My Hamsun curiosities: Marie Hamsun

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A kind and comforting letter of condolences from Marie Mamsun to Korfitz Holm, the German publisher, on the occasion of Mrs. Holm's death.

Hilsen fra Nørholm! Marie Hamsun. Greetings from Nørholm! Marie Hamsun.

Gruss aus Nørholm! Marie Hamsun. Greetings from Nørholm, and enclosed this postcard: Nørholm, Knut Hamsun's home.

Lieber, hochverehrter Herr Wesely... A card from Marie Hamsun. Please note Henrik Sørensen's illustration of the miller's son.

Here Marie again has to be sorry to tell, that her husband is not able to answer, as he is too weakened. It is surely also not easy to be so famous, that one is always asked to have opinions on everything from politics to the qualities of scriblings from a jung author-to-be.

Heartfelt greetings to Erich Brekmühl on his 75th birthday from Marie Hamsun written June 1960 in this beautiful edition of Pan with Olaf Gulbranssons cover design.

Greetings to Elisabeth Fabry 24.03.1958 in Marie Hamsun's own book: "The grandchildren on Langerud".

On Overgrown Paths:

A first edition of Hamsun's last novel.....

with the polite inscription by Marie Hamsun on the first page.....

(A heartfelt Thank You to a nice and caring person and a skilled dentist from
Yours sincerely Marie Hamsun)

and enclosed a card with the inscription, that Marie did not consider appropriate as "official" greeting.

(The Exceedingly Old Man consistently refuses to tremble his name in any book from now on,
thus just kind regards from Yours Marie Hamsun)


"Nørholm, 8/10.61. En hjertelig takk! Deres Marie Hamsun"( Nørholm, 8/10.61.With heartfelt thanks! Yours Marie Hamsun) . A really strong manly portrait of Knut Hamsun on this postcard, taken by the photographer Myhrslo, Grimstad and published by Arild Hamsun, Nørholm pr.Grimstad. The card was not sent by mail and is unfortunately without name and adress of the reciever.

Signed photo.

"Til Frede Schmidt med venlig hilsen Marie Hamsun" (To Frede Schmidt with kind regards Marie Hamsun) Marie wrote on this photo (18 x 24 cm) in ink. At the back is written with a pencil the year 1939 in Maries characteristic hand. The photo I found on one of my hunts through the antiquarians of Copenhagen.

"Hr.Telegrafbestyreren, Grimstad

Det er Meningen at medsendte Bøker skal være til Dem selv, om De ikke vil forsmaa. Indlagte Seddel er en liten Julehilsen til Damerne paa Telegrafkontoret. Min Mand og jeg takker for Bryet med os særlig i det siste. Deres ærbødige Fru Marie Hamsun Nørholmen 22/12. 20".
(The telegraph manager, Grimstad. The intention is that the books are for you if you agree. The bank note is for the ladies in the telegraph office. My husband and I thank you very much for all the trouble especially lately. Yours sincerely Mrs. Marie Hamsun Nørholmen 22/12. 20).
The mentioned books are NOT the collected works of Knut Hamsun, but those of Jonas Lie!

Felix Nørgaard (DR)

In my copy of Knut Hamsuns "Dikte" (Poems) from 1921 Marie Hamsun has written heartfelt greetings to producer Felix Nørgaard at Danish Radio dated May 52. The book was probably meant as thanks for the broadcast in commemoration of Knut Hamsuns death.
The adress label was taped onto the parcel.


On these postcards to "Professor of Engineering H.H.Hansen and Mrs." from 1963 and 1964 Marie Hamsun among others writes, that she will open the farm Nørholm to the public.
To day the farm can only be seen from the main road, but it would be my dream to see the elegant and well restored farm and the poets cottage from within as well as Knut Hamsuns grave with the bust. The farm is now owned by the granddaughter Victoria.

"Nørholm 8/1.20

Kjære Hr.Christofersen...." . Here Marie tells, that she presently has to manage all Knuts correspondance and that though much in the world looses its attraction, then the home and the children keeps their worth. A letter I was pleased to add to my collection.

Marie Hamsun´s exlibris

At an antiquarian in Freiburg, Germany I made this unusual discovery. At the back it is stamped: "Orig.-Radierung von Fritz Bötel-Celle". (9.5 x 13 cm).

Auf überwachsenen Pfaden

To Fritz Seibert with gratitude wrote Marie. Curiosity grows: Who was this Fritz Seibert, who got an inscription in Knut Hamsuns last work? The book I was so fortunate to find at an antiquarian in Berlin.


Either Marie Hamsun is a generous autograph writer or I have been lucky. In this copy from the 1956 german edition of "Dreamers" she writes her respectfull greetings to Erich Bockemühl and Mrs.


During Maries recital journeys to Germany people were queing up to get an autograph from the wife of the famous poet. Fortunately for me and other collectors these book are still existing.

Yet another example of the pleasure of having the autograph of the wife of Knut Hamsun.

Der Regenbogen

In this german edition of "The Rainbow" from 1954 Marie Hamsun gave the best wishes for the future and thanks.


I was also lucky enough to get hold of this norwegian edition from 1953 with Maries greetings.

Ola Langerud

The series on the Langerud children are amongst Marie Hamsuns most popular books. This german version is signed: Marie Hamsun 11.12.39.

Die Langerud Kinder im Winter

This copy of the Langerud children in Winter is signed by Marie Hamsun 14.11.39. Found in an antiquarian book shop in Weimar.

And here another copy of the Langerud children in Winter also with Marie Hamsun's signature.

Die Langerudkinder

Marie Hamsun wünscht alles Gute! 24/11.39. (All the best from Marie Hamsun). The name of the reciever is unfortunately in unclear handwriting: Lysia Garborg?

Die Langerudkinder

Here a german edition of the Langerud Children from 1927, signed by Marie Hamsun 6.11.53.

Ole i Byen

"Kjære Arild, Det er jo noe godt töv å sende en nordmann en dansk bok, men siden du har de foregående - Vennlig hilsen, Marie Hamsun Nørholm 1935". (Dear Arild, It is funny to send to a norwegian a danish book, but since you have the previous - Kind regards Marie Hamsun Nørholm 1935)

Did you think that...

I had enough autographs by Marie Hamsun? Certainly NOT! Here again a specimen.

Marie reads Langerud

During my hunt for Hamsun books one can fall over the most unexpected - for example a record, where Marie Hamsun in fluent german reads her Langerud Children. Immediately included in my collection.

Marie Hamsuns poems

Though Marie Hamsun is mostly known for her books for children, she also wrote poems. Presumably Knut Hamsun preferred that Marie kept to subjects suitable for women (stories for children), but he was also proud of her and recommended her to publishers and to the Society of Authors.

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