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To Mr. Wilhelmi with heartfelt thanks for the lecture on the evening of February 10th 1955. Tore Hamsun., Tore Hamsun writes in German in the book on his father "Knut Hamsun Mein Vater".

A share valued 1000 kr. in Gyldendal Publishing House! No alas, I will probably still not be invited to the shareholder's dinner. This share has belonged to Arild Hamsun. On the back some transfers.

Knut Hamsun's german "Vagabundentage". Here with warm greetings from the son Tore Hamsun.

Here it seemes, that Tore Hamsun is interested if his lecture was well recieved and he asks Studienrat Schönfeld if he can provide critics from Lüdenscheid.

Tore Hamsun sends his thanks for the critics on his lecture, that he had recieved, it seemed to have been a succesful evening!

Arild Hamsun's fine collection of poetry from 1941, with a poetic greeting to Ida from Arild, "Vignetterne, rammen, og versene - sammen er gjenskinn av flammen fra dig Ida. Amen!" (The vignette, the frame, the stanza - all a reflection of the flame in you Ida. Amen!)

The newest findings to my collection is correspondance between the Hamsun family and a Mrs. Seitz, including a photo mounted on a card::

some postcards:

and a letter:

Letter to Lemke

In this letter dated 8.2.48 Tore Hamsun thanks on behalf of his father in german language for a kind letter, where an objective article on Knut Hamsun is mentioned, which rarely happened during these years.

Kjære Kjell Frøstrup!

17/10. 78 Mange takk for et hyggelig brev. Ja, dette med skriften er sikkert et godt poeng. Men jeg tror sant å si ikke det skulle være nødvendig med flere beviser, konf. bl.a. Gierløff, min biografi, Hansen og Hamsun selv. Langfeldt er likeså hjelpeløs overfor alt dette. Venlig hilsen og lykke til med boken ! Tore Hamsun ". (17/10.78 Dear Kjell Frøstrup, Many thanks for your kind letter. Yes, the writing is probably a good point. But honestly I do not think it will be necessary with more proofs, see a.o. Gierløff, my biography, Hansen and Hamsun himself. Langfeldt is defenceless against all this. Kind regards and good luck with the book! Tore Hamsun).
My latest discovery: A short letter from Tore Hamsun, enclosed in the book "Paa turne. 3 foredrag om litteratur av Knut Hamsun, utgitt ved Tore Hamsun". I am curious to know, who was Kjell Frøstrup and what was the letter about but it will probably remain unsolved!

My father

Tore Hamsuns first book on his father from 1940.
It was only published in Germany, where it is easy to find at the antiquarians. There must have been a large number printed.

Lebensweg in Bildern

Tore Hamsuns grand book on his father from 1956. It also only appeared in Germany and is not easy to find. I had the luck to find a copy with Tore Hamsuns greetings to Mrs. Stamm-von Groote.

Sult (Hunger)

What do you do, when you have a gifted artist as son? Right! You let him illustrate your new edition from 1944 of your famous "Hunger".

Die Weiber am Brunnen

The Women at the Pump, a real family co-operation. Text by the famous father Knut Hamsun and illustrations by son Tore in this german edition.

Paa Turne, published by Tore Hamsun

Here is how Tore pleased his friends Tove and Max Tau with Knut Hamsuns 3 lectures on literature.

Mannen fra Havet

Mannen fra Havet (The man from the Sea), Tore Hamsuns first novel I have 7 copies of, all with inscriptions. The coverphoto is made by Marianne and Tore Hamsuns son Torgeir Hamsun.

Here 2 greetings to Gunnel (?) and to Marie and Harald Sverdrup from the Hamsun festival in 1984.

The recievers of these inscriptions are unknown.

To Evy..

Also Arild and Brit liked the works of their brother and brother-in-law. They did the inscriptions in these 2 copies of Tores Mannen fra Havet.

Mørk himmel...

(Dark sky over Puerto Bravo) It was a treat to meet Leif Hamsun during the Hamsun festival in Hamarøy. He kindly made this inscription for me in his fathers second novel.

Apparently one has to posses Tore Hamsuns books in at least 3 copies: After Leif Hamsuns inscription for me I was so lucky to find more copies with Tore Hamsuns own inscriptions.

Rhapsody In Blue

Tore Hamsuns third novel. In this copy of Rhapsody in Blue from 1987 he made an inscription for Åse Andersen.

And another copy of Rhapsody in Blue with Tores inscription, here again to Gunnel from "your old friend".


Again an inscription by Tore Hamsun found in Livsfragmenter (Fragments of a life), nine short stories collected, edited and commentated by one of the authorities within modern Hamsun research Lars Frode Larsen.

During the Hamsun festival in Grimstad 2001 I begged an additional inscription by Lars Frode Larsen.

Arild Hamsun

Arild is perhaps not as known an author as his brother Tore, but he has written several books, that I could include in my collection. I have found 4 copies with greetings to Ruth Schibbye from Arild Hamsun, Nørholm july 73, to the Frøstrup family and 2 copies with greetings to unknowns.

Brev til Marie

More greetings from Arild and Brit. This time to Niels found in "Letters to Marie"

Marianne Hamsun

A real gem this book by Marianne Hamsun on her father-in-law. It was only published in Germany, where with some luck you may find it at an antiquarian.
Marianne, who is also a recognised painter herself, is a fine and warm personality, that we had the luck to get to know.


I have inscriptions from almost the entire Hamsun family, so I was extremely happy to find in this german copy of Hunger an inscription in german language by Knut Hamsens daughter Ellinor:

"Hungern? Warum denn nicht - Ich bin augenblicklich satt. Ellinor Hamsun Berlin 1936.
An meinem Magendoktor Fritze Bungart.
P.S. Ich möchte nur hinzufügen daß ich leider keine Volkslieder kann. E."

(To starve? Why not - for the moment I'm satisfied. Ellinor Hamsun Berlin 1936
To my stomachdoctor Fritze Bungart.
N.B. I must add that I do not know any folk songs. E.)

One more copy...

this time with Marie Hamsun's signature from 21.11.39.

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