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2.-4. August 2018: Hamarøy, the Hamsun-society literary seminar
One of the cornerstones of the Hamsun-festival is the literary seminar organised by the Hamsun-society. This year's seminar is titled "Hamsun counter-current". In addition to the lectures also excursions and social events will be arranged. Please follow news at Hamsun-selskapet.

1.-4. August 2018: Hamarøy, Hamsun-festival
The most important Hamsun-event is off course the Hamsun-festival in Hamarøy every second year - not just literature but also music, theatre, exhibitions and most of all sharing your passion for Knut Hamsun's works with interesting and dedicated people. Do reserve the days already now. Programme will follow at

Also in - seen from Scandinavia - distant India is Knut Hamsun an icon and inspiration for young people. In the newspaper The Hindu you may read a captivating and personal experience of a young indian woman having read Knut Hamsun:

Villa from 1930 belonging to former Hollywood star for sale for 10 million Dollars.
What on earth has this to do with Knut Hamsun? Well, as Mansion Global writes, the house in spanish hacienda-style had belonged to the actress Lupita Tovar and her agent/husband Paul Kohner. To raise money to buy the mansion Kohner had to sell the rights to Hamsun's Victoria. Luckily it was later possible to re-acquire these rights and Kohner's son could co-produce the Victoria film from 2013. An interesting point is also that the house was a regular haven for european migrants in Los Angeles at that time.
Read the whole article at Mansion Global.

Still missing Hamsun souvenirs from the jubilee in 2009?
Both in 1959 for the 100 jubilee and in 2009 for the 150 jubilee coins and medals were issued. They pop up from time to time for sale. Have a look for example ar Kölner Münzkabinett.

March-April 2018: Hamarøy: Visit the Hamsun-centre onboard the Hurtigruten!
Yes, that's correct. You sail onboard the beautiful old coastal steamer Nordstjernen from Tromsø, visit Narvik, Senja, Lofoten AND the highlight Tranøy with excursion to the Hamsun-centre.
Read more at .

31. January 2018, Tønsberg: Literary salon: Arne Thorvik about Hamsun's psychoanalysis.
In the years 1925-26 Knut Hamsun had psychoanalytic sessions with professor Johannes Irgens Strømme. Who was Dr. Strømme, and which influence could the sessions have had on Hamsun's works? A lecture by psychiatrist Arne Thorvik.
Where: Villa Møllebakken, St.Olavs gt. 6, 3126 Tønsberg
When: Wednesday, 31. January 2018 19:00- 21:00
Source: Villa Møllebakken

30.11.2017, Hamarøy: Hamsun and Christmas.
Get into Christmas-mode with a lecture on Hamsun and Christmas.
Alvhild Dvergsdal from the Hamsun-centre talks on Christmas in Knut Hamsun's life and in his works.
Food and drinks available.
30.November 6-8pm in Hamarøy municipal library.
Source/read more: Hamarøy kommune

20-24.11.2017, Oslo: An entire week devoted Growth of the Soil. Hamsun's kingdom is moved to the capital Oslo including cod-drying racks, literary-culinary treasures, readings and debates.
Source: Lokalavisa Nordsalten.

09.11.2017, Aarhus: Into depths! Hunger by Knut Hamsun.
Thursday 9. November at 7:00 pm Cand.stud. Lærke Maria Nielsen will give an introduction to Knut Hamsun's epic work Hunger. Afterwards there will be opportunity to discuss the novel in plenum. Where: Åby Bibliotek, Aarhus.
Read more here.

Into depths!
Would you like to dig deeper into the books you read? You will get the opportunity to do so this autmn in Åby Bibliotek, Aarhus. The library will start a series of open reading circles called Into depths!  
First event will be a more general introduction to literary analysis for beginners. In the following evenings, classical works will be presented followed by open discussions on the works.
Read more:

20.09-02.10.2017, Hamarøy: Symposion. In a collaboration between the Hamsun-centre, the sami centre Arran and the KUN university and with Growth of the Soil as point of departure themes will be presented covering a.o. Hamsun's views on Sami people, women and ecology.
Source: Lokalavisa Nordsalten.

31.08.-03.09.2017, Lom: Diktardage (Poet's days). Growth of the Soil will also here be the theme with 2 seminars, one for students and one for adults. Since Bob Dylan got the Nobel price last year and said no to go to Stockholm, he was invited to Lom but he sends instead his norwegian “stand in” Tom Roger Aadland to compare texts by Dylan and Hamsun, explains Torunn Kjøk from the organizers with a twinkle in her eyes.

04.08.2017, Hamarøy: Celebration of Knut Hamsun's birthday at Knut Hamsun's childhood home, Hamsund and Handelsgården Breidablikk.

02.-05.08.2017, Grimstad: Sørlandets litteraturfestival 2017 (The literary Festival of the South 2017). Read more at Ibsen- og Hamsundagene, Sørlandets litteraturfestival

23.05.2017, Frederikstad: Bonden Knut Hamsun: Markens grøde, Nobelprisen og Nørholm (The farmer Knut Hamsun: Growth of the Soil, the Nobel price and Nørholm)
Lecture by Hamsun-biographer Ingar Sletten Kolloen in Litteraturhuset Fredrikstad Thuesday 23. mai 2017 at19:00 - 20:15 admission: NOK 100,–
Read more:

04.05.2017, Tromsø: Markens Grøde gjennom 100 år – Er Isak Sellanraa fortsatt vår mann? (100 years Growth of the Soil - Is Isak Sellanraa still our hero?)
Lecture by professor Henning Howlid Wærp at 7 pm Main library, level 2
Admission free, light refreshments.
Read more:

30.03.2017, Grimstad: Fra jorden roper blodet - Markes grøde fyller 100! (Blood is calling from the Earth - Growth of the Soil is 100!) With Birger Emanuelsen. Apotekergaarden, klokka 18. Read more at Ibsen- og Hamsundagene, Sørlandets litteraturfestival

11.02.2017, Hamarøy: Literary feast. First event in the 100 year celebrations of Growth of the Soil will be a literary 5-course dinner served in the old tradepost Breidablikk in Hamarøy. Between the courses the Hamsun-centre will present appropriate quotations and literary thrills from Knut Hamsun's hand.
Read more at:

This year it is 100 years since Growth of the Soil was published, the novel that 1920 secured Knut Hamsun the Nobel price.
There will be plenty of time for celebrations during the year. We'll inform as soon as we are notified about any events.

Perfect adaption of Hamsun's August in Tromsø theatre (Vagabonds):
Hålogaland theatre in Tromsø continues their series of adaptions of Knut Hamsun's works. The newest production Landstykere (Vagabonds) is a small gem.
The play is fun - plenty of fun - but it hits the soul and the sentiments in Knut Hamsun's books perfectly.

13. October- 12. November 2016, Landstrykere-historien om August
Hamsun on stage: Wanderers – the story of August. On tour with Riksteatret to 21 cities in autumn 2016. Read more...

Succes for this years Hamsun-festival:
The Hamsun-days in Hamarøy are over, alas. The many events were well-attended. We were especially thrilled that the thespians after a break were back at the festival with a beautiful staging of Knut Hamsun's Pan.
Kalle Urheim's concert in Hamarøy church with mesmerising sami rhythms performed by dedicated and skilled singers and musicians was a moving experience.
The Hamsun-centre had invited to many exiting lectures like the historian Kåre Hansen, who in his intelligent, witty and sharp way destroyed many myths about the poet and vicar Petter Dass.
Another highlight was as usual the Hamsun-society literary seminar with its theme Vitalism. Many thanks to the Society's chair person Hege Faust and the committee for a splendid and high-level programme.

Sørlandets litteraturfestival, the literary festival of the South, was also more than well attended. Festivalchief Torulf Kroglund says to the newspaper GAT: "We had full house at practically all events. At times we almost had scuffle about the tickets". Unfortunately the Sørlandets litteraturfestival was scheduled this year at the same time as the Hamsun-festival in Hamarøy, so we had to prioritize Hamarøy.

The Poet's days in Lom-Skjåk-Vågå 1.-4. September are this year dedicated to Tor Jonsson on his 100th jubilee. An extensive programme is awaiting us. Hopefully there is a bit of space for Knut Hamsun as well.

A manifold life:
Ole Bjerke from Lillehammer has published the book "Eit mangfaldig liv" (artikles, pieces and poetry on 165 pages with 13 illustrations). It is a charming, imaginative, amusing and well written book. Two of the chapters are on Knut Hamsun and his works and are therefore probably interesting for the members of the Hamsun-society. The book is bound and costs NOK 200,- + shipment. It can be ordered at: Ole Bjerke, Måsåhaugen 30, 2614 Lillehammer, Norway. Phone. +4790228845, email:

Hamsun's fewerpoetry in english:
Richard Nygård  is working on a project on Knut Hamsun. Through different genres like country, americana, reggae and tango Hamsun is interpreted in an international context. An example is "Bright and Silent", about an euforic suitor on his way home, an oldfashioned soul in a young modern and confusing world trying to express his love. See the video at youtube here:  A CD from the band The Beautybag is to be released soon. We are looking forward to it!

13. October- 12. November 2016, Landstrykere-historien om August
Hamsun on stage: Wanderers – the story of August. On tour with Riksteatret to 21 cities in autumn 2016. Read more...

1.-4. September 2016, Lom-Skjåk-Vågå: Diktardagar - Poet's days
It's now exactly 100 years since the birth of Tor Jonsson and off course the Poet's days festival in the heart of Norway is this year dedicated to themes around Tor Jonsson and less to Knut Hamsun. Still, the extensive and interesting programme can be found under

The Hamsun-society literary seminar in Hamarøy 5.-6. August 2016: «Hamsun´s vitalism»

In 2016 we are back in Hamarøy with our literary seminar at the Hamsun-festival. It will be a 2 day seminar titled «In the Middle Of Life - Hamsun's vitalism». Vitalism is a branch of philosophy emerging at the end of the 19th century influencing norwegian writers far into the 20th century. We try to mix lectures, interviews and debates to satisfy more tastes. Registration is now open online, so do reserve the first weekend of August. Welcome to the seminar!
See the updated programme...

Hamsun`s Pan as musical theatre

The Hamsun-festival 2016 will include a world premiere of the musical theatre Pan at the Hamsun centre. Special for this staging will be the two leutenant Thomas Glahn, the one looking back at his adventures from his desk and the other actually being in the middle of the events. Composer is Berit Valberg and manuscript by Tore Hestbråten who has experince with several Hamsun-adaptation.

Hamsun-festival 2016:

The next Hamsun-festival in Hamarøy will take place from 3. - 7. August 2016.
We're loking forward to it already!
Visit also the website of the Hamsun-festival at

The Hamsun-Society literary seminar at the Hamsun-festival runs from 5.-6. August. Programme will appear soon.

Ibsen- and Hamsun festival 2016:

The Ibsen- and Hamsun festival in Grimstad, also called the Literary festival of the South, will take place from 3.-6. august 2016.
Read more at:

The norwegian Nationaltheatret to stage Mysteries!
Tickets are still available for the performances from 29. September to 17. October.

New publication in the Hamsun-society series:

This year's book from the Hamsun-society is a collection of lectures given at three different events, all organised by the Hamsun-society: the Hamsun-seminar during the festival Vinterfestuka in Narvik in February 2014, the litterary seminar at the Hamsun-festival in Hamarøy in August 2014 and the seminar «Hamsun – Handelsstedene – Harr» in Kjerringøy near Bodø in August 2015.
Hamsun and the war is an everlasting theme and the Winter-festival in Narvik was an appropriate set for a seminar focussing both on Hamsun's works and on the war.
The Hamsun-society seminar at the Hamsun-festival in Hamarøy in August 2014 was a purely literary seminar.
The most recent seminar covered by this book took place at the old Kjerringøy trading post in August 2015. In seven of Hamsun's novels the trading posts with their complicated human relations and transactions are the turning key of the plots.

The book has been sent to the members of the Society.
You can buy additional copies for NOK 50. Just contact the Hamsun-society.

The silent movie Pan (1922) is available!

Knut Hamsun's novel Pan was first made into a film in 1922. The film was so far not available on DVD, but the Norwegian National Library has done a great job restoring and digitising the film. The library has discoved lost scenes and added those. The film was mainly shot in Melbu in Vesterålen, the epilogue, which takes place in India, was shot in Algeria. Harald Schwensen is director (and he also plays the role of Glahn's companion in the hunt). The film is subtitled in norwegian, english, german and french. Leutenant Glahn is played by Hans Bille, Edvarda by Gerd-Egede-Nissen and Lillebil Ibsen has the role of Eva. The DVD costs NOK 159, and can be ordered here:

We congratulate Henny Moan on her birthday! (foto: Cinemateket, Oslo)

22. February 2016, Filmens hus in Oslo: Henny Moan-festival
One of the founders of the Hamsun-society - and since 2014 honorary member - Henny Moan is celebrating her 80. birthday. Filmens hus (House of Film) in Oslo will host a seminar in her honour on Monday, 22. February with discussions and film.
Henny will be there herself and hopefully many Hamsun-enthusiasts.
The event starts at 4 PM with the seminar " Woman - where do you go?". The evening continues with film starring Henny Moan.
In week 8 (25, 26 oand 28/2) more films with Henny Moan will be shown.
Link to the seminar at:

The Poets' days Diktardagar Lom-Skjåk-Vågå 2015, the cultural festival around the poets of the Gudbrandsdalen valley a.o. Knut Hamsun, is this year taking place from 4-6 September.
See the programme here: programme
and visit the Poet's days website at

Hamsun in Tromsø:

The programme is out for the Sixth International Hamsun Conference held at UiT - Norway´s Arctic University, Tromsø, on September 2-4 2015.
See the updated programme here.

The Ibsen- and Hamsundays is the literary festival in Southern Norway. The main events take place from 5. - 8. August, but from this year on the festival is active the whole year. Do visit the webpage of the festival often to keep track of updated information on new events.
Read more about the festival Ibsen- og Hamsundagene, Sørlandets litteraturfestival at

Total success for the Theatre of Cologne and Hamsun:

Radical, visual, relentless. A Tour de Force for the actors. This scenic adaptation of Hamsun's novel Growth of the Soil is brilliant. The performance is transgressive art and still consistent with Hamsun's idea. Bravo!

There are few performances left in this season, so if you like avantgarde theatre, this production is highly recommended!

Seminar in Kjerringøy:

Click here for the updated programme for the Hamsun-seminar.

Accomodation in Kjerringøy:

In case you have not yet booked for the seminar in Kjerringøy, there are still places free at the campingsite (cabins) mail:, phone +47 99013968
and rooms in the vicarage: mail:, phone +47 97020641

Seminar in Kjerringøy:

From March 19th tickets can be bought for the seminar in Kjerringøy at the ticket office billettservice. The prices are NOK 1450 for members and NOK 1650 for others. In addition ticket fees will have to be paid, so the total prices will be NOK 1500 and NOK 1700 respectively.

Need info on bus and ferry connections to Kjerringøy? See Bus- and ferry connections to Kjerringøy here.

Info on accomodation may be found at, chapter "Bo og spise" . You may also stay in Bodø or on the mainland and take the ferry for the three days.

August 2015: Seminar in Kjerringøy.

In the summer of 2015 no Hamsun-days in Hamarøy take place. The Hamsun-Society has therefore decided to arrange a seminar in Kjerringøy near Bodø during the first weekend in August. The seminar will focus on the roles of the painter Karl Erik Harr regarding Hamsun-illustrations, Hamsun-debates and as a Hamsun-enthusiast. There will also be lectures on the history of the place and on the Hamsun-films that were shot here. More info will come, but do reserve the days of early August already. Read more...

Call for papers!

The Sixth International Hamsun Conference will be held at UiT - Norway´s Arctic University, Tromsø, on September 2-4 2015.
We invite papers of 20 minutes duration, to be followed by an additional 10 minutes of discussion time. Papers may be presented in English, Norwegian, Danish or Swedish. Selected papers will be published in a peer review publication after the conference. Read more...

Hunger mini North-Norway tour 2014:
The band SULT (Hunger) is an interesting kultural project initiated in November 2009. The projecy/band consist of four established rock micisians who have written music to a selection of Knut Hamsun's texts. SULT has played at several rock venues in Norway and has been support to bands like CC Cowboys and Vamp. See and hear the band and Knut Hamsun's Wild Choir:

Wednesday 23.07. at Koks in Mo i Rana
Thursday 24.07. at Kroa Di in Kjøpsvik
Friday 25.07. at Ulvsvåg Gjestgiveri in Hamarøy
Saturday 26.07. at Præstengbrygga in Kabelvåg
Source: Facebook

Nobel travel cancelled:
The exiting journey to 3 Nobleprice winners (see below) is unfortunately cancelled due to too few participants. Really a pity, the programme looked so interesting. We hope, that the organizers may try again next year.

A Nobel Journey:
A journey in the footsteps of three Nobel Prize winners? Yes, the travel agency Kulturreiser in collaboration with the Hamsun-society in Lom makes it possible. They have put together a most interesting trip to central places in the lives and works of Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson, Knut Hamsun and Sigrid Undset. We will not only visit Maihaugen, Bjerkebæk, Aulestad, Lom, Frydenlund i Valdres but much more. We can enter in all places with local lecturers. We will spend the nights in exceptional places like a mill Lillehammer Aktiemølle and the famous Fossheim Hotel in Lom. Exiting evening event await us with poetry and music and we will attend the open-air spectacle Kristinspelet on Jørundgard. Could this be a gift idea for your beloved or for yourself?
It all takes place from 24-28 June. See the entire exiting programme here: En nobel reise.
More information and booking at: Kulturreiser ved Tone Eike Tel: +47 66787910
Source: Torunn Kjøk 04.03.2014

Order of merit for Nils Magne Knutsen:
H.M. the King has awarded the Norwegian Order of Merit, Ridder 1. klasse av Den Kongelige Norske St. Olavs Orden, to Professor Nils Magne Knutsen. In the explanatory statement it is said, that Nils Magne Knutsen's professional work and his volunteerism over many years has shown an exceptional dedication to North-Norwegian literature, culture and cultural history. Those of us who know him and have heard his always captivating lectures on Hamsun totally agree. One must also mention his ever so warm dedication and support to young researchers and to new Hamsun-enthusiasts. One always feels welcome in his company. This order is so well deserved. CONGRATULATIONS!
The ceremony will take place on June 11th at the University of Tromsø.
Read more about the Norwegian Order of St. Olav:

The Hamsun festival 2014:
Information starts to leak about this year's Hamsun festival in Hamarøy, which takes place from 30. July to 4. August with a sneak start already from 26. July. The theme this year will be Hamsun's stay in Hamarøy 1911-1917, his influence on "building the nation" after the
secession from Sweden in 1905 and off-course the 200 years jubilee of the Norwegian constitution.
Rita Eriksen "Norway's most beautiful voice" will star the opening concert on 30. July. She is presently working on her new album with the working title
"ØYEBLIKK" (Moments). We will also have exiting author meetings. My tip is the meeting with Agnes Ravatn, prizewinner with her book Fugletribunalet and with sharp and witty articles in cultural magazine "Dag og Tid". Moreover we will find the Hamsun-society literary seminar back in Hamarøy after a year's exile.
Do follow the official website of the Hamsun festival at to see the programme and plan your vacation in Northern Norway now.

The Hamsun-centre with an installation by van Koolwijks at the last Hamsun festival.

Poems to Knut Hamsun:
The latest publication from the Hamsun-society is a beautiful collection of poems Dikt til Knut Hamsun, not by Knut Hamsun but to Knut Hamsun. We find poems from classical Danish and Norwegian lyrics like Johannes V. Jensen over Uppdal, Wildenvey, Øverland, Bø and to contemporary poems by Karl Erik Harr, Henning H. Wærp and Tore Hestbråten. The book is edited by Wenche Torrissen and Nils M. Knutsen and illustrated by Karl Erik Harr. The book is bound in red and in a romantic small format. Maybe a gift for your (Norwegian speaking) beloved?
The members of the Hamsun-society have already received the book as a gift, but it can be bought from the Hamsun-society at: Hamsun-selskapet, Postboks 31, 8298 Hamarøy, Norway. E-mail:

Wenche Torrissen og Nils M. Knutsen (red.): Dikt til Knut Hamsun. 112pages. NOK.100,- members: NOK. 50,- Postage and handling in addition.

Winter-festival in Narvik:
Don't forget the Winter-festival in Narvik, Norway from 14.03.2014-23.03.2014 with a special Hamsun-programme "Ord i Spor" on 16.03.2014.
Read more at and at


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