My Hamsun curiosities:

First your aim is to collect his books, but what happens on the way? How about this special edition or not to forget the surprise when you, in the book you just bought, find greetings from Knut Hamsun or from Marie, Tore , Arild. That is then a whole new collectors challenge.
With time I have collected so many curiosities, that one looses overview. Therefore you will on this page only find my most recent treasures.

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January 25th 1964: Probably the sadest day in Marie Hamsun's life. Today her grandson, Esben, was buried. He died in a car accident only 20 years old. Still she tries to answer mail. A way of not being sweept away by an overwhelming grief?

Knut Hamsun is only Ten of Diamonds in this deck of cards, I wonder who is Ace of Diamonds here? For those of you whose chinese is a bit rusty, here is the translation: 1920 Nobel Price winner: Knut Hamsun (1859-1952) for "Growth of the Soil".
Many thanks to Ms Ho Mer Lin for the translation and for verifying, that it is in fact chinese.

Again many thanks to Stefan for finding this copy of "Hamsun in Selbstzeugnissen und Bilddokumenten" with Marie Hamsun's handwriting: "Gruss aus Nørholm! Marie Hamsun" (Greetings from Nørholm).

Always pleased to add something new to my collection; this time again thanks to my german friend Stefan. Here in 1961 Marie has presented her german edition of Under the Laburnum "Die Letzte Jahre mit Knut Hamsun" to Charlotte Trettin and Gerda Salon "in Dankbarkeit Ihre Marie Hamsun".

Two interesting editions in Dutch: The first two works, that Knut Hamsun published: Den Gaadefulde (Enigma) and Et Gjensyn (A Reunion). Both are here published in only 25 numbered copies. I wonder, if the series was ever continued with more of Hamsun's early works? And why the first works and not the more popular and well-known like Hunger or Pan?

In 1957 encouragement was warmly welcomed. In this beautiful postcard, showing her home Nørholm, Marie Hamsun thanks Professor and Mrs. Einar Thomsen not only because they read Marie's book, but also because " said it to me in such beautifull terms".

In a German antiquarian book shop I found this unusual drawing by Horst Janssen, signed by him in 1968. But it is a mystery who it represents, or is it a character from one of Hamsun's novels? The writing is not clearly legible, but it could be: "unbeschreiblich eigenartig und von stiller Gewagtheit c/o Hamsun Horst Janssen" (extraordinary singular and of quiet audacity) .

In this German edition of Knut Hamsun's "August Weltumsegler" from 1957, Tore Hamsun has written his greetings.

This beautiful portrait of the old Knut Hamsun is painted by Knut Hamsun's grandchild Regine Hamsun. I do not own this picture myself, alas, but the fortunate owners have given their consent, that we show it here. The owners bought the picture at an exhibition at Solli bruk in Råde, Østfold in 1989 and they think that the picture is painted two years before, in 1987.

A selection of Knut Hamsun's letters were published in German in 1957. They were edited by Tore Hamsun. Rolf Hirschberg was so lucky to get greetings from the author in his copy.

Here Tore Hamsun sends greetings to Ilse in his book "Knut Hamsun min far", published in German in 1953.

Knut Hamsun had met Gerda Welhaven, who was a widow after vicar Johan Andreas Welhaven, at Frøken Hammer's boarding house, where Hamsun met his first wife Bergljot. Gerda Welhaven became one of Hamsun's most loyal friends over many years. Here I had the luck to find a first edition of Hamsun's "Sværmere" with Gerda Welhaven's autograph.

A German edition of Unter Herbststernen with thanks and greetings to Mr. Rudolf in Knut Hamsun's characteristic hand. Overleaf also an exlibris and the name of the owner and the date: Weihnachten 1929.

Once again my German friend Stefan has found something unique. I have never seen this photo before, and on top of it: Knut Hamsun's autograph!

And here at the end of 1961 Marie Hamsun sends her New Year's greetings to Mr. and Mrs. Scheller.

"Honourable, dear Mr. Scheller and Mrs.Irmgard, I will never forget how pleasant it was at your place..." Here in 1956 Marie and Arild remember a former visit to Mr. and Mrs. Scheller and regret, that they have not met this year.

Here a christmas card to the same Mr. and Mrs. Scheller dated christmas 1954 fro Arild and Marie Hamsun.

Here in 1954 a friendship apparantly commences between Mr. and Mrs. Scheller and Marie Hamsun. Marie writes her autograph in a copy of Der Regenbogen, which the Schellers have acquired a couple of months before.

"Tænk jeg er saa daarlig hjemme i Hamarøy fordi der er Sjøluft..." [I feel so bad at home in Hamarøy because there is sea air]. It is not the first time we read, that Hamsun had to be away from home to be able to write. He is always capable of finding excuses, like here.

Knut and Marie Hamsun's daughter Ellinor has here forwarded a postcard, that her mother sent her, to a Mr. Jänisch.
(Here is a new postcard, which we sell here. As you see, there is an unfortunate misprint in the text. Enclosed a couple of cards if you wish to send to someone. Your Mammi.)
(Dear Mr. Jänisch! Mama sent me this picture of Papa some time ago. Age - about 75 years. Yours Ellinor Hamsun.)

( Grimstad 10.3.28. Dear Sir! My husband asks to excuse him, he has no knowledge of theatre and is not particular interested in it. Yours sincerely Marie Hamsun.) How often has Marie written on behalf of her husband in order to excuse him?

A card from Marie Hamsun and 3 letters from Tore Hamsun to Mr. Arens.

From London came a tempting offer: "Under Høststjernen, 8.oplag 1921... with a presentation inscription from Hamsun dated 25/6/29". As you can see above, it was unfortunately not the hand of the man himself, but the price of the book was immideately adjusted accordingly.

Hans Hedtoft Hansen (1903 - 1955). Danish prime minister from 13.11.1947 - 30.10.1950 and 30.09.1953 - 29.01.1955. This book has a special place in my heart. Not only politics was interesting to young Hans, who at the age of 20 got or bought this beautiful copy of Victoria from 1922. The enclosed invitation is quite interesting, what was the occasion of this invitation to Hedtoft on July 25.-26. (year unknown) in Iceland?

A photo and an autograpf, such perls are a delight!

5 cute small photos of Nørholm. Unfortunately we don't know the year.

4. July 1969 Marie writes her friend Elna: "Et ord mot slutten. Det eneste som er sikkert i livet er døden." (A word towards the End. The only definite in life is death). Marie Hamsun died just one month after, on 5.August.

A letter from Marie Hamsun to Christian Olsen. I wonder, who deleted the first part of the letter? With a magnifying glass one is able to see the original text: "Takk for brevet! Jeg har ikke det ringeste med min manns efterlatter brever å gjøre. Det som finnes er magasinert av min eldste sønn Tore, som også har utgitt brevsamlinger, som De vet. Nu sender jeg ham Deres brev, og jeg er viss på at han tar det ad notam. Han bor utenfor Oslo."
(Thank you for the letter! I have not the least to do with my husband's remaining letters. Those existing are deposited by my oldest son Tore, who has also published some collections of letters, as you know. I will forward your letter to him and I am sure that he will take it ad notam. He lives outside Oslo.)

A very rare photo of Knut Hamsun onbord a ship.

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