsun mostly stayed at Hotel Norge and Lillesand, when he needed tranquility to write.

Mayor Arne Thomassen in front of Hotel Norge, Lillesand

The Hamsun-jubilee 2009 in Vågå/Lom 31. July - 8. August:
The already abundant programme for the jubilee in Lom and Vågå (see below) has been updated. Please find the programme here: Programme Lom/Vågå.
Source: Nasjonalbiblioteket 12.06.2009

Hamsun- and Ibsen days in Grimstad 13.-16. August (with a prelude from 10.-12. August):
Also in Grimstad, Knut Hamsun's hometown for more than 30 years, the 150. jubilee will be celebrated during the yearly Hamsun- and Ibsendays, as usual in co-operation between the Hamsun-Society in Grimstad and the foundation Ibseniana. "This year's literary festival in Grimstad offers film, theatre, literary seminars, concerts, recitations, exhibitions, hikes and guided tours. We will use the whole town, the archipelago and the surrounding areas" , the organisers promise. Do take part in the celebration of Hamsun and of 20 years literary festivals in Grimstad! Enjoy the beautiful harbour town of Grimstad and the exiting programme. The enthusiastic organisers have again found interesting and surprising events and at the same time kept the unique character of this festival. See the whole programme here: Programme or visit the website of the Hamsun- and Ibsen days at .
Source: Eva Wiksén Næser 27.05.2009

Growth of the Soil in Lom:
Juni Dahr and Gard B. Eidsvold's modern and well-received theatre-in-the-barn performance of Hamsun's Growth of the Soil is now visiting Lom. The active and dedicated Hamsunlaget i Lom (The Hamsun Society in Lom) has managed to secure 3 performances from 26.-28. June in the barn at Garmostræet. Here you will find the facts: Time, tickets, accomodation and more: Invitation, press release and poster.
If these dates are not optimal for you or if you live too far away, you can find more dates and other locations here: . Welcome to an inspiring performance!
Source: Torunn Kjøk 21.05.2009

Hamsun in Hamburg:
The Hamsun-jubilee is celebrated everywhere. Also the Norwegian Club in Hamburg had chosen Hamsun as theme during the Norwegian national day festivities on 17. May. The owner of this website, Kirsten Hedvig Rasmussen, held the festive address at the club dinner under the title: "Knut Hamsun - with a twinkle in the eye". This 120 years old club was founded on the national day 17. May 1889. Heartfelt congratulations on the day!

Summer–Melbu 3. – 5. July 2009
Welcome to Summer-Melbu! For the 24. time this unique combination of literary science, philosophy, music, art, local life-style and much more is taking place here on Vesterålen, far north of the arctic circle. The Nordland Academy for Arts and Science invites to it's literary seminar: "Litteratur som kollektivt minne. Omdreiningspunkt Knut Hamsuns forfatterskap" (Literature as collective memory. Focal point the works of Knut Hamsun). The topics raised are, whether re-reading Hamsun's texts may stimulate our collective memory and how literary reading is affected by cultural and historical background. Meet the author Carsten Jensen and a series of exiting lecturers in the middle of the most beautiful arctic summer. Please find here the Nordland Academy and the programme for the literary seminar. Read also our own report from the previous Summer-Melbu 2007 and be inspired to partake yourself!
Source: Aaslaug Vaa 14.05.2009

Hamsun conference at the University of Oslo:
The University of Oslo invites to a Hamsun conference from 27.-29 August titled: "Transgression, worlding and remediation". Themes are among others transgression in Hamsun's works, Hamsun in world literature and Hamsun's works adapted for theatre, film and other media. The conference will be opened by Lars Saabye Christensen and Hamsun scientists from Norway and from abroad are participating. There will be plenary lectures and parallel sessions. The social programme will include music and reception by the City of Oslo. Read more at Institutt for lingvistiske og nordiske studier and see the programme here.
Source: Martin Humpal 22.04.2009

Hamsun-festival in Hamarøy 1.-9. August 2009:
Finally it came, the longed-for programme for this year's Hamsun-festival in Hamarøy. We can look forward to concerts, literary hikes, art exhibitions, debates and poets.... As usual exiting days await us: the enthusiastic citizens of Hamarøy, we visitors, who come every year and especially you, who may participate for the first time.
The main event is off-course the inauguration of the Hamsun-centre (with royal participation?) on Hamsun's birthday August 4th; the traditional Literary seminar asks "Why is Hamsun's literature disturbing?" and acknowledged literary scientists gives their opinion; the concerts include contemporary music/theatre, church concerts over jazz to beloved Mari Boine; there will be dark, grotesque figure-theatre and there will be market days and partying.
Here you can see the programme for the Hamsun-festival, here is the programme for the literary seminar and here is the website of the Hamsun-festival.
This is Norway's most beautiful festival for you, who desire culture at high-level, amazing nature and enjoy the company of happy and dedicated people. Visit Hamarøy in August!

Piano for Hamarøy:
Locals in Hamarøy are running a fundraising campaign in order to acquire a piano for the hall in the new Hamsun-centre. "We want Hamarøy to host concerts with the best artists possible and therefore a proper piano is a must." The piano is thought to be a present from the people and the business world in the region and it will be possible to donate either through sponsoring or via "buying" keys or strings. Read more how to participate here: Flygelaksjonen.
Source: Elin Eidsvik 28.04.2009

Hamsun-blog at Kristiansand library:
Kristiansand folkebibliotek is celebrating Hamsun's 150. jubilee with a blog: Everybody with an opinion on or an experience to Knut Hamsun's works can participate here. Taste is difficult to discuss. Some prefer "Hunger", others find "Women at the pump" the absolute best novel from Hamsun's hand. Whether you agree or not; Kristiansand library wants to hear your opinion or your story.
Source: Reidar Bjorvatn, Kristiansand folkebibliotek 23.04.2009

The Hamsun-jubilee 2009 in Vågå/Lom 31. July - 8. August:
Hamsunlaget i Lom, the local branch of the Hamsun-Society, has exceeded themselves this year and brought out an exiting programme. Here are art exhibitions with a.o. Karl Erik Harr, chef Arne Brimi serves food with quality, Marianne Hamsun reads from Marie Hamsun's books, there will be folk-music and classical concerts, there will be literary seminars with lectures from a.o. Edvard Hoem, lectures from Russia and China (in Norwegian!), lectures from Trondheim to Paris, there will be guided tours, there will be rock and festivity AND like Oslo, Hamarøy and Grimstad this is one of the 4 national celebrations. All this in the area, where Knut Hamsun was born and later confirmed. Visit Vågå and Lom and experience the valley, where 3 Nobel-price winners in literature have their roots: Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson, Knut Hamsun and Sigrid Undset! See the abundant programme at

Hamsun-summer at Kjerringøy:
Two summer weekends full of cultural activities at Kjerringøy and in Bodø related to Knut Hamsun's 150-jubilee.
5. - 7. June and 1. - 2. August 2009.   For more info visit
Source: May Beate Jensen 23.04.2009

Visit the Hålogaland Theatre in Tromsø and see Hamsun's "Feberdigte":
Some of Northern-Norway's most prominent artists offer a unique guided tour through the magic world of theatre. Starting point is Hamsun's poems from 1904. Experience Tromsø's new theatre building, where the play will give you a sensuous, musical and visual experience and where the audience will be taken to places normally restricted.
The Hålogaland Theatre is famous for it's Hamsun performances, where Hamsun has been on the programme the last 3 years. Read more at the theatre here: Hålogaland Teater.
Source: Even Arntsen, The Hamsun-Society 20.04.2009

Busy artist:
The painter Arne Sandervang is quite busy during this Hamsunyear. His jubilee exhibition is presently scheduled to be shown at the following venues:

- Blå Kube Kunst in Tvedestrand 16. - 24. May 2009
- Bogstad Gård in Oslo 2. -7. June 2009
- Atelier Bendiksklev in Arendal 10. - 16. June 2009
- Bjarkøydagene at Bjarkøy in Troms 23. - 25. June 2009
- Sommer-Melbu in Melbu, Vesterålen 3. - 12. July 2009 and participation in the literary seminar with the lecture: "Hamsun - fra tekst til bilder"
- Sorenskrivegården in Grimstad 18. - 26. July 2009
- Lom folkebibliotek in Lom 1. - 5. August 2009 and participation in the literary seminar with the lecture: "Hamsun - fra tekst til bilder"
- Bjelde Gård in Sogndal 24. - 26. August 2009
Furthermore he will give a talk at the internasjonal conference "Hamsun 2009 - Transgression, worlding and remediation" at the University of Oslo, Institute for Linguistic and Nordic Studies (ILN) 27. - 29. august 2009. The working title is "Visual adaption of Hamsun´s texts - from novels to oil paintings".
Source: Arne Sandervang 27.03.2009

Knut Hamsun in Rendsburg:
Nordkolleg in Rendsburg, Northern Germany invites to a seminar: "Knut Hamsun lesen" from 5.-7. June. Here there will be focus on Knut Hamsun's life as well as on his works. Especially the novels
»Mysterien«, »Segen der Erde« und »Auf überwachsenen Pfaden« will be highlighted. The seminar will be chaired by the wellknown Hamsun expert professor Walter Baumgartner. Please find the programme here: Programme and read more about the Nordkolleg itself here: .
Source: Uwe Krzewina 24.03.2009

Hamsun at the Nansen Academy:
Unfortunately - and luckily - it is impossible to mention all the numerous events taking place exactly now in the jubilee year. We can only highly recommend to visit the National Library calendar at, it is updated constantly!
We do want, however, to mention the Nansen Academy in Lillehammer and it's seminar from 20.-23. May:
"Har vi ham nå? Knut Hamsun sett gjennom ulike tidsbriller." (Have we finally got him? Hamsun seen through different time spectales). Here are Hamsun, Undset, Bjørnson - here are films and excursions - and here are lectures by competent Hamsun researchers, but do see the inspiring programme yourself at: Immideately after this seminar, Lillehammer continues with it's famous Norsk Litteraturfestival from 26.-31. May.

Hamsun-week in Oslo:
The Oslo section of the Hamsun-Society invites you to a Hamsun-week at the Litteraurhuset in Oslo from 20.-26. April. A number of renowned autors and literary scientists from Norway and abroad promise new views. You may enjoy highlights from Hamsun's lectures performed by the actor Jørgen Langhelle. AND Leif Hamsun will tell memories from his summers on Nørholm. Read more about the exiting programme here:
Programme Hamsun-week.
Source: Christian Schlüter 20.02.2009

Exultation in Grimstad:
On it's sitting on 2. February, the city council of Grimstad decided - after a long and passionate debate - to name the square in front of the library "Knut Hamsun's square". The library itself will soon be turned into a Knut Hamsun museum. Furthermore the city council decided, that a Hamsun-bust, donated to the museums of Grimstad by
Anne Marie Thurmann-Moe, is to be placed in front of the library. Cheers to the initiators and to the city of Grimstad! Several newspaper articles comment the case. Read more here (in Norwegian!): Sesam.
Source: Ola Veigaard 02.02.2009

The very first Hamsun-event in the jubilee year?
On 10.January 2009 the upgrading of the Hamsun-lounge onboard the coastal express M/S Midnatsol was celebrated with a reception. Present were not less than 6 members of the Hamsun-family, representatives of the Hamsun-Society, from the Hamsun-Centre, the National Library, the publishing house Gyldendal as well as several Hamsun researchers. Hotel manager Steinar Olsen has done a marvellous job to visualize Knut Hamsun and his works even more to the 100.000 Norwegian and international passengers and visitors travelling every year onboard M/S Midnatsol. Really an excellent initiative! Congratulations to Hurtigruten! Read more and see the pictures here:
M/S Midnatsol.

M/S Midnatsol

The Hamsun-Society, Oslo presents Growth of the Soil - a piece of lost, found and restored film-history. A unique film-soiree awaits you if you are in Oslo on Tuesday, December 2nd 2008 at 7 PM in Sofies gate 65! Admission is free, but seats are limited so please make a reservation at Christian Schlüter,, a.s.a.p. See the invitation here: Invitation.
Source: Christian Schlüter 27.11.2008

Hamsun in Vasa II:
The programme for the festival Knut Hamsun in Vasa 3.-28. November 2008 is now finalized. Do see the very attractive and tempting programme here:
Hamsun in Vasa
Source: Inge Fagerbakk 02.11.2008

New website for the Hamsun jubilee:
As you may know, the National Library in Oslo is coordinator for the celebrations around the Hamsun jubilee 2009. For this purpose the National Library has opened a new website - graphically well done and very informative. Do visit and be updated as to what is going on in 2009. The domain was made available by courtesy of the foundation Stiftelsen Nørholm, who had used it for it's information on Knut and Marie Hamsun's life at Nørholm. You may now read about Hamsun and Nørholm under .

The Hamsun-jubilee official logo

Hamsun in Vasa:
The University of Vasa, Finland is not - like the rest of the world - waiting for 2009, but opens the 150th jubilee already Monday, November 3rd and celebrates Knut Hamsun all November - see the preliminary programme here: Hamsun in Vasa 3.-28.11.2008, Inge Fagerbakk from Vasa University tells us. The celebrations are especially targeted towards young people and in particular towards students. The university wishes to visualize Hamsun as an author, to raise curiosity among young Finnish people on Hamsun as a acting citizen. There will be literature, film, art exhibitions, photo-contest and history of civilization throughout the 4 weeks. Really an exiting and multifarious initiative!
Source: Inge Fagerbakk 04.10.2008

Hamsun opera:
From September 1st. tickets can be bought for the new opera-season at the Opera in Kristiansund, Norway. Immensely exiting for Hamsun enthusiasts as the opera during it's opera-festival in February 2009 will have the first performance of the opera: "Young Hamsun" with music by
Knut Anders Vestad and libretto by Edvard Hoem. The plot is taking place the 5 months Hamsun lived in Kristiansund from November 1891 to April 1892. In this period he finalized the novel Mysteries and here he entered in the radical circles around Kalla and Hans Martin Neeraas.
Moreover Hamsun-ballads will be performed during a concert at the Arnulf Øverland Gallery on February 14th 2009 and on February 8th we can enjoy "Young voices sing Hamsun" in the concert hall Festiviteten in Kristiansund.
Read more at the Operaen i Kristiansund under and at Arnulf Øverland Galleriet under and order your tickets now!

Causerie at the Arnulf Øverland Gallery:
The Arnulf Øverland Gallery in Kristiansund, western Norway is - during the opera-festival - hosting a causerie on Knut Hamsun by Odd Georg Murud. Murud is a well-known lecturer, reciter and singer and he will visit the gallery on February 10th. 2009. Find more under .

Hamsun in Bardu:
Bardu municipality in northern Norway is preparing the Hamsun-jubilee 2009 and is in this context searching for traces of Knut Hamsun. It could be photos, letters or notes either by Hamsun himself or people connected with him, it could be stories or anecdotes, places related to Hamsun or other. These memories will be used in exhibitions and documentation. If you could contribute, it will be highly appreciated. Please contact the Hamsun-committee, which is Bjarne Kollstrøm, Steivor Bjellmo and Tor Holmstad (tel: +47 77 18 52 18, e-mail:
Read more at the municipality of Bardu under .

Hamsun in Tromsø:
Hålogaland Theatre in Tromsø, northern Norway is now staging Hamsun's Pan from September 4th until October 11th. Then the play will be performed in Alta (16. October), Finnsnes (19. October) and Harstad (20. October). Pan concludes the Hamsun-trilogy, which started with Benoni and Rosa in 2005 and Mysteries in 2006.
Read more at Hålogaland Theatre under .

The Hamsun-Society bursary goes to...
The Hamsun-Society bursary was awarded during the Hamsun-festival in Hamarøy to the Russian literary scientist and translator Eleonora Pankratova. She receives the prize for her unremitting efforts for new translations and new editions of Hamsun's work in Russian. This work is of extreme importance today, as the Russian-speaking world traditionally was one of the places, where Hamsun was most popular and where people have cherished, recognized and understood Hamsun's characters and Hamsun's universe. Therefore it is so important, that also the next generation of Russians will have access to Hamsun's works. A heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS to Eleonora Pankratova!

Eleonora Pankratova with Leif Hamsun

New Hamsun-project planned:
The Hamsun-laget in Lom [The Hamsun-Society in Lom] is planning a new visitor's centre
, Hamsuniana, next to Hamsun's parent's home in Lom, in the heart of Norway. The building is planned for smaller seminars, concerts, exhibitions and meetings. It will accomodate the library of the society as well as storage room, offices and toilet facilities. Do visit the website of the society at and see the architect's drawings. Another exiting present for the 2009 jubilee! We wish the Hamsun-laget all the best with their project!
Source: 15.07.2008

Growth of the Soil:
If you
missed Gard B. Eidsvold and Juni Dahr's exiting "theatre in the barn" production of Growth of the Soil last year, you will have the chance again this year. The play will be performed several times in summer and autumn in different places all around Norway from Bygdøy to Hammerfest. Do visit to see where and when the play is performed near you and make a reservation. It is highly recommended!
Source: Marianne Roland 17.06.2008

Hamsun's printing office knocked down:
Knut Hamsun had his first work "Den Gaadefulde" (The Enigmatic) published and printed in Tromsø. The rear building in Skippergata 19, where the print shop was located, had long been a ruin and has now been knocked down to make space for flats. A
conservation officer has stated, that a restauration was not possible due to the bad state of the building, but to Hamsun-enthusiasts and to lovers of architecture and old houses and for the history of the city of Tromsø it was still sad news.
Source: 12.06.2008

Hamsun's first print shop: Skippergata 19, Tromsø

Stone-laying ceremony at the Hamsun-centre in Hamarøy II:
I did not have the chance to be present at the stone-laying ceremony last Monday, alas, - there are 2846 kilometers up there and equally many home :-). It was a memorable day not only for Hamarøy but for the entire "Hamsun-community" with everybody out and prominent guests. If you read Norwegian, you may read the story at the newspaper Lokalavisa Nordsalten here: or you can at least enjoy their photo gallery here: Photos.

The programme for the literary seminar at the Hamsun-festival is now ready:
The Hamsun-Society literary seminar is one of the cornerstones of the Hamsun-festival in Hamarøy and this year the literary seminar takes place from 06.-08. August. The programme is already finalized and offers exiting events: Mayer Rolf Steffensen will open the seminar, we have lectures by our very own Nils-Magne Knutsen as well as other Norwegian experts, there will be lectures from Berlin (in Norwegian language!), there will be a reception at Hamsun's farm Skogheim and last but not least a speech by controversial Gerd-Liv Valla, so we are in for exiting days! See the whole programme and how to register here:
Literary seminar.
Source: Hamsun-Selskapet 13.05.2008

Stone-laying ceremony at the Hamsun-centre in Hamarøy:
Nordland county and Hamarøy municipality are now celebrating the laying of the foundation stone and start of construction of the Hamsun-centre in Hamarøy: Monday 26.May 2008 at 2.00pm. Fylkesordfører Mariette Korsrud will lay the stone and there will be a small ceremony with addresses, cultural elements and information on the project.
A detailed programme will follow, but so far we are offering the following:
* Performance by
award-winning Wakka Wakka from New York.
* Children's choir from Hamarøy
Newly composed piece for trumpet by Hamarøy-composer Lars Skoglund
* An experience of culture and nature in the open in Hamsun's own Hamarøy.
Source: Else Werring, Nordland fylkeskommune 09.05.2008

Photomontage: Hamsunsenteret ©Steven Holl Architects

Paul Auster and Henning Carlsen on "Hunger":
The famous author Paul Auster and his equally famous wife, the author Siri Hustvedt, are participating in Copenhagen's new international literary festival CPH.LITT.08, taking place from 6. to 8. June in Huset i Magstræde.
In one session film director Henning Carlsen and Paul Auster talk on Carlsen's film "Hunger", which was one of the impulses for the start of Auster's authorship. In another session Siri Hustvedt meets the danish author Naja Marie Aidt, award-winner of the Nordisk Råds Litteraturpris 2008.
The new literary festival offer 125 other events in the course of the two days. Tickets can be bought at billetnet or billetlugen from Wednesday 7. May at 10am. There will only be 150 tickets available for each session at the festival, where the preparations took 3 years.
See more at
Source: May Beate Jensen 09.05.2008

The Oslo section of the Hamsun-Society invites to two events:
Saturday 3. May:
Guided tour in the new premises of the publishing house Gyldendal. Then there is the possibility to see an unique exhibition of all of Hamsun's (and Ibsen's) first editions (41 Hamsun-objects and 24 Ibsen). The volumes have been borrowed from Kjell Ulrichsen's collections. Info-material will be distributed. The exhibition will end soon after this date, so take advantage!
Meeting-point on Sehesteds plass, outside the Gyldendal-entrance (the copper door) at 12.00 noon.
Thursday 15. May: Maria Giese's film "Hunger" (USA 2007) will be shown, starring Joseph Culp as the "I" character. The plot has been moved to today's Los Angeles, where the unemployed script writer roams the town and offers his works to negative producers. The film will hardly be shown in the cinemas in Norway. We are showing a DVD on a large screen. The DVD is kindly put at our disposal by Marie Giese.
Meeting-point in Sofies gate 65 (the basement, one flight of stairs down), Bislett. Door are open from 7.00 PM. Short introduction. The film is free to members of the Hamsun-Society. Food and drink for purchase.
Please find the programme here: Programme.
NB! Reservation mandatory: Send an email to: . Limited number of seats.
Source: Christian Schlüter 17.04.2008

Hamsun-museum in Grimstad:
Congratulations to Grimstad! The city council has just decided to build a completely new library on the waterfront. That means, that the planned Hamsun-museum can get it's premises in the former children's library. The trial against Knut Hamsun after the war took place exactly here, so the Hamsun-museum will be on "historical grounds". Really excellent news here just before the jubilee next year!
Source: Ola Veigaard 09.04.2008

Follow the construction of the Hamsun Centre on webcam:
It is again possible to follow the construction works in Hamarøy. For those of us, who don't just take the bike and pop down to the building site, the webcam of the county library is a good alternative. Right now there are beautiful pictures from snow-covered Hamarøy and you can see the road constructions in the left of the picture. Have a look at:
Source: Sølvi Riise, nfk 03.04.2008

Ibsen- and Hamsun days in Grimstad 2008:
The annual Ibsen-Hamsun or Hamsun-Ibsen days in Grimstad take place from 6.-10. August. Though focus is on Ibsen this year, you will enjoy a lot of exiting performances. You may for example meet Juni Dahr, who last year had a huge success with "Growth of the Soil". This year she is "Ibsen's Women". Anita Terese Eriksen is showing the performance "Laura", who was probably the inspiration for Ibsen's Nora figure. Please visit to read more about the many events, which will be published soon.
Source: Agderposten 27.03.2008

The Hamsun-jubilee has commenced!
The theatre group Teater NOR has already now started the celebration of the 150. jubilee with the performance "Knut is dead" (sic!) - Here we have to remind ourselves, that the former Norwegian minister Lars Roar Langslet called Knut Hamsun "the most alive poet amongst all our dead poets". Teater NOR promises "a documentary journey to Knut Hamsun's loved Hamarøy - through grand North-Norwegian nature, over tough literary-scientific obstinacy to intimate secrets of the project participants". First performance will be on 28.March at Gimle, Stamsund, Lofoten Islands and more performances are scheduled 8.-9. April at MS Innvik, Oslo. Please find the theatre's own website here: .
Source: Nina Frang Høyum 26.03.2008

Hamsun-festival in Hamarøy 2008:
One of the most controversial personalities of the last months Gerd-Liv Valla, former leader of the Norwegian unions, is participating in this year's Hamsun-days.
She has earlier expressed strong criticism on psychiatrics and (lack of) ethics - especially in the case of consultative work, with Knut Hamsun as an obvious example.
With the theme "Authority and Morals" and the lecturer Gerd-Liv Valla, the Literary Seminar has secured a controversial and exiting constellation. Prepare for an engaging literary seminar!
Source: Hamsundagene 26.03.2008

New German book on Hamsun's early works:
"Gegen den Strom. Über den frühen Knut Hamsun" (Tectum-Verlag Marburg 2008). "Against the Tide" Dr. Ulrich Kriehn calls his newest book, where the literary scientist reviews the literary trends in Norway between 1870 and 1890 and puts Hamsun's works into this context. The book is scientific with many notes, but also short and easily read (86 pages). The book can be bought through or and it costs €19,90.

Memorial coin:
On the occasion of the 150. jubilee in 2009 the National Bank of Norway, Norges Bank, plan to issue a memorial coin in silver, writes director of public relations at Norges Bank, Siv Meisingseth, in a press statement. The date for the issue is not yet fixed. Please find the press release here: .
Source: Norges Bank 14.03.2008

Hamsun-festival in Hamarøy 2008:
The programme for this year's Hamsun-days in Hamarøy 4.-10. August is now taking shape. The theme this year will be "Authority and Morals" and a number of exiting artists have already accepted to participate, like for example: Lill Lindfors and Ketil Bjørnstad, Åge Aleksandersen and Sambandet, Ida Maria and not least Studio Sokrates from Norway's Television NRK just to mention some. New this year is the possibility to order tickets at the booking office Billettluka at . Please visit Billettluka and the website of the Hamsun-festival at for updates. Exiting days are ahead!
Source: Marianne Apold 13.03.2008

Hunger in Copenhagen:
On February 22nd the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen stages the world first performance of the play Hunger by Jon Fosse based on Knut Hamsun's novel. Leading actor is Janus Nabil Bakrawi together with Stig Hoffmeyer, Signe Egholm Olsen and Søren Graversen. After the performances in February and March, the play will be on tour through several danish cities. Read more on the website of the Royal Theatre:

150. jubilee 2009:
The theatre Riksteatret has taken up the responsibility for 4 performances during the main celebrations of the jubilee. Director Catrine Telle has been selected as artistic director and she is now gathering ideas and selecting stages in the 4 municipalities.
Source: Karin Engh / Grimstad Adressetidende 24.01.2008

150. jubilee 2009:
Hard work is now demanded, preparing the celebrations of the big Hamsun jubilee next year to commemorate his 150. birthday. Norway's National Library and the 4 "Hamsun-cities" Hamarøy, Lom, Grimstad and Oslo will be offering a broad range of exiting events throughout the year. The celebrations start in February in Oslo with events under the motto "Hunger". Then Hamarøy and Lom follow in the course of the summer with the themes "Vagabonds" and "Growth of the Soil", respectively. The national celebration will be in Hamarøy on Knut Hamsun's birthday August 4th together with the inauguration of the national Hamsun-Centre in Hamarøy. The year will then be complete with the events in Grimstad from 17.-20. September with the theme "On overgrown Paths".
Source: Karin Engh / Grimstad Adressetidende 24.01.2008

150. jubilee 2009:
The Opera in Kristiansund is planning an opera based on Knut Hamsun's stay in Kristiansund in 1891-1892. Composer is Knut Anders Westad and the libretto will be written by the author Edvard Hoem. The working title is "Unge Hamsun" (Young Hamsun) and the opera will have it's first performance at the opera festival in Kristiansund in February 2009.
Source: Tidens Krav 17.01.2008

Photo: Operaen i Kristiansund

Hamsun letters to Norway's National Library:
The National Library has just received a collection of letters from Knut Hamsun to the periodical Arena. The letters were unknown and contain among others also interesting passages on the film-rights to Hamsun's works. Donator is Erla Hohler, daughter of Arena's Erling Bergendahl. The letters are already public accessible at the National Library study hall.
Source: Knut Listerud 21.10.2007

Hamsun's collected works:
The first 9 volumes in the new Norwegian edition of Knut Hamsun's collected works have now been published at Gyldendal. The series comprises a total of 27 volumes. The next 9 volumes will be published in 2008 and the last volumes in 2009 in time for the 150th jubilee. The collected works are edited by the renowned literary scientist Dr. Lars Frode Larsen - a quality stamp in itself! New are all Hamsun's articles and essays, so for the first time one can really speak of collected works.
Source: Leif Hamsun 21.10.2007

The announced Hamsun-days in Hamburg, Germany from 15.-18. November 2007 are unfortunately cancelled. There is still a possibility of a smaller cultural event with literary scientists from Germany and Tromsø. If this event takes place, we will report immediately.

Growth of the Soil:
During the Hamsun- and Ibsen festival in Grimstad we had the pleasure of attending Juni Dahr and Gard Eidsvold's highly publicized theatre performance of Hamsun's Growth of the Soil. It is really worth seeing! Do visit to see stage photos and when + where YOU can see the play.

Hamsun-seminar in Lom 4-5. October 2007:
Now the programme for the seminar in Lom is ready. It sounds really exiting with both local speakers, university lecturers and international journalists. There will be excursions and a dinner with the chef of the year 2005. The event is made in collaboration between the Hamsun-Centre, the Knut Hamsun-Society in Lom and Nordland Fylkeskommune. See the exiting programme here: .

3 fortællinger og 4 frekke forfattere:
(3 novels and 4 provocative authors) is the Norwegian title of a new book by Hans-Ivar Kristiansen published by the publishing house Forlag1. It deals with Hans Jæger - Knut Hamsun - Halldor Kiljan Laxness - Jens Bjørneboe.

Hamsun and Ibsen festival in Grimstad 2007:
The programme for this year's Hamsun and Ibsen days in Grimstad is now ready and offers a number of exiting events like the first norwegian presentation of the Georgian film "Knut Hamsun's Caucasian Mysteries", "Growth of the Soil" as a theatre performance, literary café, concerts, texts by Marie Hamsun - and then there is the Ibsen-part including Terje Vigen and much more. See the entire programme, ticket-service and more here: Programme Grimstad2007 or at the website of the Hamsun og Ibsen dagene:
Source: Ola Veigaard 18.06.2007

"The New Yorker"
had in it's issue from December 26./January 2. a 6-page article on Knut Hamsun, called "In From The Cold - The Return of Knut Hamsun", consul Kristin Iglum writes from New York:
The article reviews Sletten Kolloen's biography on Hamsun, which according to Jeffrey Frank (editor of The New Yorker) has given new light on Hamsun and the events during the Second World War. In an interview with Frank, he confirmed a renewed interest in Hamsun following translations of works on Hamsun never published in English before and following new translations into English of Hamsun's known novels.
Source: Ola Veigaard 23.05.2007

Debate in the parliament on the 150 years jubilee and the coming Hamsun-centre:
On May 14th a long debate took place in the Norwegian Parliament on the celebration around Hamsun's 150th anniversary and on the coming Hamsun-centre in Hamarøy. The debate was on request of Tove Karoline Knutsen (Labour). It is very interesting to read the debate and see the positive attitude to Knut Hamsun from all parties (but also how they express it differently!) Read the debate at the Norwegian Parliament .
Source: Nina Frang Høyum 23.05.2007

Norway's best book ever:
Which book will be elected Best Book Ever in Norway? The Norwegian literary Festival, the newspaper Dagbladet and Norwegian Television NRK have among others organised the contest. Among the 10 books in the final, 3 has been written by Knut Hamsun : Pan, Hunger and Growth of the Soil! Join in to vote for the best book ever and remember to vote before May 31st. The winner is announced during the literary festival in Lillehammer June 1st. Please find here how to vote (and you may off-course also see the other candidates): Norwegian Radio and Television.

Hamsun in literary festival:
Sigrid Combüchen, the newest Hamsun-biographer, will give a lecture at the Norwegian literary Festival and the Sigrid Undset days in Lillehammer. Sunday, June 3rd you may hear her at Cafe Banken. The theme of this year's festival is "Infidelity". Knut Hamsun and Sidrid Undset were not exactly at friendly terms, but in Lillehammer there is room for both Nobel-price winners. See the programme for the festival here: Sigrid Undset Days.

Now it is coming, the Hamsun Centre II:
The norwegian state has released the promised 31 million NOK to the coming Hamsun-centre in Hamarøy. This happened with the proposal for the adjusted national budget today. Many thanks to the government and the politicians in the parliament! Now the whole financing is ready and we are looking forward to start of construction later this year. The decision off-course aroused enthusiasm and joy in the whole district and among Hamsun lovers everywhere. Congratulation Hamarøy and Northern Norway!
Source: Øyvind A. Olsen 15.05.2007

Hamsun Laget i Lom:
Congratulations to the Hamsun club in Lom, Hamsun Laget, on their brand-new website: . Here you will find a beautiful and well-made site with info on the birthplace of Knut Hamsun and the other activities of the club - in the second norwegian language "nynorsk"! Do have a look.
Source: Torunn Kjøk 20.04.2007

Follow the Hamsun centre in Hamarøy on webcam:
Tuesday, April 10th a camera was installed in Hamarøy church, from where you can overlook the landscape where the coming Hamsun centre is being constructed and over the tidal stream Glimma, known from Hamsun's novels. Follow the construction of Steven Holl's exiting architecture from the beginning and follow the season's changes in Hamsun's Hamarøy at: Hamsunsenteret_webcam . This service is delivered by the Nordland's library.

Poet's Days in Lom from August 9.-12. 2007
The programme for the festival Poet's Days in Lom, central Norway is out. The festival is organized as usual in collaboration between the
Tor Jonssons-Society and the Knut-Hamsun Laget in Lom. This year's main topic is "Nature essays". See the programme here: Programme .

The literary seminar at the Summer-Melbu festival:
The programme for this years Summer-Melbu literary seminar is now ready. How does a biography on Hamsun bias the readers impression when reading his novels? This is only one of the questions raised at the seminar. Come and meet biographers, writers and university people and hear them talk about Hamsun. The literary seminar is arranged by Nordlands Akademi in cooperation with the Hamsun-centre in Hamarøy. See the programme and practical details here: Programme.
Source: Bente Iversen og Nordlands Akademi 02.04.2007

Public meeting on the Hamsun-Centre in Hamarøy:
The municipality of Hamarøy and the county of Nordland invite you to a public meeting on the Hamsun-Centre in Hamarøy Wednesday, April 11th at 6.30 pm in the hall of Hamarøy Sentralskole in Oppeid. Here everybody will get information on the project, there will be chat, discussion and debate. See the invitation here and join in to an exiting evening with committed people: Invitation.
Source: Nina Frang Høyum 28.03.2007

New website: :
Now, as the Hamsun-centre in Hamarøy has become reality, the centre introduces it own website, where you a.o. can find the planning of the centre, follow the construction and most important: follow all activities around the centre like f.ex. seminars. By the way, the Hamsun-centre held it's first seminar yesterday 05.03.2007. You will also find contact persons, background material and press releases. Do visit: .

Now it is coming, the Hamsun Centre:
The council of Nordland has on it's latest meeting decided, with a vast majority, to warrant the still open part of the financing of the new Hamsun centre on Hamarøy. This means, that the norwegian state financing can now be released and construction can start! It is finally true, now we can look forward to the inauguration of the Hamsun centre during the Hamsun-days in Hamarøy on Hamsun's 150 years birthday August 04th. 2009. Read more about the centre at:
Nordland fylkeskommune.
Source: Nordlands fylkeskommune 01.03.2007

Summer-Melbu July 13.-22.:
The planning of the summer festival in Melbu, northern Norway, is under way and on July 13th the best summer-festival in the region Hadsel opens. We hope many will take time to visit one or more of the events. The Academy of Nordland invites to literary seminar, philosophical seminar, conference and many concerts. More about the themes, lecturers and artists later. Hamsun is central this year. The title of the literary seminar is: "To create a life - the biography as genre". We start by inviting to a literary meal at
Melbo Hovedgård July 15th. July 16th the biography is due. After lunch 2 or 3 authors will tell about using his own life in his own works. This relates to the recent dispute in Norway on this theme. Finally a meeting with all invited authors on "Why do we need the biography?". Tuesday is reserved for Ingar Sletten Kolloen, Jørgen Haugan and Swedish Sigrid Combuchen on the relation between Hamsun's life and works: 3 extremely different biographies on Hamsun. After lunch a visit to Jennestad Handelssted, where the owner Kåre Bjørn Kongsnes, an eager Hamsun-enthusiast, will speak. Let's see, what he comes up with. Read more about this festival at: .
Source: Bente Iversen, Nordlands Akademi 28.02.2007

Steven Holl and his Hamsun centre:
Taking advantage of Steven Holl's visit to Oslo, the Hamsun-centre Hamarøy and FRITT ORD invite to an exiting seminar and press conference on: "Steven Holl and the Hamsun-centre" March 5th. 2007 at
Fritt Ord, Uranienborgvn 2, Oslo. The seminar is open to all interested. Read more here: Invitation
Source: Nina Frang Høyum 23.02.2007

Rock-band Lumsk takes on Hamsun:
Plays Hamsun poetry: "In hundred years all will be forgotten", Hamsun wrote in 1904. More than hundred years later the poem will be recorded by one of Norway's "heaviest" rock-bands Lumsk. 101 years after the publishing of Hamsun's only volume of poetry "Det Vilde Kor" (Wild Choir) a long-haired, bearded musician sits in a chalet. He reads Hamsun's collected works. He has come to the only poetic part of the authors production. He immediately realises, Hamsun's poetry must become music. - "I immediately saw, that this was the real thing. Just listen to the title, "Wilde Choir". There is music in these words." Release is February 26th 2007.
Source: Catharina Morken, Hamar Arbeiderblad 17.02.2007.

The artist Karl Erik Harr knighted St. Olav:
H.M. the King has knighted the artist Karl Erik Harr Ridder 1. klasse av St. Olavs Orden for his cultural achievements.
The Stewards emphasised in their announcement, that Harr by his achievements as a painter as well as an author has succeeded in communicating North-norwegian cultural history and cultural heritage to the people. The Stewards also noted the width and the diversity of his achievements in the cultural life of Norway.
The order will be presented by kansellisjef Egil Vindorum in Oslo February 27th.
Congratulations! We can only add, that Karl Erik Harr also was one of the founding members of the Hamsun-Society in 1988 and that he has designed logos for the society and makes superb Hamsun-illustrations both in books and on canvas.
Source: May Beate Jensen 15.02.2007

Exciting theatre premiere in Oslo, Knut Hamsun's GROWTH OF THE SOIL:
With German Sebastian Hartmann as director the play has world premiere at the Nationaltheatrets Hovedscene, February 10th. 2007. Hartmann is well-known for modern and visual productions with abundant production design and intensive use of music and video. Markens Grøde (Growth of the Soil) is no obvious candidate for a theatre performance, but we play with a terrific ensemble. And it's also exciting to have a German director to do Hamsun. Something is bound to go right and something to go wrong. And this sounds promising, theatre chief Eirik Stubø says.
Dramatised by: Sebastian Hartmann and Hege Randi Tørresen. directed by: Sebastian Hartmann Isak: Sven Nordin Inger: Anne Krigsvoll Aksel: Henrik Rafaelsen Barbro: Trine Wiggen Brede: Trond Brænne Eleseus: Ole Johan Skjelbred Geissler: Eindride Eidsvold Heyerdahl: Fridtjov Såheim Oline: Frøydis Armand Sivert: Thorbjørn Harr Spirit/narrator: Petronella Barker.
Source: Aftenposten 07.12.06

Upcoming events:
The first dates are fixed for upcoming Hamsun-events in the new year: The Ibsen- and Hamsun-days in Grimstad from August 9.-12. 2007, organized as usual by the local branch of the Hamsun-Society in collaboration with Ibseniana.
Source: Ola Veigaard 04.12.2006

Sigrid Combüchen: Livsklättraren
At last, a swedish book on Knut Hamsun, and especially written by a female researcher. From the cover we understand that the book tries to understand Hamsun through the sensitivity and freshness of his texts. The book reveals the self-assertion and the self-knowlegde in his letters. "Livsklättraren is a remarkable piece of work", Terje Stemland writes in his review in the newspaper Aftenposten October 29th 2006.

Hamsun in Georgian:
Knut Hamsun has been made accessible in yet another language: Georgian! The Hamsun-Society of the Caucasus and it's active president Olga Zhgenti have had "In Wonderland" and "Queen Tamara" translated and published in Georgia. After the first performance of Olga Zhgenti's Hamsun-film the interest in Hamsun has had a revival in Georgia and the book will certainly be highly appreciated.

Exiting "Hunger"-day in Oslo, II:
The Hamsun-Society, section Oslo had a marvelleous succes with their "Hunger"-day on September 16th 2006 - in quality as well as in number of participants. Congratulations on the succes! See pictures from the day here:

Price goes to Henning Carlsen:
The filmdirector Henning Carlsen, famous for his "Hunger" film, is awarded a price for his life-long achievements from the Copenhagen International Film Festival 2006. The price, The Golden Swan, will be presented at the closing of the filmfestival on September 30th. It is so well-deserved! Congratulations! Henning Carlsen told lively about his film at this years Hamsun-festival in Hamarøy. Read more about the price at the
Source: May Beate Jensen 31.08.2006

Exiting "Hunger"-day in Oslo:
The Oslo section of the Hamsun-Society is now organizing an exiting "Hunger"-day. Sheduled is a literary walk with
Lars Frode Larsen, a lecture on history by Eivind Tjønneland and an interview with 2 "Hunger" directors Henning Carlsen and Yngve Sundvor. The programme takes place on Saturday, September 16th 2006 from 2.00pm to 8.00pm with optional socializing the rest of the evening. An exellent idea, highly recommended. See the entire programme here: Programme.
Hamsun-Selskapet 31.08.2006

Not the latest news:
Today, where (sympatic!) more and more Hamsun memorials are inagurated, it may be notable that the pretty city of Koppang got it's Hamsun menhir already in 1963. Initiator was the enthusiastic headmaster and author of the city history Hans S. Hansen, who had lists laid out in the local shops, where the inhabitants could sign up for a contribution. The Norwegian State Railways NSB gave green ligh to the erection in the grove in front of the railway station and the inauguration took place on September 22nd 1963 in the presence of Knut Hamsun's widow Marie Hamsun and his son and daughter-in-law Tore and Marianne Hamsun. The inscription on the stone "En vandrer spiller med Sordin" (A Wanderer Plays on Muted Strings) calls to mind, that Knut Hamsun wrote this novel here in 1909-1910 while staying at Hansen's Hotel and in a cottage (both unfortunately no longer existing) and in nearby Sollia (still existing). If one is driving through Norway the road RV 3 is a fine alternative to the E6 and in Koppang one easily finds the railway station and the grove in front.

New guide to Hamsun sites in Hamarøy:
It has become extremely easy for tourists to find places with Hamsun relation in Hamarøy. Right in the centre of the town at the town hall info is now displayed in 4 languages - english, norwegian, russian and german - with maps, photos and description of the places in Hamarøy, that one as a Hamsun-enthusiast MUST visit. Also outside the tourist season one can now (at least from outside) visit the places that had such a deep impact on Hamsun's works.

New Knut Hamsun book:
"Knut Hamsun og Nordland. Den lange veien hjem" (Knut Hamsun and Nordland. The long journey home) is the title of Nils Magne Knutsen's new book, which was presented at the Hamsun-festival in Hamarøy. Few will know Hamsun like Nils Magne, so exiting reading awaits us. The book is highly recommended! The book is published at Angelica Publishing.

New Hamsun bust to come:
Here you see the bust of Knut Hamsun, which will be inaugurated in front of the Sortland Hotell end of September 2007. Here Knut Hamsun stayed, as he wrote "Look back on happiness" in 1911.
A bust of Lars Saaby Christensen will be placed next to i.
Artist is Nicolaus Widerberg.
Source: Leif Hamsun 15.08.2006

Hamsun in english:
Ingar Sletten Kolloen, who wrote the big biography on Knut Hamsun, "Svermeren og Erobreren", has recently concluded a contract with the prestigious Yale University Press. The publishing house plans to publish the biography in a single volume both on the english and on the american market. Up to now contracts have been signed with the following countries: Denmark, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, USA and United Kingdom. The norwegian publishing house of Gyldendal is presently negociating with publishers in Germany and France. In Norway the biography has reached a number of 150.000 printed copies.

Hamsun in France:
The interest in the works of Knut Hamsun is also flourishing in France. The well-known literary magazine "Nouvelle Ecole" 's last edition (No 56, 2006) has been published as a special edition on Knut Hamsun. The volume includes 5 articles on Hamsun, a comprehensive bibliography, the first publishing of the short story "In the Street" from Siesta translated by Regis Boyer (professor at the Sorbonne universitety and Hamsun-Society pricewinner in 2000) as well as many interesting Hamsun photos.
The magazine is edited by Alain de Benoist and may be obtained at Nouvelle Ecole, 41 rue Barrault, 75013 Paris, France.
See also if you would like to know more about the editor, writer and philosopher Alain de Benoist.

Lecture on Hamsun in Germany:
The literary scientist Dr. Ulrich Kriehn will give a lecture on Knut Hamsun in Duderstadt, Germany the 14.10.2006. The meeting is organized by Arbeitsgemeinschaft für deutsche Dichtung (Society for German Poetry).

The Hamsun menhir in Grimstad:
The Hamsun menhir, which was unveiled last year (see below), has been meved to it's final position at Tjore outside Grimstad, where it marks the place close to the E18 where Knut Hamsun used to make a break during his daily hikings between his farm Nørholm and the bridge over the Reddal canal. A memorial plaque is placed on the menhir with the beautiful quotation from On Overgrown Paths: "Vi er allesammen paa Reise til et Land som vi kommer tidsnok til. Det haster ikke med os, vi tar Tilfældigheterne med på Veien." (We are all bound on a journey to a land, to where we soon enough will arrive. We are not in a hurry, we take chance as it comes).

"Berørt" (Touched) - a film based on Hamsun's "Call of Life".
The cinema Kinocity in Drammen, southern Norway will have a first show in June of the film "Berørt" (Touched), based on Knut Hamsun's short story "The Call of Life". The film is produced by Temte Productions and was shown at the Scandinavian Film Festival in Los Angeles January 21st this year. Starring are Anneke von der Lippe and Rune Temte, directed by Marcelino Martin Valiente.
Please visit also Temte Productions.

Ibsen- and Hamsun festival 2006 in Grimstad, southern Norway.
Though this year will be the big Ibsen celebration, we will off course also have Hamsun events during the Ibsen- and Hamsun Days in Grimstad from 09.-13. August, promises Ola Veigaard from the Hamsun Society in Grimstad, which together with the Ibsen Society organizes this festival. See the preliminary programme here (norwegian language only): programme. In addition an exhibition is planned with the title: "Knut Hamsun as a farmer" with pictures from the life on the farm Nørholm, a lecture by Inge Eidsvåg and recitals from "On overgrown Paths". The finalized programme will appear after easter.

Hamsun would definily have liked this:
In January Norwegian television had an amusing feature on the University of Rome, which for the moment has quite a number of students in it's Norwegian studies, namely the heavy metal fans! Norwegian heavy metal bands are quite popular like for example Satyricon or Dimmu Borgir. And here they sat, those 15 - 20 new students all clad in black and studied Norwegian - not to read Ibsen in the original language, but to sing Black Metal's mother tongue. One of the black dressed claimed - in proper Norwegian - that Hamsun was THE poet of heavy metal.

Cancelled: Hamsun and Ibsen seminar in Germany:
Unfortunately the Hamsun/Ibsen seminar at the college in Waldenburg, southern Germany in May had to be cancelled due to too few enrollments. The plan was during the 3 days to present selected texts by the two big and to highlight literary and psychological trends of the 19th century. The program sounded extremely interesting and participation and accomodation were offered at a very reasonable price. A pity!

Important donation to the new Hamsun centre:
One of the most distinguished sculpturers in the Republic of Georgia, Irakli Ochiauri, has kindly offered to donate a Hamsun relief in bronce to the coming National Knut Hamsun Centre in Hamarøy, northern Norway, the president of the Knut Hamsun Society in Caucasus Olga Zhgenti informs us. The artist wants to pay tribute to the Hamsun, whom he has loved and admired all his life and who has allways been a source of inspiration in his creative work.

Hamsun festival in Hamarøy, northern Norway 2006:
The traditional Hamsun Days in Hamarøy will in 2006 take place from July 29th to August 5th and planning is going ahead full speed. One of the highlights of the festival, the Hamsun-Society literary seminar, is sheduled for August 2nd-4th. The program is not yet finalized, but it would be a good idea to pay attention to this festival. Please visit also the official website of the Hamsun festival under: .

New chairman in the Oslo branch of the Hamsun-Society:
Newly elected chairman of the Oslo section of the Hamsun-Society is Christian Schlüter, who takes over from Leif Mevik. Christian is among others known from his lecture during the Hamsun-Society literary seminar in Hamarøy 2002, where he presented his and Sigmund Karteruds new monograph. Looking forward to new activities from the Hamsun-Society in the capital of Norway.

Benoni and Rosa in Tromsø:
Hålogaland Teater in Tromsø, regional theatre in the largest city in Northern Norway, is now playing a dramatised version of Hamsun's novels "Benoni" and "Rosa". "A celebration of love, of love's different aspects and of the alliance between love and nature", the press release promised. Hamsun's two novels are adapted for the stage by Tyra Tønnessen and Irina Malotjevskaja with original music by Ola Bremnes and Øistein Hanssen. A MUST if one is visiting Tromsø right now! The play is on from November 4th until December 30th 2005. More information may be obtained at the Hålogaland Teater:

Exhibition by Torgeir Hamsun:
Many of the Hamsun family are artists. Torgeir Hamsun is now exhibiting his very exciting visual art at Internasjonalt Kultursenter og Museum in Oslo from 10.11.2005 - 18.12.2005. Opening hours are weekdays 10am-4pm, thursdays 10am-6pm and saturdays/sundays 12am -4pm. Mondays closed.
IKM, Tøyenbekken  5, 0188 Oslo, Norway. Tel: +47 22052830, Fax: +47 22052839. Web:
As appetizer you can see samples of Torgeir Hamsun's art here:

New book on Hamsun published:
A new book on Hamsun was published 11. October at the publishing house Fagbokforlaget (  The title is "Den litterære Hamsun"  (The literary hamsun). Editor of the book is Ståle Dingstad, and several authors are presenting the works of Hamsun theme by theme.
Source: Oddbjørn Johannessen 01.10.2005

First performance of new Hamsun film in Georgia:
October 19th was the first performance of the much anticipated Hamsun film in Tbilisi, Georgia. The film, which is partly based on Hamsun's visit to Caucasia in 1899, was enthusiastically recieved by the 400 guests as well as press and television in the Rustaveli cinema theatre in Tbilisi and the director Olga Zhgenti recieved much appreciation for her film. It is so positive, that Hamsun is so acknowledged in a - for us - such foreign country and among the public there. We too congratulate the president of the Hamsun Society in Caucasia, Olga Zhgenti, on her succes.

Hamsun film shown to Norwegian delegation:
On octomber 27, 2005, in Tbilisi at Marriot Court Hotel conference hall, there was held the show of the documentary film Knut Hamsun's Caucasian Misteries". At the film show were attended Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Kingdom of Norway Gil Steinar, the delegation of Norwegian Centre of Education /from Norway/. Also the diplomatic staff from various embassies. Before the film show the presentation opened Gil Stainar and then Olga made her speech about a big importance of the film concerning to the great writer and humanist Knut Hamsun.
Source: Ketevan Zhgenti 29.10.2005

Hamsun menhir unveiled in Grimstad :

Photos: Karin Engh, Grimstad Adressetidende

A menhir 3 1/2 meters tall was unveiled in Grimstad, Norway under large public attendance. The stone will mark the place where Knut Hamsun used to make a break during his daily hikings between his farm Nørholm and the bridge over the Reddal canal. A memorial plaque is placed on the menhir with the beautiful quotation from On Overgrown Paths: "Vi er allesammen paa Reise til et Land som vi kommer tidsnok til. Det haster ikke med os, vi tar Tilfældigheterne med på Veien." (We are all bound on a journey to a land, to where we soon enough will arrive. We are not in a hurry, we take chance as it comes). The menhir will as soon as possible be erected on it's final place in Tjore.

Hamsun festival in Milan, Italy:
The Hamsun days in Lom and Grimstad are hardly over and the next Hamsun event is comning up. From 18.-20. November Milan will host a Hamsun festival. Main organizers are the Hamsun Foundation Hamarøy in co-operation with a.o. the University of Tromsø and an exciting program awaits us. Contactperson in Milan is Alice Tonzig . See the program here:

Hamsun festivals in Lom and Grimstad:
This years "Diktardagar i Lom" focussing among others on Tor Jonsson, Olav Aukrust and off course Knut Hamsun has now ended after succesful days. Also in Grimstad Knut Hamsun was celebrated together with Ibsen in beautiful weather and with a large and comprehensive programme. Two exciting festivals, visited by many people. See my report: Lom og Grimstad 2005.

Share a room with Hamsun's ghost:
This is now possible, as Rita and Hans Petter Christensen in Hamarøy Fiskecamping have build a Hamsun cottage employing some of the timber from the old servant's hall on Presteid, Hamarøy so well known from Hamsun's short story "An apparition". The cottage will certainly be a highlight not only to Hamsun enthusiasts but also to people, who appreciate spending their nights in a charming and authentically furnished 19. century cottage. The cottage is situated on "historical" grounds at the beautiful stream Glimma close to the old vicarage garden. A laudable initiative and I can also personally recommend the Hamarøy Fiskecamping: The owners are both extremely kind and sympatric people and the food served is delicious! Do visit the website of Hamarøy Fiskecamping:
Source: Lokalavisa NordSalten 24.06.2005

The Festival of North Norway 2005:
The festival in Harstad, northern Norway (near the Lofoten islands) is again presenting an abundant programme. One of the highlights will no doubt be the theatre version of Knut Hamsun's "Growth of the Soil" with Gard B. Eidsvold and Juni Dahr directed by Yngve Sundvor and with original music composed by L. Horntveth and T. Brunborg. Also the place for the performance is exciting as the barn on Kulsengs Farm could be borrowed for the event. First performance will be June 19th and there will be 7 performances until June 25th. More information and tickets at .

Programme hint:
The german television programme 3Sat showed on 13.01.2005 at 4.00 pm a documentary on Knut Hamsun by Renate Zillinger. The Film was shot in 1996 at locations in Norway and also comprises an interview with Tore Hamsun on his father's political views and on his love for german culture.

Hamsun in Spanish:
An entire series of Hamsun's novels are about to be published in Spanish, translated directly from Norwegian, Norwegian television NRK reports. The translator Kirsti Baggethun has delivered in "Pan" to the publishing house and now continues with "Growth of the Soil" with sheduled publishing in autumn 2005. Baggethun and Asuncion Lorenzo have already had "Mysteries" and "Hunger" published in Spanish. This is most satisfying as Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world.
Source: NRK 05.01.2005

29.July-05.August 2006: Hamsun festival in Hamarøy, northern Norway.
The traditional Hamsun Days in Hamarøy, northern Norway will in 2006 take place from July 29th to August 5th. To see the diversified and abundant programme please visit the official website of the Hamsun festival under:

02.-04.August 2006: The Hamsun-Society literary seminar.
One of the highlights of the Hamsun days in Hamarøy is the traditionel literary seminar of the Hamsun-Society, where scientists tell about Hamsun's life and works. The seminar start with the registration on Wednesday, August 2nd at 4.00 pm to 6.30 pm. The theme of this years seminar is "Roads to Hamsun". See the titles and shedule here (Norwegian language only): Programme.
Do visit also the official website of the Hamsun-Society (also in English): .

09.-13.August 2006: Ibsen- and Hamsun festival in Grimstad, southern Norway.
Though this year will be the big Ibsen celebration, we will off course also have Hamsun events during the Ibsen- and Hamsun Days in Grimstad from 09.-13. August, promises Ola Veigaard from the Hamsun Society in Grimstad, which together with the Ibsen Society organizes this festival. See the programme here (norwegian language only): programme. In addition an exhibition is planned with the title: "Knut Hamsun as a farmer" with pictures from the life on the farm Nørholm, a lecture by Inge Eidsvåg and recitals from "On overgrown Paths".

Cancelled: Hamsun and Ibsen seminar in Germany.
Norway strongly present in Germany: In May 2006 a Hamsun/Ibsen seminar is arranged by the literary scientist Dr. Ulrich Kriehn at the college in Waldenburg, southern Germany. During the 3 days selected texts by the two big are presented and literary and psychological trends of the 19th century highlighted. The program sounds extremely interesting and participation and accomodation is offered at a very reasonable price! More info and enrollment here: Hamsun/Ibsen seminar.

French translation of "Enigma":
Hamsun's first published work "Den Gaadefulde" (Enigma), which appeared in 1877 has now been translated into French, the chairman of the Hamsun Society Even Arntzen tells to the newspaper Nordlys. The initiative was taken during the Hamsun festival in Hamarøy, Norway in August 2004 by the author Pierre Grouix who has now finalized the translation. Even Arntzen finds that the novel, that Hamsun did not want in his Collected Works, though a curiosity is an important work as one here finds the outline of the coming Knut Hamsun and certain Hamsunian motives. The book will be published in spring 2005.
Source: Nordlys 30.12.2004

Illustrations to Hamsun's short stories is now being shown in a retrospective exhibition in the Schleswig-Holsteinische Landesbibliothek (state library) in Kiel, Germany. The painter and illustrator Heinz Minssen (1906-1994) has a.o. made a series of 20 illustrations to or more precise interpretations of Hamsun's works in watercolour and crayon, of which 7 is exhibited. The artist had his education in Berlin and his affinity to Max Liebermann and the german expressionists is clearly visible in his works. Fascinating, how many artists are inspired by Hamsun's works. Unfortunately, the exhibition is only running until December 12th. More information may be obtained at: Schleswig-Holsteinische Landesbibliothek.

Knut Hamsun's Society in Caucasus: Also in Georgia, in Hamsuns "Wonderland", a Hamsun society was founded. President is Olga Zhgenti, art critic and lecturer at Institute of Art in Tbilisi. The Society was founded in 2003 and has already more than 100 members including writers and artists. Also many young people are members. The interest for Hamsun in Georgia is so deep, that a memorial plaque for Hamsun is placed on the facade of Hotel London in Tbilisi, where Hamsun stayed during his travels in Caucasus in 1899.

New literary biography: Jørgen Haugan, assistant professor at Copenhagen University, has published his Hamsun biography "Solgudens fall. Knut Hamsun - en litterær biografi". (The fall of the sun god. Knut Hamsun - a literary biography). Also this biography comprises around 500 pages and focusses on the relation between Hamsuns life and works. Haugan has written several monographs and biographies on Ibsen and Nexø. Here a few of the many criticts in my translation:
It is how he treats the 1890-ies novels, "Hunger" to "Victoria", that makes "Solgudens fall" so inspiring to read. (Fartein Horgar, Adresseavisen).
This is fascinating reading. Haugan makes use of both the biographical as well as the literary Hamsun research in a creativ way. (Fredrik Wandrup, Dagbladet).

"Hamsun Erobreren." (Hamsun, the conqueror). Finally it is here: Second part of Ingar Sletten Kolloen's new Hamsun biography. October 21st. during the festival "Bok i sentrum" in Oslo the biography was presented on and like the first part it is a 500 pages volume. The critics were enthusiatic, here my translation of some of them:
The biography itself is narrative art (Fartein Horgar, Adresseavisen).
Kolloen's book is an achievement, a monumental work. Brilliantly written because the author posseses wisdom, compassion and knowledge about his difficult subject. Well done , Kolloen! (Yngvar Ustvedt, VG).
..a brilliantly told story, strikingly well documented. (Nils Magne Knutsen, Dag og Tid).
I do not consider Kolloen's Hamsun books a literary masterpiece, but a journalistic achievement. Kolloen lets Hamsun stay a human being. Hamsun's problem becomes our problem. We are left with a mix-up that we love. (Edvard Hoem, Klassekampen).
Kolloen's achievement 'The dreamer' and 'The conqueror' beats most of what has been written and will be written on Knut Hamsun. (Terje Stemland, Aftenposten).

The biography will be published in English in spring 2005.

More Hamsun books:
A portrait of Knut Hamsun's daughter Ellinor is published by Gerd Høst under the title "Så mange slags kjærlighet" (So many kinds of love). Gerd Høst met Ellinor in Berlin in 1937 during Ellinor's training as actress.

The Hamsun Society bursary was awarded during this years Hamsun festival in Hamarøy to me (!) (Kirsten Hedvig Rasmussen). I'm deeply honoured and grateful for this high appreciation. The object of the Hamsun Society is to spread the knowledge about and to create interest in Knut Hamsun's life and works. I gladly take part in this work and I intend to keep on digging in Danish and German archives, to respond to letters from university students from most of the world and to support children in that it is all right to occupy oneself with Hamsun's works. This and the fellowship with other Hamsun enthusiasts is what gives my life joy and happiness.

This years Hamsun festival in Hamarøy took place from 30. July - 8. August under Europe's best summer weather. The Hamsun Society literary seminar, an innumerable amount of cultural events and lots of voluntary work made the days unforgettable for us visitors. Read about our experiences here: Hamarøy 2004.

Also in Grimstad Hamsun and Ibsen were celebrated 12. - 15. August drawing large attention. Also here you can find our report: Grimstad 2004.

"Den Gaadefulde" (Enigma). During the Hamsun festival in Hamarøy a new edition of Hamsun's first novel was presented by the Hamsun Society. An excellent initiative, as it is the first new edition since the first edition in 1877 (apart from a facsimile published in a few copies by the publishing house Gyldendal in 1959 for their business partners). Now it is finally available for Hamsun connoisseurs. Perhaps not exactly Hamsun's most important work, but a curiosity that belongs.

For lovers of the north Norwegian nature, for Hamsun readers or for people who enjoy the art of photography have the photographer Bjørn Erik Olsen and vicar Rolf Steffensen published the work "Hjemlængsel - vandringer i Knut Hamsuns rike" (Yearning for the native country - hikes in the land of Knut Hamsun). An extremely beautiful book with selected quotations by Hamsun to pictures from Hamarøy and Nordland. One at the same time commemorates and longs to experience northern Norway again. As Leif Hamsun writes in his preface to the book: "I have several times had the pleasure of being guest during the Hamsun festival in Hamarøy. Meeting the people, the milieu and the nature has made an indelible impression on me." I agree completely! Even if one does not speak Norwegian I can only recommend the book. The pictures speak for themselves. The book is published by Nordlandsbilleder, Bodø 2004.

"Jeg kunne gråte blod" (I could have cried blood) is the title of the Riksteatret's (Norway's national theatre) new play on Knut and Marie Hamsun. At the same time as he wrote his big Hamsun biography Ingar Sletten Kolloen has had time to complete a play on Knut and Marie's last years. The leading roles will be played by Ellen Horn and Ola B. Johannesen. First performance is 7. September in Grimstad, hereafter it will be played all around Norway.

Karlsruhe, Germany: Hamsun is also alive in southern Germany. Volkshochschule Karlsruhe (evening school) is organising a literary café, where Hamsun's works are presented and recitations from his novels take place. Sunday, 24. October 2004 at 11am at Kaffeehaus Schmidt.

The film "Hunger" is released on DVD including a talk between Regine Hamsun and Paul Auster.
Who does not remember Per Oscarsson in the film "Hunger". One cannot read the book any more without visualizing Per Oscarsson. Now is the time to see or see again Henning Carlsen's masterpiece and as an extra treat a 30 minutes talk between Hamsuns granddaughter Regine Hamsun and the American, Norwegian married, author Paul Auster. Moreover Henning Carlsen tells about the production of the film. The film, original with subtitles, can be ordered directly at Henning Carlsen at .
Highly recommended!

Recitations in Frankfurt and Berlin:
The well known German TV celebrity Roger Willemsen reads Hamsun's "Die Königin von Saba" (Queen of Sheba) during a classics soire arranged by Die Zeit, Germanys most esteemed cultural weekly. It takes place in the framework of Zeit Literary Forum on: Tuesday, 30.03.2004 8.30 pm at Union Halle, Hanauer Landstr.186, Frankfurt and 01.04.2004 8.00 pm at Backfabrik, Saarbrücker Str. 36-38, 10405 Berlin. More events within this framework will take place in Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg and Vienna.
Read more:

Does homework have to be boring? No, exciting alternative to essay writing:
Students at Kongshaug Gymnasium of Music have on the basis of Hamsuns novels "Hunger", "Pan" and "Victoria" as well as "Fra det ubevidste Sjæleliv" (From the unconscious) made an exciting theatre production with a collage of texts, their own music, drama, dance, light and film. This unusual initiative got excellent critics in the press.
Bergens Tidende 23.03.2004

Poets days in Lom:
The traditional Poets Days in Lom are this year taking place from 4.-7. August 2005. Amongst the poets being celebrated is off course also Knut Hamsun, as the Hamsun-Laget in Lom is one of the organizers of these days. See the entire programme here: programme. More information is availible at Torstein K. Garmo on phone +47 61212547 or at Torunn Kjøk via e-mail:

Ibsen and Hamsun days in Grimstad:
The next Ibsen and Hamsun days in Grimstad is taking place from 11.-14. August 2005. As usual will this festival in honour of Norways two greatest poets be organized in collaboration between the Ibsen Society and the Grimstad branch of the Hamsun Society and as usual will we be treated to many cultural events. See the entire programme here: programme and find the press release here: press release.

Hamsun festival in Milano, Italy:
The programme is not yet completely finalized, but from 17.- 19. November 2005 the Hamsun festival is taking place in Milano.
Source: Nordsalten 29.04.2005

Hamsun film: “Hamsun in Caucasus" is the title of a drama-documentary on Hamsun, which is being filmed now by georgian filmmakers. The film is based on Hamsuns "In Wonderland". Director and author is the president of the Hamsun's Society in Caucasus Olga Zhgenti. She knows the media well as her father Suliko Zhgenti (1925-2000) was the well-known scriptwriter of more than 20 films. The film is being shot at locations in Georgia, Azerbaijan and in Hamarøy, Norway. Also Hamsuns grandchild Leif Hamsun was interviewed for the film, which is going to be presented in Tbilisi soon.

Next Hamsun events: The next Poets days in Lom are planned for August 2005, next years Hamsun- and Ibsen days in Grimstad are planned for 11-13 August 2005 and the next Hamsun festival in Hamarøy is taking place in August 2006.

Karl Erik Harr exhibits again in Germany.
Karl Erik Harr, one of the best Hamsun illustrators and one of the most recognized contemporary norwegian painters, can for the first time since 1991 again be seen in Germany. "Paintings from the North" is the title of the exhibition in the Olaf-Gulbransson museum in Tegernsee in Bavaria and will be opened by Norways ambassador in Germany Bjørn Tore Godal on March 14th. The exhibition with paintings from Northern Norway and illustrations from Hamsuns books run to May 9th.

New music bibliography on Hamsun.
Cand.philol. Ivar Roger Hansen (masters in music science) has written a beautiful and interesting book: "Der synger i mig en Tone. En bibliografi over musikk knyttet til Knut Hamsuns diktning" (A tone is singing within me. A bibliography on music related to the works of Knut Hamsun). In the foreword it is mentioned, that the book is the result of 10 years of more or less intense labor. An impressive work that is warmly recommanded to all Hamsun lovers. The book can be bought at the National Library´s department in Mo i Rana.

Hamsun as pantomime.
At this years pantomime theatre festival in Dresden, Germany the polish "Pantomimetheater Wroclaw" showed it's adaption of Hamsuns Hunger. The group (and Hamsun's work) recieved magnificent reviews: "....The group takes the spectator on a tour de force. The main character (Jozef Markocki) shows us all the aspects of life seen from the bottom and does not leave uot even the most extreme situations. The spectator is given very little hope but deep despair. The piece is played in diffuse light and with the requisites of powerty; latticework, suggested hovels, ragged clothes. Often one only wishes to look away, but the intense acting of the 6 mime artists does not allow this. A powerful production". What a brilliant idea, I wish I had had the chance to see this play.
From: Dresdner Neuste Nachrichten Online 10.11.2003.

Hamsun Society in Lom takes over the Hamsun cottage.
Now it is official: Middle of october the Hamsun Society in Lom took over the Hamsun stugu in Garmo (close to Lom, middle Norway). This was celebrated with a gathering in Garmo village hall, with invited guests and congratulators, where also Ingar Sletten Kolloen read from his new Hamsun biography. The hostess Torunn Kjøk and chairperson of the Hamsun Society Per Eilif Nyrnæs were happy to take up the big responsability to maintain and run the Hamsun cottage. This initiative deserves backing and support from the entire region and we wish all the luck and succes.

Ingar Sletten Kolloens big Hamsun biography "Svermeren" (The Dreamer): Finally it is here!
A wonderful sensation to sit here with the book, 500 pages and illustrated. Yes, I was also in the centre of things in Oslo on September 4th, what an experience it was to see all the attention focussed on Kolloen and Hamsun.
I was very anxious to know what the critics would say, but almost everybody gave superb reviews, here a couple of examples:
Dag Solstad in Dagsavisen: It became a book that gave me better understanding in Knut Hamsun, than I ever had before.
Yngvar Ustedt in VG: The book is capital, sound and easily read. A hammer. Lots of new things it brings too... But first of all it is an homage to the poet himself. The authors story about Hamsuns life is fascinatingly captivating and extremely worthy of being read. It enlarges our knowledge of our great poets life. Yes of every life, mostly perhaps - of the readers own. It has not become the greatest Norwegian biography ever. But it will be when the second and final volume is published in 2004.
The biography has also been selected main title to be published in Norway's 2 biggest book clubs: Nye Bøker and Dagens Bøker.
Kolloen has had unique sources, among others the newly discovered private archive of Knut and Marie Hamsun containing material back to the 1890`ies.
The work on the biography started in 1999 and was organized as a project with recognised Hamsun researchers like Lars Frode Larsen and Harald Næss as well as the psychiatrist Sigmund Karterud and the poets grandchild Leif Hamsun co-working.
It is the vastest biography project launched in Norway. The publishing house Gyldendal presented the project at the international book fair in London this spring evoking immense interest from publishers in a number of countries. Yes, the Hamsun hype flourishes.
But one thing is what professional reviewers say, something else what the ordinary reader says. Mails start to arrive with words, feelings, attitudes and opinions on Kolloens book. Here are some examples: Good reading, interesting, written by a top fit Kolloen, difficult to put aside, after this book I understand Hamsun a lot better, it`s evident that Kolloen likes Hamsun, Hamsun emerged as a living person. Some are a bit put off by all the publicity but hope, that in the end it will have the positive effect, that people read Hamsuns marvellous books.
The anticipation of the book was immense you may see from the following report by Trond Ødegården, that I bring with his permission:
The book was officially out yesterday. Thursday, September 4th. 2003. Wednesday before going to work - I started 2 pm all week - I went to a shopping centre on the outskirts of Oslo. There was also a bookseller and under the shelves, in piles on the floor, was Ingar Sletten Kolloens "Svermeren". I picked up a copy. I leafed through the pages. I read a bit. And then I went to the check out and put it in front of the shop assistant, who very firm told me that the book was only on sale the next day. I felt how my jaw muscles tightened and I felt from within how identities changed and my name became Johan Nilsen Nagel, and I said, with clenched teeth: I must have this book, and I intend to pay for it. If you will not let me have it, I will rush out of the shop with your book under my arm. The shop assistant evidently saw some desperation in my eyes, and he just shook his head while he tipped in the price on his cask register! I left the shopping centre as a happy man, smilingly I sat in my car amazed that my clothes were grey and not yellow. I am halfway through "Svermeren" now, and at all visits to the bathroom I must recognise that I look sottish!

Hamsun poems published 51 years after his death:
"En Fløjte lød i mit Blod" (A flute sounded in my blood) is such an unusual thing as a new book by Knut Hamsun.
"´Det vilde kor´ (a.o. Island off the coast) lacks sweetness, yes too much everything else", regretted Knut Hamsun his only collection of poems. He said to friends: "I am not a lyric poet in verse". He wrote to the poet Carl Dumreicher: "The only things I have liked for years to write are poems. Dramas I dislike, the verse is dearest to me".
The Hamsun researcher Lars Frode Larsen has collected and edited some more or less lyric works by Knut Hamsun. In the collection one finds poems never published before and others that were known only in extracts. As a newspaper wrote in its review "mostly curiosities but also some trembling poems". One fells the proximity of Hamsun when one holds the collection. A gem to a Hamsun collection.

New books on Hamsun:
Ståle Dingstad: Hamsuns Strategier. Realisme, humor og kynisme. 2003 Gyldendal. The book is based on Dingstads dissertation at the university of Oslo.
Atle Skaftun: Knut Hamsuns dialogiske realisme. 2003 Unipub forlag. The book is a study of Børn av tiden, Nabobyen as well as Paa gengrodde stier and is basically identical to Skaftuns dissertation from Tromsø University.

June 14th 2003 a plaques was put up at the house Theresesgade 49, where Hamsun lived from 1902-04 and where his daughter Victoria was born. It is the first official memorial in the Norwegian capital.

Reviews of Knut Hamsuns books in northern Norway 1912 - 1959.
Nils Aagaard-Nilsen from Svolvær, had the excellent idea to compile where and by whom Hamsuns books were reviewed in northern Norway. A book that I deeply recommend to all Hamsun lovers. The number printed is only 300. The author concluded his book this way: "What remains as an enigma: Why did Hamsuns 1890th. literary works not get reviewed in northern Norwegian media?" Certainly an enigma that the first review found is from 1912, since there is so much northern Norwegian nature in Hamsuns works before that time.
The book can be ordered directly by Nils Aagaard-Nilsen. E-Mail:
Besides, Nils Aagaard-Nilsen has already 1993 written an excellent book "Knut Hamsun -fra norsk til nordnorsk forfatter".

Last part of Lars Frode Larsens big Hamsun biography has been published.
The scientist Lars Frode Larsen has now finished the last part of his mammoth biography on Knut Hamsun. This part deals with the period 1891-1893 and is called "A foreigner in Life. Hamsun at his breakthrough". Like in his first part "The young Hamsun" and the second part "The Radical" a lot of myths are disclosed but always careful and well documented. If you love Hamsun these books are a must. The critics of the first part "The young Hamsun" concluded: "The waiting time before next volume is available is hardly bearable". Could it be said better!!!

New Hamsun biography.
Just one year after Ingar Sletten Kolloen published the first volume of his Hamsun biography at the publishing house Gyldendal, the publishers Aschehoug will follow up with a literary biography. This literary biography, which is going to come out in autumn, is written by Jørgen Haugan, 62 , senior lecturer in Norwegian at the University of Copenhagen. The working title is: "Knut Hamsun. Modernist and nazi". It will be a thorough work in 500 pages. (Stavanger Aftenblad 10.01.04)
From: Hamsun Society 16.02.2004

The next Hamsun festival in Hamarøy is taking place 30 July - 8 August 2004. Again we are offered a cornucopia of cultural events as art exhibitions, theatre, concerts, recitals, markets, fairs... Hamarøy has again succeded in attracting national and international artists. It will be impossible to list the names here, one gets exhausted just by reading the programme. A day to day programme can be found at Hamsun-dagene 2004
The Hamsun Society literary seminar, centre of gravity of the Hamsun festival is taking place 4.-6. August as usual in the Hamarøy hall and is titled "Hamsuns women". We can look forward to a most exciting seminar with a theme of current interest and renowned Norwegian and International Hamsun experts starting with Ingar Sletten Kolloen over Robert Ferguson to Gil de Carvalho from Portugal.
See the program and how to register:

Ibsen & Hamsun days 12 - 15 august 2004.
The two greatest Norwegian poet will get their "dager" in Grimstad, southern Norway, where recitations, lectures and theatre will focus on the poets and their works. The programme can be found under August 12th to 15 th. at
Organizers: Ibseniana and Hamsun-selskapet in Grimstad.

Neues zu Knut Hamsun:
"That a dead poet lives today can be seen not only from the fact, that he is read but also, that he like before or maybe more than ever, is the subject of literary scientific research" is to be found in the foreword to the newly published book on the newest in German Hamsun research containing articles by Heiko Uecker, Walter Baumgartner, Thomas Fecher-Smarsly, Erik Bjerk Hagen, Birgitta Holm, Benedikt Jager, Jørgen Lorentzen and Tone Selboe. (Heiko Uecker (Hrsg.): Neues zu Knut Hamsun, Lang, Frankfurt am Main, 2002 - Texte und Untersuchungen zur Germanistik und Skandinavistik; Bd.51).

New books presented during the Hamsun Festival in Hamarøy:
Christian Schlüter and Sigmund Karterud (psychologist and psychiatrist) have written a monograph titled "Selvets mysterier" (Pax Forlag, Oslo 2002). After an introduction on Hamsuns modernism and definitions of central psychological ideas they analyse Nagel from Mysteries using modern psychological theories.
Øystein Rottems newest book "Hamsun og fantasiens triumf" (Gyldendal Norsk Forlag, Oslo 2002) contains a series of previously published but now edited articles on Hamsuns authorship in philosophical context as well as Hamsuns reactions to modern social development documented through analysis of several of Hamsuns works.
Finally Gyldendal published especially for the Hamsun Festival 2002 a selection of Hamsuns short stories under the title "Sanger til klart veir".

New address for the Hamsun Festival in Hamarøy.

New Hamsun publishing in Germany.
Latest news at the booksellers on Hamsun here in Germany is a small book by Wilhelm Friese. "Knut Hamsun und Halldor Kiljan Laxness, Anmerkungen zu Werken und Wirkung" (Knut Hamsun and Halldor Kiljan Laxness, Notes on works and effect) published in 2002. With joy in my heart it was incorporated in my collection.

A plaque to commemorate Knut Hamsun was placed on the main square in Harstad in June 2002. Though the original house is no longer there, one may read on the new building: "Here lived Knut Hamsun during his work on the novel "Segelfoss Town" in 1915". A noble memory to the great poet. And where may one find other Hamsuns plaques? In Paris where he 1884-85 started to work on Pan, in Tbilisi where he stayed during his grand voyage 1899 that later resulted in the book "I Æventyrland" (In Fairyland) and in Lillesand where Hamsun came in 1890 and where he got the idea to the novel "Mysteries".

Knut Hamsun Airport ?
The newspaper Nordlys wrote 27.02.02 that students at Tromsø University had established a Hamsun group called Vagrants with the aim to create an unofficial social and literary meeting point for people interested in Hamsun. Already before the first meeting the first milestone was envisaged: To rename Tromsø Airport into Knut Hamsun Airport. The students did however add, that the idea was not totally seriously meant, rather a comment on former debates on busts and renaming of streets. Hamsun always writes with an ironic touch, so do the students. Hamsun is also young and refreshing to read. The young people stress, that they are no rivals to the Hamsun Society or others. Their work is unceremonious. Rather refreshing to read about such initiatives!

February 19th 2002 a "1940" style mailbox was inaugurated on the wall of Grefstads jernvarehandel. Chairman of the local Hamsun Society in Grimstad Ola Veigaard mailed a postcard to Knut Hamsuns grandchild Viktoria Hamsun at Nørholm. Furthermore a trail was opened from the hospital to the mailbox, the route Hamsun followed during his internment and described in On Overgrown Paths.

February 19th 2002 a plaque was disclosed at St.Hansgade 18 in Copenhagen. In one of the top floor rooms sat in 1888 a young, fairly unknown poet named Knut Hamsun and wrote parts of a novel called Hunger.

Direction from above?
What you may read in newspapers!!! 22.50. "Pan". Danish drama from 1995. Acting: Lasse Kolrud, Sofie Gråbøll and Anneke von der Lippe. Directed by Knut Hamsun.

Knut Hamsun school.
Hamarøy videregående skole will change its name to Knut Hamsun videregående skole Joarkkaskåvllå on April 11th.2002. Good news.

Future plans:
Grimstad is planning a Hamsun museum in the former court room where Hamsun was convicted. It is now integrated in Grimstad library.
In Oslo a Hamsun House is being considered.
Hamarøy is progressing with its Hamsun centre, exciting when it will be finished.

In 100 years all is forgotten?
So wrote Hamsun with a twinkle in the eye, he surely knew this would not be the case. Now again we have the debates on placing of busts and naming of streets after him.

Philosophers and politics.
Hamsun remains a topic of interest in Germany. The well reputed weekly magazine Der Spiegel had a feature on philosophers and authors relations with politics and their particular responsibilities towards honesty and against opportunism. Among others Hamsun, Ezra Pound and Heidegger are analysed. An essential question today, where our society's moral is determined by commercial interests only. A philosophy (created by philosophers and authors) which objectively can distinguish between good and evil is called for.
(Der Spiegel 29/2001)

Hamsun as playwright.
Knut Hamsun is forgotten as playwright, according to Oddbjørn Johannessen, amanuensis at Institute for Nordic and Mediastudies at Høgskolen i Agder. He therefore intends to conduct a research project on Hamsuns plays and will try to find out why the plays are overlooked today.
(omtalt i Fædrelandsvennen 08.06.2001)

Any questions on Hamsun?
Director of the Hamsun Society is
Helga Wiik in Hamarøy Kommune, Norway; so if you have questions on the Hamsun Society do not hesitate to contact her.

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